Dear Consciousness Pioneer

  • Do you continually search for the most cutting-edge insights explaining how the universe really works, quantum-style?
  • Do you treat daily life as an opportunity to practice creating your reality around, and within, you?
  • Do you love hearing stories of real-life miracles.    And sharing your own?
  • Do you love experiencing profound healers and teachers because they model what’s possible… for you?
  • Do you intuitively know you have ‘bigger shoes’ to step into, a more visible role to play?
  • Would you like to see yourself continually living more and more of the life you want?

If so, welcome kindred spirit, to this place of magic and possibility.

“This community is about amazing inspiration.”

“It is about learning, informing, and sharing. It is fun! Wendy takes us beyond our imagination and we discover our true selves.”

Dr. Michael Nunnally, Chiropractor, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Consciousness Playground is a bustling membership community where Consciousness Pioneers connect (online, through audio recordings… and energetically) to discover, practice and share the astounding new ‘quantum-style’ things we humans are capable of.

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Wendy Down, M.Ed.

Consciousness Playground Founder