An Update on Lisa’s Quantum Body Sculpting Progress

by Wendy Down on September 6, 2013

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Remember Lisa, (left) the young woman who came to see me about severe acne that just wouldn’t go away?

I shared her thought-provoking story here, describing how that persistent problem served as a massive catalyst to Lisa’s personal growth.

And detailing what happened when she answered the question, “What does the persistence of this problem require you to explore that you never would otherwise?”

The other day it dawned on me that I rarely report back, months later, about the people and topics I’ve written about. And that I should do that more often.  Because when a big ‘inner shift’ occurs in someone’s life, the ripples extend forward for them in wonderful ways for a long period of time.

And Lisa is a great example of that.

On the surface, if you recall, she physically looked one way 2 months ago (see photo below, left.)  And today, on the surface, she looks different (see photo below, right),

(The first photo was taken in my office in bright morning light while the second was taken at Lisa’s home in the rosier afternoon light with a different camera.  Despite the lighting differences I think you’ll see that Lisa’s skin, the largest and only visible organ in our bodies, continues to improve.)

It’s wonderful to observe the visible improvement in Lisa’s skin, but these photos don’t tell the full story of what’s changed for Lisa.  Not by a long stretch.

So in her own words, Lisa describes what’s it’s like for her to now look back on our foray into Quantum Body Sculpting.  She says:

“When I read this story now, I just want to love on that girl.  

What she went through was so painful and frustrating and she felt so helpless. Today I’m relieved and excited that I no longer feel that way.  

This experience allowed me to address issues that were hiding under the surface for me emotionally.  It also led me to researching everything I could about blood sugar and hormones and how to eat to harmonize with my female body.

Diving into the discomfort brought me to a place of bliss… I needed to feel all of it thoroughly before it would move along. 

I am so excited to see where this goes! Now I absolutely love myself. I feel completely empowered and I own this experience!” 

Does that not sound like a 25-year-old who has milked a painful experience for every ounce of personal growth and now stands firmly in the strength she discovered by doing so?  That’s something she’ll take forward forever.

On the surface, Lisa and I engaged in some powerful Quantum Body Sculpting that yielded visible results. (Like I’ll teach in the Quantum Body Sculpting Program I’m launching on October 1.)    

And as her story clearly shows, because our bodies are an expression of our consciousness, when we reshape our bodies, the rest of us undergoes an ‘extreme makeover’ too!

(Thanks again, Lisa.  We love you too 🙂

See you back here on Tuesday, Sept 17, with more tasty morsels of conscious candy to nibble upon.

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