The Big Brain Change Program – Shift #6: The Sweet Spot

by Wendy Down on September 20, 2019

Hiya! When I first released this Big Brain Change material as my PhD research study, today’s recording, Shift #6: The Sweet Spot, turned out to be a favourite. Members found it especially useful for understanding the negative ‘charge’ of their emotions in a new way.

Before you listen to it, I’d like to share a story highlighting a common challenge we face as we start to work with the world as energy.

About 10 years ago, I understood that our decisions and perceptions are strongly affected by our emotional patterns and that those patterns can change more easily than we’ve known. Once shifted, we suddenly see possibilities we couldn’t before and we take action on them.

I also realized that our bodies are also made of the same ‘stuff’ as emotions and therefore could shift for the better in a rapid and easy way too.  I attended a workshop or two by a teacher who was attracting large crowds eager to learn how to do this.

During that time, a woman came for a private session and casually mentioned that her shoulder, badly injured years before, was particularly painful that day. She demonstrated how she could not lift her arm above shoulder height and said that movement had caused a lot of pain for over 20 years. I offered to see if what I’d recently learned could help and she accepted my offer.

After only a couple of minutes, I asked her to raise her arm again, and she declared with great surprise, “Hey there’s no pain!” Together we watched her raise her arm well up over her head.

She repeated the move several times and when I looked at her face, what I expected to see was delight. What I saw instead was… shock and fear. She’d wanted the pain and limitation to go away.  But when it did, it shook her world.

“That shouldn’t have happened.” she said, her knees shaking as she reached for a chair to sit down. In a nervous voice she asked, “How did you do that?”

I explained that the atoms of our bodies are, paradoxically, both solid and not solid at the same time. And that by treating the atoms of her shoulder not as a shoulder but rather as malleable energy, the energy could assume a new form.

And apparently had.

While she’d gotten the result she wanted, she suddenly became aware that she’d actually had two intentions – and they were in direct conflict with each other.

She’d wanted to be free of the chronic pain and limitation in her shoulder. But she also wanted the stable, solid, physical world she was familiar with to remain that way.

By interacting with her shoulder as energy rather than matter, her first intention had been met. But her intention for the world to remain reliably as she understood it had been demolished. If her shoulder wasn’t solid, that probably the entire world wasn’t solid.

And she wasn’t prepared for that.

I tell this story because, as I said in Shift #5, our left brains, the perspective most of us are highly wedded to, interpret our world as solid form. By contrast, our right brain reads the world as fluid. Most of us only access about 4-5% of this right brain perception in normal daily life.

You brought to this Big Brain Change Program an intention for something(s) new to occur in your life. And you’ve been leaning into your right brain perception of the world to help you realize that intention.  The material we’ve covered so far has focussed on increasing your understanding of, familiarity with and ability to comfortably work with situations as energy and potential.

We’ve talked a lot about emotions/energy fields. These are an ideal place to practice right brain awareness of a situation because they are so right-there, so discernible and, frankly, so in the way of what you want. Plus, they are connected to everything else and therefore, can change much more than just how you feel.

Many of us want any negative emotions we experience to change but, at the same time, find the familiarity of their presence oddly comforting. Most of us find rapid change unnerving and uncomfortable like the woman in my office did.

When faced with the unknown, our stability-loving left brains clench, balk and argue that it is not safe, possible, advisable or smart. Our left brains like changes to be controllable, familiar, predictable and understandable.

By contrast, our right brains thrive in the fluid unknown because there, we understand that when structures are not solid our ‘big picture awareness’ can make changes with ease.

For this reason, working with situations as energy is paradoxically easy and challenging.  A lot can change quickly which is… unsettling.

Fortunately, any mixed feelings we might have about rapid change are just energy too. Like all feelings, fear and inner conflict don’t have to be  understood or figured out to be resolved; they just have to be fully felt.  Bringing the sensations we sense as fear or trepidation to the In Deeper process will recreate that discordant energy into greater inner stability.

Now might be the perfect time to do that. Before you play the recording below, bring to mind any conflicted or uncomfortable emotion you have. A good choice is to simply notice anything that is bothering you in your life right now.

Then use the Shift #6: The Sweet Spot recording below to let that very energy change in a reliably noticeable and pleasing way. 

To play on your computer to to download the mp3:

MP3 File

Or to play on your mobile device:

Also, you’ll find THE TRANSCRIPT of this recording here too. So if you’re one of the many who go offline mentally while you listen, you’ll be able to read later and find out, consciously, what you missed.

See you back here in two weeks, on Friday, October 4!


Hey Shift #5, are you ready for us?

Cuz we’re ready for you.

Today’s topic is called Let Yourself Be Soothed. This topic is timely because, in these still-early days of this Big Brain Change Program, there are lot of unknowns regarding the intentions you’re bringing here. Unknowns which, viewed from a left brain perspective, may provoke uncertainty or other discomfort.

Yet those same unknowns, when perceived right brain-style are met with soothing reassurance from that beyond-time part of you that knows the big picture. Your right brain is always focussed on what you’re focussed upon in any moment and it can soothe you with its certainty, clarity and ‘knowing’ long before today’s unknowns turn into tomorrow’s knowns.

Later we will talk about how, physics-wise, your attention on that field of soothing stillness actually solidifies itself into facts and details that reflect that state of being into physical form. In short though, the soothing assurance that radiates from your right brain is like having a preview of how you’ll feel as the details of your intention fill in over time.

No matter what’s happening in your current situation, your right brain offers solid reassurance based on future facts that all is utterly, deeply well.

Existing beyond linear time, your right brain can (bafflingly) perceive past, present and future now. It has a bird’s-eye view of your life and can see that wherever you are now is perfectly fine because routes are available to where you want to go from there, and from everywhere.

Between the perspective of our left brain (which is on the route) and our right brain (which is the map of all possible routes), we have all the information we need for an exciting and enjoyable journey. We can feel oddly relaxed and at ease along the way because… we can’t get lost.That’s the truth.

And here’s the challenge.

Most of us typically perceive only about 4-5% of our wise right brain perspective at any given moment. So it’s calm reassurance and clear instructions are barely discernible. It’s like having the volume of our GPS turned so low in our car as to barely hear it, while our left brain chatters loudly in the passenger seat about its worries and fears.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.  We are designed to have so much more than a faint whiff of our right brain knowledge. And when we do, as I describe in the video, the results can be astonishing.

Listen and see for yourself.

When I, personally, try to access my right brain awareness regarding a ‘problem, what first arises in my mind’s eye is a silly image of the Three Stooges goofing around.  

Like this…

That’s the ridiculous cue my right brain offers to say, “Remember?  We don’t relate to problems as problems on this side. We see the big picture, the positive potentials and we see how it all works out. And knowing all of that, we are playful, light and untroubled.”

Your right brain will also give you a cue to indicate when you’re attuned to. It might be a feeling rather than an image… or something else entirely. But there will be one, and if you’re interested you can recognize it by simply starting to pay attention.

The In Deeper Process is so practical because it gives us the option to switch from a concerned limited left brain view to an unconcerned right brain perspective by using the feeling of concern itself.

We can start by noticing the feeling of discord and then ride straight through its energy to quell it.  Staying present to it, sensing the discordant energy until it dissipates, we inevitably become still enough to perceive the guidance and wider perspective that our right brain is offering, like I describe in the video above. If you want to try it with my help right now, this audio-recording or this one might do the trick.

If you missed last week’s post, check it out here to see the process unfold for one woman in real time in a demonstration session.

See you back here for Shift #6 in two weeks, on Friday, Sept 20!


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