Big Brain Change Program. Shift #2: FEEL. Then do.

by Wendy Down on July 19, 2019

Hello, again.  In our first Big Brain Change post, we looked at how to Make Space for what’s ahead.

Today, I offer a handy formula to help you move forward into the space you’ve created. This formula gets both sides of your brain working together towards what you want.

As I described here, our left brains perceive situations as though they are composed of separate things. To your left brain, you are a thing that must act on another thing to make it change.  If you want to get a new business off the ground, fix a problem or make more money, you have to DO SOMETHING to make it happen.

On the other hand, your right brain perceives situations differently. To your right brain, the ‘substance’ that makes up any situation is not a thing but rather vibrating potential energy: a unified field distinguished by variations in the frequencies of the vibrations.

Weird but true.

A great personal story that highlights this dual brain perception was lived by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuroscientist whose left brain stroke left her with right brain perception alone. Check out her TED talk here.  Her best-selling book My Stroke of Insight also helps us grasp the wonderful potential that lies within us.

To your right brain, you and that situation (your business, your problem, your money) are not separate from each other. Rather, when you focus your awareness on the particulars, your right brain perceives them as waves of energy, which you perceive most palpably as sensations, feelings, emotions. You may also receive flashes of insight, intuitive understandings and inspiration to act. Your right brain directly perceives and interacts with the quantum field.  Plus, in the quantum field, ‘observing’ means acting upon too.

Your right brain does not perceive you as a body and personality moving through time. To your right brain, you are eternal without threat to your existence or well-being.  That’s why, when you’ve fully felt through an emotional pattern using the In Deeper Process you’ll experience a lot here, what you always find underneath is peace, calm and well-being.

The recordings I’ll make for this Big Brain Change Program will regularly guide you to access your unified right brain perception on key topics relevant to your intention.

So how do you use those recordings to bring your intention into being?

Well, you apply today’s handy little formula in your daily life.

It lets the big picture view from your right brain offer guidance to your left brain about what to do.

The formula to follow over and over is this:

FEEL. Then do.

FEEL. Then do.

What does that mean? 

Let’s say you wake up in the morning, and remember something that’s bothering you. As you think of that situation you will feel…an emotion.  If that emotion is anything other than neutrality, calm and curiosity, this formula would recommend you apply the In Deeper process to FEEL that emotional pattern back into neutrality.

With practice, operating this way becomes more intuitive, easy and natural. It may seem daunting or unfamiliar at first, but with practice, most people eventually discover they can feel fully as they go about their daily tasks.  This represents the ideal integration of right and left brain.

So to FEEL means to notice the emotion related to a situation at hand and then use the In Deeper process to feel through it to the underlying peace.

Developing this habit of feeling through uncomfortable emotions back to the underlying peace is, in my view, the most progressive habit you could cultivate during this program..

It’s important because this practice will cumulatively dissipate all the conflicting emotional/energetic patterns between you and your intention. These are quantum leaps forward.

So after you FEEL to move forward emotionally/energetically, THEN you DO. That’s when your left brain gets to join the party.

But do what?

After you’ve felt through the  emotion of the moment and are more peaceful and neutral, you decide what to do by asking yourself, what would feel good right now?

Remember, your right brain has access to the big picture. It knows what you want and the best ways to get there. Your right brain perceives your intention from the perspective where time doesn’t exist and all possibilities exist at once.  It’s like your right brain can perceive the future and can offer specific impulses on how to most easily move towards it from where you are today.

Right brain impulses always feel good because your intuitive right brain is excited, knowing what they’ll bring. They often do not make sense logically. These impulses often have a slight nervous excitement too, like, you’re considering doing something appealing but risky. Your left brain feels nervous about what your right brain is excited about because it can’t see the big picture.

When I was first learning to operate from right/left brain integration, the refinement of this question that best helped me was to ask myself, “What would I love to do right now if I wasn’t afraid?”

I asked it a lot. Still do.

You will, no doubt, have stories already about how some of the most important events guiding your life came about through non-linear events, non-predictable means.  If you recall one now, feel free to mention it in the comments section below.

Shifting unsettled emotions back to neutral and acting on what feels good to do in any moment puts us in the best position for more good things to spontaneously happen.

This approach will change you and change your life.  And when it comes to you reaching the intention you are bringing here, I’m interesting in what’s going to work.

Practicing this FEEL then do… on is the only thing you need to focus on between now and August 2 when my next recording “Shift #3” comes your way.

And if you want my recorded guidance as you try this, here’s one recording you might like to use.  And here’s another



Last Friday I hosted the second live meeting of the Big Brain Change Immersion Program. At the beginning I explained exactly what common problem I created each step of the In Deeper Process to solve. I wanted members to understand what’s behind the steps so the can use it more knowledgeably and creatively.  Today I’m sharing this clip – the only video peek into the Immersion Program I’ll offer – for two reasons.  First, so you too can understand the In Deeper Process well as you’re beginning this program.  And secondly, if you’ve been considering joining the Immersion Program, this will give you a taste of it.  (Due to a recording error, I actually had to retape this portion of the live meeting so my sharing of this clip doesn’t affect the privacy of Immersion members who are normally live on these calls).  

If you like the added information and the feel of what happens there, you can still join the Big Brain Change Immersion Program for a short while.  Here’s the registration page. 

See you back here in two weeks with Shift #3 and a new recording to work with!

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Deborah July 21, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Thanks Wendy

A lot of layers and depth in your video
Inviting change versus pushing
Observing and being open,
and knowing that the observation of it
Causes change was an aha

I’ll bring listening 👂 to this over and over
Thank you again for your generosity
To share this info.
It is very appreciated.

Deborah 🤗

Wendy Down August 3, 2019 at 2:37 pm

Thank you Deborah, may this practice transform your life.