Because Your Mind is The Most Powerful Tool of All

by Wendy Down on February 13, 2015

$3000 Experiment graphicLet’s carry on with the $3000 Experiment.  (If you’re just joining, welcome and start here.)

Today I want to tell you about how I used the wacky concept of ‘parallel universes’ to achieve a clearly tangible result this week, and how you can use the same concept to tap into a whole new dimension for your $3000 Experiment.

Recently I wrote about the little house I’m restoring.  It’s where my Transformational Space for the $3000 Experiment sits on a window sill.

This past week, I tackled the hallway ceiling, where years of neglect and smoke damage had left the heavy stuccoed surface dirty, discoloured and smelly.  It needed to go.

A quick check revealed that underneath the stucco was (get this), a layer of cork board; which, in turn, was glued to the original ceiling with a super strong adhesive.

A great big mess.

With a chisel and mallet, I started chipping it off.  The stucco/cork/glue came away in crumb-sized pieces. (See the small chunks at the top of the photo, below?)  After 2 1/2 hours of steady work, I’d removed about 10% of the ceiling.  At that rate, the ceiling would take…what… 25 hours to remove?

There had to be a better way.

The relative size of ceiling chunks, before and after

The relative size of ceiling chunks, before and after

The next day, I purchased a power tool.  After trying it on the ceiling for a few minutes, I declared it utterly useless and sat my sorry butt down on the hallway floor for a brief pity party.

I didn’t want that ceiling in the house anymore, even if the option existed to leave it and cover it with new drywall.  No, it had to go.

So I made peace with the prospect that’d I’d be spending 20+ hours, painstakingly chiselling the nasty mess off.  

I soothed myself with the thought that I’d do it slowly over a few weeks.  And I would flavor the task with a steady diet of my favorite soft jujubes.

Plus, I reasoned, I’d get a great upper body work out.

It was going to be ok. So I climbed back up on the ladder and got to work.

(Sit up now.  This is where the story gets good.)

At peace with the task ahead, my hands worked and my mind was free to wander.

One happy place it wandered was to the wild concept from quantum physics that we actually exist in an unlimited number of parallel universes at the same time, but are only aware of the one we are focussed into at any given time.

I thought, “So right now, there’s a version of me in a parallel universe exactly like this one, except there, this cork board and stucco ceiling never existed.

And because I know parallel realities differ, not by distance but by how they feel to us, I decided to feel for that reality.

With the next smack of the mallet, I said, “In that reality, this ceiling never existed.”

And I tried to imagine how I would feel if that was true.

With every subsequent blow, I started to get into the feeling of that more; “This mess was never here.”  (smack)

“This ceiling was never here.” (smack.)

“I’m seeing a smooth surface in my mind right now because in the parallel reality I’m imagining right now, it was never here.” (smack.)

Understand that I was physically looking at and working on an ugly, dirty, heavily stuck ceiling, but on the inside, mentally and emotionally, I was fully immersed in the pleasure of ‘resonating with’ how it would feel if that ceiling was not there now and never had been.

My inner state was dramatically different from the external reality.

Within a few minutes, something unexpected happened;  the chisel slid through the next segment of glue like a hot knife through butter.

And I saw a piece of ceiling, twice the size of any previous pieces, fall to the floor.

Holding a chunk of ceiling (stucco-side up) typical of the size falling 'after'.  On it sits a typical size of ceiling (cork side up) that had been falling 'before'.

Holding a chunk of ceiling (stucco-side up) typical of the size that started coming off ‘after’. On it sits a typical size (cork side up) that had been falling ‘before’.

The same thing happened the next time too.

The chisel slid underneath the cork board like the glue wasn’t even there.  (Huh.)

Within a few minutes, my chisel created a gap between the original ceiling and the cork board big enough to slide a prybar into.

A 7 inch round chunk of stuccoed cork board fell to the floor with a crash.  (Like the one in the photo, right, which I’ve placed a typical ‘before’ piece on, dark cork side up.)

Then another, even bigger, piece of ceiling fell.

And another.

Until finally, like an exclamation point, the final section crashed to the floor in one big slab about 12″ by 30″.  The entire width of the hallway.

And not more than an hour had passed!

See the clear demarcation? That's exactly where I was working when I started playing with the concept of being in a different parallel reality

See the clear demarcation? That’s exactly where I was working when I started playing with the concept of being in a different parallel reality

When I got off the ladder and looked up, I was thrilled by what I saw.  There was a clear demarcation point at the exact spot I’d started imagining the feeling of that different parallel reality.  (You can see it in the photo, left.  The ‘before’ section that took me 2 1/2 hours to remove is visible as rough white plaster and dark still-stuck cork bits.  While the ‘after’ ceiling is utterly smooth.  Don’t look at my neck though; no one looks good when photographed from below…)

My external reality was now matching my inner state perfectly!  Below is another photo looking up at the hallway ceiling, showing the difference more clearly.

The hallway ceiling with the small brown and white 'before' section at the bottom.

The hallway ceiling with the small brown and white ‘before’ section at the bottom.

Nice, right? (I’d love to hear the explanation for this that a skeptic would give.)

It’s taken me years of practice to get adept like this at choosing pleasing inner states that differ dramatically from those my external reality may be showing me.

(BTW, I made a series of recordings a few years ago, introducing folks to how to do this.  Those recordings are still available as this online course.) 

But this is something we can all learn to do!   So why not try this this week with your $3000 Experiment?  

Here’s how:

At some point this week when you have a bit of time doing nothing in particular (maybe when you’re mindlessly driving, or riding the bus or subway), let your mind wander to an imaginary place.  Let your imagination help you choose where it goes.

Imagine a place where something wonderful is going on with you.  Maybe even something wonderful regarding money.

Like, maybe in your imagination you were born rich.

If so, let yourself really imagine and feeeeeeeeeeeeel what that would have been like.   Get into all the juicy details, without needing any of them to be true here and now at all.

Or if you prefer, think of something from the past that would change everything it if had never happened.  Something perhaps that affects your money situation today.

Maybe a decision or event that put you into debt.  Or something you started to believe about yourself and money that hasn’t served you well.  A belief, an idea or the memory of an experience that lingers gloomily in your ‘vibe’ today.

And, like I did about my ceiling mess, get into imagining how you’d feel if that situation had never occurred.  

If the ‘problem’ had never existed.   

Do this purely for the enjoyment of the feeling and the imagination itself.

Don’t start looking for evidence that ‘it worked to change the situation’.  (That’s a totally different parallel reality again!)

Just let the feeling be enough.   Let it show you that you too can feel differently in a situation than the situation itself might dictate.  At the very least, know that by feeling good, you are doing something good for your body. (Remember this post where we learned our bodies resonate differently, physically, when we consciously direct our emotions?)

And let us know how this lands with you.

See you back here next Tuesday, Feb 17 for our next post.

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Krisztina Csete February 22, 2015 at 8:57 pm

I just read your post about the ceiling, when I realised the tap in the bathroom is broken. It was leaking, made a terrible noise and the whole house started to shake every time we opened, or closed any tap in the house. So I called the guy who use to do the maintenance, but he said he will come next Wednesday to change it..It was only Friday.. I imagined our weekend, nights and days like this, with this terrible noise. Oh no.. But then I remembered your ceiling.
First I accepted the situation, okay it will take 6 days to replace the tap, but we’ll survive somehow. 🙂
Then I imagined a world, where this tap works fine.
During the night I managed to press the tap handle down with a toothbrush that helped to stop the noise.
And I totally forgot about it!
The next day we realised, our tap miraculously healed itself, or I can do magic with a single toothbrush, because it’s not making any noise, not leaking at all, totally works fine!
Thank you! 🙂

Alana February 17, 2015 at 10:02 pm

Wendy, I love to play with parallel universes. I was wondering about a way to “ground” in the brand new one, I use the activation of Heart Space Field, and now I will add the feeling.

Wendy, you always return to my life, in the best moments, with your amazing quantum playing!.

Janice, my vacuum is now full of golden energy, and a big smile is in my face now.

Greetings to both of you from my heart. Smiles and celebration for all of you creators of 3.000 and more.

Pat February 16, 2015 at 12:17 am

Hi, Wendy.
I love the ceiling of the parallel universe posting. I can still feel it resonating. I am going to try it! But not with a construction rehab project.
Thank you!

Wendy Down February 16, 2015 at 2:33 pm

Do, Pat! It’s a concept you can use anywhere…

Trevor February 15, 2015 at 11:41 am

Wendy this is absolutely amazing and astounding, did I also happen to mention
ASTOUNDING! I have read of such things. Richard Bartlett finding a parallel universe where his leg was not broken or The PURE technique from “Parallel Universes of self”
(a must read!) But you explained it so clearly and the exact mindset how you achieved
it, that is seems EASY. Like something a normal mortal can accomplish. Thanks for this!

Wendy Down February 16, 2015 at 2:36 pm

Indeed, Trevor – it’s something we normal mortals can accomplish. And our imaginations are designed to take us there.

Ken Graydon February 14, 2015 at 7:51 am

Wendy, that is such a great example of seeing the miraculous instead of the mundane. Because you see ‘hard ceiling’ in one universe and ‘easy ceiling’ in another you know that you are making positive choices. Positive choices lead to positive results and the universe wants to give you more of what you are looking for.
Such a great lesson for us all on selecting the universe that serves us best.

Wendy Down February 16, 2015 at 2:40 pm

Thanks Ken, its a lesson you know and demonstrate so well 🙂

Lynda B February 14, 2015 at 4:40 am

I love the Parallel Universe experiences! I am so inspired by all these posts!! Reminds me of the time I opened the door to go outside and noticed my husbands truck was gone. I thought that was weird as he left wearing his barn chore clothes when he left earlier. Well since it was gone I thought that he must have went to visit someone and I walked across the yard with my dogs. I turned to come back and his truck was back. Weird I didn’t hear the truck or see him drive by… so I come back to the house to ask him where he went and……. When I got close enough I could see his truck had never moved!!! It was covered in snow like it was there for a couple days and there were no tracks in the snow showing that it had moved anytime soon. Soo I wonder how excited I am in the Parallel Universe where I already have the $$$ and what else is possible?

Wendy Down February 16, 2015 at 2:42 pm

Such a great story, Lynda. And yes, how excited are you in that universe? As you probably know, you can feel it any time you let your imagination take you there…

Nancy February 13, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Great post! I’m still looking at needing to deal with some physical body issues, and that got me thinking about the – what if I had never gotten to this point? What if I never had that relationship with food, habits/lack of awareness? What if I already was different and the outside is starting to catch up??? Hmmm… And for $$$ what if I already had more cash flow from my past that I just never knew about? Reminds me of when I saw my front hallway bulging and moving back and forth, fascinating! During the daylight and I was wide awake….

Wendy Down February 13, 2015 at 7:51 pm

Atta girl, Nancy. Those ‘what if’ questions will take you right there. Enjoy the fun they bring and follow them in your imagination for as long as they feel delightful to think.

Janice February 13, 2015 at 4:22 pm

Ok Wendy. That beats all but one of my parallel universe stories (and that story is a little too personal to share). I LOOOOVE it, though. It just sparked a cascade of ideas for me. How awesome for you that you now get to spend the next 20+ hours doing far more fun things with that house.

Rodney and I did something like this to a friend’s house (though far less dramatic). She had a room that would give anyone a headache the moment they stepped in the door (or at least make them feel agitated). Rodney and I went over and the moment we stepped into that room, he declared there were overlapping parallels and one had to go. So the three of us spent time separating the parallels, finding the comfortable one, ushering the headachy one out and locking the comfortable one into place. She now uses that room for meditation.

And most of my novels are written by living in the parallel where the action takes place and either writing while I’m immersed in both parallels or coming back to this one and writing what I experienced.

Just imagine what else you could do by feeling into a different parallel.

Wendy Down February 13, 2015 at 7:50 pm

Oh Janice, now that you’ve got us all curious, you HAVE to tell that story! Change the names to protect the innocent, clothe anyone that was nude :-), but let us in on it…