Why I’m Learning to Shut up and Listen.

by Wendy Down on June 11, 2021

This morning I read an extraordinary article written by a priest to the church about how to deal with the impact on others of its painful past. “Shut up and listen,” was the gist of his message. Further, “one of the hardest things as priests is being able to sit in the woundedness of someone else, really without saying a thing. And yet, that’s really, that’s really how anything heals”.

I am no priest but this message speaks to the very quality – presence – that I am always working to deepen in my private client sessions. (Soon, with new group options I’m launching as well.) Being able to sit in the woundedness of someone else without trying to fix, solve, diminish, explain or avoid happens as we learn to do the same within ourselves. Author Cory Muscara described this perfectly, “Your ability to hold space for another person’s suffering is directly related to your ability to hold space for your own suffering. If you haven’t gone deep with your own pain, you’ll feel a subconscious block to the vulnerability required to hold the pain of another person.”

Over the years, my one-to-one clients have often helped surface nuances of my own pain and I’ve eagerly welcomed this personal side benefit. Over 20 years, every time I’ve left a client session feeling inadequate or self-critical say, I silently acknowledge this as a gift and go within to sit with the unsavoury flavour of it until it dissipates. I use the very tool I teach – the In Deeper Process – to continually come to the next day’s clients with ever less baggage and more presence.

This practice of clearing the clutter from my inner space has perfectly dovetailed with the many cool ideas I’ve shared here in the Consciousness Playground. Because of what I understand about quantum physics, for example, I know that when I free my own self of an old emotional pattern, I’m not affecting only me. Also, the same sensory apparatus we use to feel difficult emotions also lets us sense subtle energies, like the shifts in the emotional state of another person, intuition and exciting future potentials. As our inner space gets cleared of attention-grabbing pain, those subtle sensations can be more easily noticed. And, by learning the emotional skill of being present to difficult feelings, we also gain skill in generating good-feeling emotions too.

A good-feeling emotion I’m having a lot these days is the anticipation of launching the new website I’ve been working on for months. On it, I’ll be offering new group programs, better formatting of existing online programs and, a short time later, a new podcast. (Stay tuned for news about The Miracle Doctors: the science and practice of miracle-making” with my friend and colleague Dr. Charan Surdhar.)

But for today, I want to say that when the new site launches, the price of my private sessions will be going up.

I haven’t increased my session prices in years – in fact, the last time they were adjusted, I actually lowered the price. But this is your heads up that if you’re actively working with me now, or have been meaning to give my private sessions a try, you might want to grab some before the price increases.

Here’s the link to my current One-to-One options.

Also, the Remote Healing Sessions I offer with healer, Ken Graydon, are increasing in price so if you use those from time to time or have been wanting to, now’s the time to grab one or more of those too. Here’s the link to our current price for Remote Sessions.

As I link to those old pages and compare them to how much more beautiful the new site will be, I can’t wait to reveal it to you.

Enjoy your weekend!


My New Insight and What’s Ahead in 2021.

by Wendy Down on December 18, 2020

Hiya! I just took a moment to sit down in my sunny office and make a brand new video recording for you.

In it, I share an important insight I just had. It’s an insight that brings clarity about all the work I’ve done over the past many years and gives clear direction to where I’m going in 2021. It feels true, accurate and provocative.

If you’re curious, have a listen.

After you listen, if where I’m going in 2021 feels attractive, compelling and timely to you, yay! In the next couple of months I’ll be announcing the new small group programs I’m launching next year.

In the meantime, you can still work with me privately in the variety of ways described here.

Or you can continue working through the materials of the Big Brain Change Program, if you’re still catching up on those. Here’s the latest.

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