A Video for Newbies. And You Can Join the Immersion Program Now!

by Wendy Down on June 12, 2019

Hiya. I’ve got two new things to share about the upcoming Big Brain Change Program.

First, here’s a quick video for people new to me, explaining what the Big Brain Change Program is and what it will give you. If you’ve been wanting to tell others about this free opportunity to find latent abilities within their brain to transform their lives over the next 15 months, share this post with them.

Secondly, for those who would rather go through the 30 Shifts of the Big Brain Change Program with the support of a community and live help from me, you can now join the Big Brain Change Immersion Program. The links are below.

Here’s the video for newbies. From my kitchen table, no less. Have at it 🙂

Another suggestion for newbies. If you’d like to experience what the Big Brain Change Program will be like, check out this post with a recording in which I guide you to turn a bad feeling into a good outcome. That recording is a good introduction to the kind of inner work you’ll do with the recordings in the Big Brain Change Program. Emotional intelligence work like this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if it intrigues you and you use my recordings, you’ll get good at it. And truly, you’ll transform your life.

And now lastly, what some of you – and I – have been waiting months for. The opportunity to register for the Big Brain Change Immersion Program.

As a reminder, this Immersion Program is an optional upgrade to the Big Brain Change Program.

If you want to spend the next 15 months exploring the 30 Shifts of the Big Brain Change Program within the support and structure of a smart, inquisitive, self-aware community of people, join the Immersion Program, people.

Within the Immersion Program, you’ll get twice-monthly video calls with me to help you work more powerfully with each of the 30 Shifts as they are released. We’ll apply them to the specifics of your daily life. You’ll also get really, really good at shifting your energy by mastering the In Deeper Process. You’ll start to recognize yourself as being on the cutting edge of human development. And you’ll likely move faster, further and with more fun and engagement than if you simply follow along with the 30 Shifts of the Big Brain Change alone.

The Immersion Program is now open for registration and you can sign up here.

I can already sense what’s ahead in that program and cannot wait to get real with it and you!

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