Quantum Physics and Your Brain, Simplified.

by Wendy Down on June 12, 2018

Hi there.

I’ve enjoyed watching the registrations for my 6 Month Coaching Program starting to roll in. As my inbox informs me of each new member, I’ve been taking a moment to appreciate that person’s presence and to absorb the trust they are placing in me.

In the upcoming months, I’ll be asking those in that program to try out some new and unfamiliar approaches to the goals or intentions they are bringing to the program. So it occurred to me that today, I could set the tone by doing something new and unfamiliar myself first.

I’ve gotten pretty comfortable over the years writing blog posts and recording audios, but I’ve never made videos.  So yesterday I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and make one.

It’s below, and in it, I explain the one idea from physics that I apply all the time, every day. 

The different ways your left and right brain experience the same situation

Basically, in quantum mechanics, wave–particle duality is the concept that every thing in existence may be described in terms not only of particles, but also of waves.

My view is that the two sides of our brain are designed to interpret every situation in our lives from those two perspectives.  The left brain reads a situation as though it is made of particles and the right brain reads the same situation as though it is made of energy waves.

As the image, above, models our left brain compartmentalizes, divides, and names as though one thing is totally separate from another (aka, they are made of particles). By contrast, our right brain would interpret that same situation or moment in time, not as separate from each other but as integrated waves of potential energy vibrating as one unified whole; as something to feel rather than something to think about.

Most of us, especially in the Western world, are heavily wedded to our left brain perspective. We have little awareness or interest in the information our right brains are always feeding to us in wave form, even though our bodies ‘vibrate’ that information all the time – as emotions, feelings and sensations.

In our cluelessness, we mostly ignore the information since, honestly, we have no idea how to use it.

But when we discover how and start to practice, working with the situations of our lives as waves of potential is like learning to manipulate the computer code behind an image on our screen. Waves are much easier to influence and change than particles are, so working with waves allows ‘things’ to change more quickly and easily.

In the video below, I explain this left-right brain difference and how my IN DEEPER process (try it out here) teaches you to work directly with the situations of your life in their malleable and responsive wave forms.

After I made the video, I thought it was imperfect. Too long. And… my written words appear backwards.

I was tempted to redo it and make it better. But then I realized that whenever we take the risk to try something new, we are not going to do it as well as we will do it later, with practice and experience.

There was a time when working with situations in their waveforms was unfamiliar to me. But now, after almost 20 years, its comfortable, familiar, easy, intuitive and natural. My right and left brain operate in concert so I receive so much more useful and moldable information about situations that when I was totally left-brain focussed.  I realize that I am not currently the norm. Its likely you are not as comfortable, confident, seasoned or familiar with it as I am.

But if you want to try and to learn, then let my beginner-level video below demonstrate that its ok to be tentative, inexperienced, unsure, unschooled at the beginning. Over time you’ll get better (as will I) and you will start to see the results.

If you’ve registered for the 6 Month Coaching Program, yay!   And , if not but you want to, you can still join here.

And now, that video…

Join the 6 Month Coaching Program Here

by Wendy Down on June 8, 2018


Today you can register for the 6 Month Coaching Program I’ve been talking about on the Playground for the past few months.

If you haven’t been following along, in this program you’ll bring a goal or intention that makes your heart sing and together we’ll encourage, soothe, enjoy and appreciate it – and you! – as it comes to life.  We’ll use the unconventional coaching approaches I rely on and, with your permission, I’ll use the results for a PhD research study measuring how well this approach works.

As I explained in this post, you get to choose the monthly cost that best matches your circumstances.  All who join will receive exactly the same program.

After you register, you’ll be contacted by my admin assistant, Elke, who will walk you through 3 steps; signing a Consent Form for my PhD study, completing a 10-question Pre-Program Questionnaire and joining our Private Facebook Group. Where, incidentally, I just videotaped a welcome message to you.  (I did it because, over the next 6 months I’ll be asking you to do things that are new, unusual and perhaps a bit risky so I figured I should kick things off by doing the same myself.)

To give you plenty of time to complete those three steps, you’ll have until Tuesday, June 19 before I release the first piece of program content.  Between now and then though, we will start to assemble in the Facebook Group and no doubt be chatting away there.

So when you’re ready to join, click on one of these three options for your monthly fee:


Option #1.  $159 USD/month

You’d choose this option for one of two reasons:

One, you want to join the program but not be part of the PhD study.  In this scenario, you’d still get all the program benefits but, when you complete your Pre- and Post-Program questionnaires, your answers won’t be included in my study. No need to explain why you’d want to opt out either.

The second reason to choose this option is if you want to join the program and be part of the PhD study group and, to you, a monthly fee of $159 just seems right for your circumstances and to the value you anticipate from the program.


Option #2.  $79 USD/month

This option gives you access to the 6 Month Program and includes you in my PhD study.  Click on this link if a monthly fee of $79 seems right to your circumstances and to the value you anticipate from the program.


Option #3.  $33 USD/month

This option gives you access to the 6 Month Program and includes you in my PhD study group. Click on this link if a monthly fee of $33 seems right to your circumstances and to the value you anticipate from the program.


Side note: There was an Option #4 – to join for $0 USD/month but these places have now been taken.

So again, to join the 6 Month Coaching Program, click on one of these links:

It feels good to join for $159/month.


It feels good to join for $79/month.


It feels good to join for $33/month.

That’s it! I look forward to hanging out with you for the next 6 months!


If you have any questions, just leave a comment below or pop me an email at wendy@wendydown.com.


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