The Big Brain Change Program Shift #4: Understanding

by Wendy Down on August 16, 2019

Well, welcome back to you and your big, evolving brain. Today’s Shift, #4, is called Understanding.  (Here’s our last Shift, #3, in case you missed it.)

It’s important to understand why the approach we are taking here is the fast-track to any goal or intention, rather than a windy side route.

Concepts like energy, consciousness and quantum may seem abstract or intellectual but they actually describe the very experiences that we consider the most real, the most relevant, and the most important to us.

Think about it. When someone asks you how you are, how do you come up with your answer?

Really, how do you know how you are?

Don’t you generally decide how you are by sensing how you feel?  Our growing use of emoticons teaches us something about this. Next time you text someone, take notice of how often emoticons, images and graphics are used to communicate about emotional experiences. 🙂

When you evaluate how you ‘are’, you are performing a quantum assessment. You are using your subtle senses to read the energy field most dominant in your awareness – how you feel – at the time. 

So, words like energy, quantum and consciousness aren’t abstract but instead they describe what’s happening in the realm where we really live.


We are perpetually taking these quantum assessments of our energy fields.  But we have limited awareness of this and therefore limited language to explain and discuss it.  We are also oblivious to how much control we have over those fields, those feelings.  (That’s going to change for you over the upcoming months though, my friend!)

It’s life-changing to discover that the energy fields we consider uncomfortable emotions are not actually held in place by much.  It’s life-changing to personally experience an emotional pattern transforming in real time by bringing the In Deeper Process to it.  

The first time one changes however, a light bulb goes off. We may intuitively understand that if that ‘negative emotion’ could dissolve, maybe they all can!  Which offers the prospect that we could be at peace, whole and calm in any circumstance, no matter what is going on around us.

Our feeling states determine the quality of our days, don’t they?  The low, ‘dense’ ones filter out our perception of desirable opportunities that exist around us, curtailing the options we see available or moving forward in life.  Plus, as we will discuss later, emotions are quantum structures woven out of the fabric of time and space itself and  are not separate from the events that occur to us.

The quantum world, remember, is not composed of separate things but rather is one, vibrating whole.  On the quantum realm, you, your feelings, your thoughts, your future business, partner, body, health, bank account, lifestyle are all interwoven patterns of vibrating potential easily altered by focussed consciousness.

 Even if these ideas seem odd or hard to grasp, doesn’t it make sense that if you learn to ‘shift’ the energy fields most dominant in your awareness, you might just be able to make enormous shifts in the related situations of your life?

In my experience, gaining fluency in the wonky ‘vibrating’ world of your own inner experience is the fastest way to move towards any goal or intention.  Speaking personally, there are now entire spectrums of emotional energy fields I now longer access. Despite having stewed in emotions like worry and fear for most of my life, I now can’t even recall what they even feel like. And it’s not that I’m an anointed saint – just a diligent practicer of what works.

Can you imagine how healthy it would be for your body to live in deep rest, free from the grip of old emotional bugaboos?  How your life would change if they weren’t there to hold you back?  If, in their place, good-feeling, nurturing, life-supporting feelings occupied your inner space and fuelled your mind with good ideas?

To fan the flames of that potential, check out the two short videos below. 

Be reassured that you don’t have to fully understand all of this yet. It’s enough to just keep coming back here and let them slowly seep in over time. 

Shift #5 won’t appear here until Friday, Sept 6.  But in a couple of weeks, I’ll have a bonus for you.  

To help you understand what it looks like to actually work with these fields in real time in a coaching conversation, I’ve been recording some one-to-one sessions, as demonstrations.  On Friday, Aug 30, I’ll release a demo session so you can see how this all gets pulled together.  See you back here then!

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