The Big Brain Change – Shift #5: Let Yourself Be Soothed

by Wendy Down on September 6, 2019

Hey Shift #5, are you ready for us?

Cuz we’re ready for you.

Today’s topic is called Let Yourself Be Soothed. This topic is timely because, in these still-early days of this Big Brain Change Program, there are lot of unknowns regarding the intentions you’re bringing here. Unknowns which, viewed from a left brain perspective, may provoke uncertainty or other discomfort.

Yet those same unknowns, when perceived right brain-style are met with soothing reassurance from that beyond-time part of you that knows the big picture. Your right brain is always focussed on what you’re focussed upon in any moment and it can soothe you with its certainty, clarity and ‘knowing’ long before today’s unknowns turn into tomorrow’s knowns.

Later we will talk about how, physics-wise, your attention on that field of soothing stillness actually solidifies itself into facts and details that reflect that state of being into physical form. In short though, the soothing assurance that radiates from your right brain is like having a preview of how you’ll feel as the details of your intention fill in over time.

No matter what’s happening in your current situation, your right brain offers solid reassurance based on future facts that all is utterly, deeply well.

Existing beyond linear time, your right brain can (bafflingly) perceive past, present and future now. It has a bird’s-eye view of your life and can see that wherever you are now is perfectly fine because routes are available to where you want to go from there, and from everywhere.

Between the perspective of our left brain (which is on the route) and our right brain (which is the map of all possible routes), we have all the information we need for an exciting and enjoyable journey. We can feel oddly relaxed and at ease along the way because… we can’t get lost.That’s the truth.

And here’s the challenge.

Most of us typically perceive only about 4-5% of our wise right brain perspective at any given moment. So it’s calm reassurance and clear instructions are barely discernible. It’s like having the volume of our GPS turned so low in our car as to barely hear it, while our left brain chatters loudly in the passenger seat about its worries and fears.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.  We are designed to have so much more than a faint whiff of our right brain knowledge. And when we do, as I describe in the video, the results can be astonishing.

Listen and see for yourself.

When I, personally, try to access my right brain awareness regarding a ‘problem, what first arises in my mind’s eye is a silly image of the Three Stooges goofing around.  

Like this…

That’s the ridiculous cue my right brain offers to say, “Remember?  We don’t relate to problems as problems on this side. We see the big picture, the positive potentials and we see how it all works out. And knowing all of that, we are playful, light and untroubled.”

Your right brain will also give you a cue to indicate when you’re attuned to. It might be a feeling rather than an image… or something else entirely. But there will be one, and if you’re interested you can recognize it by simply starting to pay attention.

The In Deeper Process is so practical because it gives us the option to switch from a concerned limited left brain view to an unconcerned right brain perspective by using the feeling of concern itself.

We can start by noticing the feeling of discord and then ride straight through its energy to quell it.  Staying present to it, sensing the discordant energy until it dissipates, we inevitably become still enough to perceive the guidance and wider perspective that our right brain is offering, like I describe in the video above. If you want to try it with my help right now, this audio-recording or this one might do the trick.

If you missed last week’s post, check it out here to see the process unfold for one woman in real time in a demonstration session.

See you back here for Shift #6 in two weeks, on Friday, Sept 20!

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