The Big Brain Change: More Q & A. And Looking Ahead!

by Wendy Down on November 27, 2020

Hi again, y’all. A few weeks ago the Big Brain Change Program released its final piece of content and I posted the Post Program Questionnaire that helps you clarify what you are taking away. (It’s still there if today’s the day for you to complete it.)

Now that the program is over, I’m curious… do you find yourself applying the concepts in your day-to-day life? Are you noticing how situations are interpreted by your right brain (and body) as feelings, energy and sensations?

Today’s post is here to remind you that the perspective of your right brain and the benefit of using In Deeper Process are as relevant today as when were thick of first learning them.

Today I was inspired to answer a few more of the questions from the Post-Program Questionnaires. In the recording below, you’ll hear me address:

  • Did I have any ‘way-out’ epiphanies while going through this?
  • Is love consciousness?
  • Did I feel the anxieties and energies of everyone in the program and do I use the In Deeper Process more when working with a large group?
  • How do I deal with pain and illness?

I recording this audio casually by plunking myself down at my desk, turning on my recording system and talking. Nothing fancy. That unfussy, unfiltered spontaneity is, in fact, a precursor of where I’m going next in my work. Sometime in the new year I’ll be launching new options for working with me. While I’m still getting clarity, here’s what is likely going to be available:

  • a new one-to-one coaching format that will last for 6 months but be phased in a way that reflects what I’ve learned works best and is most natural for most people. (In the meantime, you can still work with me one-to-one in these ways.)
  • new group coaching programs that will bring small groups of people according to their experience level with my work and according to their reason for wanting to learn with me. (For example, in addition to using this work for our own personal growth, its useful to bring into work settings where we interact with other people. So there will likely be a new small group coaching option for people who work as coaches, therapists, teachers, massage therapists and energy workers for example.

  • And… the thing I’m most excited/nervous about is the possibility of doing regular on-the-spot coaching on a format like Instagram Live. This will allow those who want to stay in touch with me and continue to learn and grow without commitment or cost.

Things are still fluid, but this what looks likely for now. Fewer words, less ideas, less thinking, more feeling and more presence will be the tone of 2021 around here.

Now about the recording… as you hear my answers today, I hope you’ll listen with a discerning ear and by asking yourself how you too might answer those questions. Your point of view is equally valid of course, (Remember Shift #7: You Are RIGHT?) and I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences about those questions too. We are all expressions of infinite intelligence and by sharing our points of view, we all have more options to consider, don’t we?

Here’s today’s recording:

To play on your computer or download as an mp3:

To play on your mobile device:

See you again soon with more answers to your wonderful questions.

The Big Brain Change Program: Answering your Questions

by Wendy Down on November 13, 2020

Hello there! In my last post, I shared a questionnaire that helps you get clear on the results you are taking away from The Big Brain Change Program and contributes to the overall data. If you haven’t seen that yet or completed the short questionnaire, you’ll find the few moments it takes to do that today will serve you well? Today I’ve answered some of the questions you asked me about my own experience working with this material.

  • How did I get started?
  • How long did it take for the In Deeper Process to become easy for me?
  • What’s my life like now?
  • What’s the most amazing thing I’ve witnessed as a result of doing this work?

In the recording, below, I have touched on the answers. Hopefully, what I say offers a useful glimpse into my experience in a way that helps you better understand and work in your own life. On the recording, for example, I describe one recent life story in detail with the intention that the detail will draw you into understanding how woven into my life this stuff is.

What I would most like for you to take away from today’s recording is the realization I didn’t come to this work any more prepared or emotionally capable than anyone else.

Our life circumstances are, of course, different and you will have been conditioned to experience certain emotional patterns more potently than I have. But when you and I each work with an emotion, we are doing it as and from the same pure consciousness. When using the In Deeper Process, you and I are not different ‘people’ working with our individual emotional patterns, although our left brain will tell us that’s what’s happening.

Instead, the same all-knowing forces of nature that soothe them in me are the exact same coherent consciousness that soothes them in you. That’s how I know that every last one of your inner struggles can, with focus and intention, be absorbed back into the deep peace out of which it was created in the first place. I have zero doubt about your eventual success with this, although I don’t know what twists and turn your life will lead you through on the way to knowing that, for sure, yourself.

I’ve had to personally feel every emotional flavour that exists. I’ve had to ‘try’ using this approach and these tools in situations that seemed impossible for them to be reasonable or successful. And because I’ve done so anyway, I’ve seen how those most impossible of situations will lead a person most directly to the very lines of internal separation – the emotional patterns – that best accumulate in noticeable results. Our deepest and most pervasive pain is the path to our greatest freedom when the energy layers of that pain are brought directly to the In Deeper Process.

Making the In Deeper Process a natural part of how we respond to any and every moment is the fast track to accessing ever more of our true self – the most ‘me’ part who surprisingly feels unperturbed, at peace, powerful, connected and even amused by external events. In fact, if its interesting to you, the next time you use the In Deeper Process with an emotional charge, you could play with it by inviting your right brain to let you experience the process in the same way I would. My experience is right there in your morphic field so, heck, why not?

As an aside, I’m currently designing new ways for you to work with me – individually or in a group environment. So if you want to build on what you’ve begun here, stay tuned for details to come in the next month or two.

Enjoy the recording! To play on your computer or mobile device:

To download as an mp3:

Looking ahead, I still have quite a few of your questions to answer so will continue to make more posts like this until I’ve addressed them all.

See you back here in two weeks!

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