Big Brain Change Program Shift #3: What If It’s Not JUST Mine?

by Wendy Down on August 2, 2019

Hi again. Let’s carry on with the Big Brain Change Program: 30 shifts to evolve your brain and transform your life. Ready for another change in perspective?

(Here’s our last Shift in case you missed it.)

Shift #3 offers a radically freeing relationship to your intentions and emotions.

I’m excited to share this particular shift because of the potential for massive change it offers. It challenges some assumptions on such a fundamental level that it can permanently change the way you relate to any intention or emotion.

The audio-recording (and it’s transcript) are below but first, some set up.

We generally assume our intentions and emotions are personal to us. Usually so personal that we think we ARE them.

We say, “I am angry.” In that description, I’m saying that angry is what I AM.  (yuck!)

Contrast this to a physical sensation. If I have a stomachache or skin my knee, I don’t say, “I am a stomach ache. Or, I am a skinned knee.”  Rather, I say, “I have a stomach ache. Or ,”I have a skinned knee.”

The difference may seem minor. But questioning the things we think we ARE puts us in a much better position to change them.

If I think I AM something, I’m saying I identify with it so strongly – have invested myself so fully in it – that I can’t distinguish myself from it.  My power has collapsed into that thing and, therefore, I have no position from which to leverage influence over it.

However, if I am not the emotion I’m feeling, there’s enough separation between me to free myself from its grip. If there’s a me and also a sensation of anger, I’m observing it but I’m not it.

It’s easier to change something I’m experiencing than something I am.

It’s exactly like listening to music. I may hear the music but since I’m not the music, when I get tired of it, I can turn it off.

Quantum physics explains why we make the natural mistake of thinking an emotion is personal to us rather than shared.

When I touch a table with my finger tips, I identify that table as something other than ‘me’ because I can talk with others about its independent existence.  I don’t assume I am the table, because others can touch it too. If no one else could touch it to agree upon the shared sensation, I’d unconsciously assume the table was personal to me. (Weird.)

But the sensation of touching an emotional field is different because the vibrational patterns of emotion are too high in frequency for our crude physical senses of touch to notice. Higher frequency means emotions are less dense ‘objects’ than tables.

Therefore, you can’t touch the density/structure/texture/movement of the energy field of anger with your physical sense of touch. Because of that, if anger is ‘in the room’ we can’t both reach out and touch it, compare it and agree on it as an object independent of both of us.

Rather, we each feel the anger, not with our physical touch but with our subtle (more refined) sense of touch, aka we feel it.  Because an emotion (unlike a table) can not be sensed by our physical touch sensors, its presence cannot be confirmed externally by another person. Therefore, anger feels like it is personal. Anger feels like my anger.

But what if this is a massive misinterpretation? What if emotions, rather than being personal to each of us, are instead like music stations broadcasting their respective ‘frequencies’ into the ethers? When we tune in to that station/frequency, we perceive it with our subtle sense of touch/feeling?

[News alert: the In Deeper process teaches you to ‘tune out’ from frequencies you’ve unconsciously been tuning to.]

What if, when we are feeling an emotion like anger we we simply temporarily sensing the radio station of anger-like energy… that anyone can tune in to? 

What if some of the emotions that cause us grief are just states we unconsciously learned to tune to often when we were younger?

The same principle applies to goals and intentions.

I say,”I want to start a business… be healthy and peaceful… enjoy safety and prosperity.”  Unconsciously I’m interpreting this desire as something I’ve decided for myself and and am, therefore, individually responsible to make it happen.  (Such responsibility and pressure!)

Not taking these internal experiences personally establishes a much healthier, less ‘attached’ relationship to them.  I have a private client who always tells me, “If I’m feeling anxious or afraid and feel for the sensation in my body, I get immediate relief by reminding myself I don’t have to take it personally! There’s nothing wrong with me and therefore nothing about me needs to be fixed.  It feels instantly better to know I’m just resonating with this feeling, listening to this music, at the moment.”

In the recording below, I explain how our intentions are also ‘resonating’ in the quantum field, waiting to be received by someone like us who ‘resonates’ with particular ones. This offers such a feeling of support and of not being in it alone.

In today’s audio-recording, I talk about how so much of the responsibility we feel to achieve about an intention comes from thinking it is just mine.  

And how so much of our suffering in the presence of an uncomfortable emotion comes also from thinking it is just mine.

Your right brain already reads your existing emotions and intentions as patterns in the quantum field that you currently ‘resonate with’.  That’s why your right brain never stresses in their presence (is always a calm, neutral, relaxed observer); it doesn’t experience goals or struggles as personal responsibilities but rather, as rich experiences with depth and fullness you are having at this moment. Nothing about ‘you’ is at stake.

Here’s the recording.

To play on your computer or download as an mp3:

To play on your mobile device:

And here’s the transcript of the recording.

[Note: The transcript won’t give you what the recording will  as you’ll read it mentally, for information, rather than to experience the energetic shift on the recording.  It’s only a supplement.]

We actually worked with this concept during our live Big Brain Change Immersion Group meeting last week and everyone who spoke described the enormous relief and freedom that arose from interacting with their intention from this perspective.

What is… and will it be like for you?


Looking ahead, two weeks from today I’ll share Shift #4: Understanding.

It has a a new video-recording which I made because engaging with the your stated intention/goal from a totally non-linear perspective is what makes this program different from traditional approaches so in these early days, I want you to have lots of support understanding how it work so you can better do it yourself!

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Neri August 3, 2019 at 9:37 am

Well that’s a mighty powerful piece to read when not a single soul turns up to an auction of my little studio today which I’ve decided to finally let go of and become a semi rural island dweller. I’m just sitting quietly the brain might explode!

Wendy Down August 3, 2019 at 2:36 pm

My respect to you, Neri, for being willing to sit quietly and let go.