The Big Brain Change Program – Shift #7: You Are RIGHT

by Wendy Down on October 4, 2019

Hi. Today brings us to Shift #7 in our ongoing Big Brain Change Program: 30 shifts to evolve your brain and transform your life.

(Here’s the link to our last post Shift #6: The Sweet Spot. in case you missed it.)

I’m treating today’s new content, Shift #7: You Are RIGHT, a bit differently than usual.  I don’t want to explain too much about it.

That’s because I really, just want you to find a quiet place and time and listen to the recording.

So I offer only a simple idea to help you prepare to do that.

Previously in this program, I’ve explained how our right brains are 100% comfortable with the unknown. They see the big picture, including what’s in our future, without the constraints of the thoughts, beliefs and history that fog our anxious left brains.

In essence, our right brains know what to do when.  And, if we let them, they’ll just… guide us.

I think of our left brains as being similar to the young boys that were stuck in the caves in Thailand last year. And I think of our right brains as the Navy Seals that guided them out. What was far beyond the knowledge and skills of the boys was well within the abilities of the Navy Seals.

When I’m in a situation where I don’t know what to do – like how to bring about something I want but don’t know how – I rely on my personal Navy Seals to help me get there.

I didn’t always know they were there or trust them once I did and you may be the same.

One reason we don’t trust our Navy Seal-like right brain perspective is that we fear being wrong.  We fear making mistakes.

But what if you are not wrong.  And never have been? 

What if instead you were… are… and will always be right?

To consider this possibility, (which your left brain will no doubt be protesting even as your right brain is nodding and smiling), find a quiet time and place to listen to the recording below and see what it has to offer you.

You are right to be the way you are.

And in any unknowns you will only ever find more of what’s right and good within you.

May this recording help you know that in every cell in your body.

To play on your computer or download the mp3:

To play on your mobile device:

Also, here is the TRANSCRIPT of this recording.  Reading this is not a replacement for working with the recording, but you may find it helpful as a supplement.  See you back here in two weeks, on Friday, October 18.

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