The Big Brain Change: Shift #16: Reshaping Your Sand

by Wendy Down on February 21, 2020

Well, here we are again. This is Shift #16: Reshaping your Sand.  It builds on a concept we first introduced here in Shift #8: It’s the Sand and I’m the Sound.

With today’s shift, our focus takes a turn. ( If you missed our last post, find it here. If you’re new, start here to begin this free program of 30 shifts to transform your brain and evolve your life.)

We’ve spent time so far in this program discovering our innate ability to alter negatively-charged emotions and energy fields. By negative, I mean emotions that feel bad and are characterized by a quality of separation.

We started there because negative fields of energy are easy to sense and significantly affect the quality of our thoughts and our days. The limit our understanding of ourselves and put blinders on the range of possibilities we can access at any given time. Also, while they appear to be dense and unyielding, it turns out they aren’t actually held together by very much. With focus and skill, (like by using the In Deeper Process), they respond surprisingly quickly to our intention for change.

Another reason we started our engagement with the quantum field by focusing on negative emotional fields is that we can sense the change in the negative field as it happens. This gives us immediate feedback about the impact of our focus.

Morphing these fields within us helps us realize how much influence we have over the way we feel. We see that, while we may still have a lot to learn, no circumstance ever has to dictate the way we feel; instead, we can choose. And, although this takes practice, given the lifetime of emotional habits we’ve developed, the rewards are both immediate and cumulative. We get better and better at this skill over time.

And we can start from wherever we are now.

If this program had been designed simply to help you feel more at peace, more stable and resilient, what we’ve studied so far would be enough. But you also want to realize tangible intentions which are physically perceivable in some way, right?  To do that, we need to start considering how emotions/energy fields impact our physical world.  How do we extend all of this beyond our own inner state?

Starting today, that’s where we’ll go. Having worked with the energy fields that limit us, we are now going to study positive fields and emotions; those that expand us and which positively influence, well, everything.

Positive energy fields differ dramatically in both tone and structure from negatively-charged ones.  In today’s recording, we’ll ease into this direction.  Today we touch on the state of appreciation and you might notice how this feeling differs from those negative emotions which are structurally formed by ‘walls of electrons’ distinguishing them from their environment.

A strong argument for learning to deliberately generate positive emotional states comes from this short video excerpt of a presentation given by scientist and visionary, Gregg Braden. In it, 3 practitioners generate strong feelings of appreciation while focussing on a woman with a cancerous tumour. As they amplify their feelings of celebrating her very-real tumour as ‘already gone’, we see the tumour disappear.  In 3 minutes time.

The mechanism for this effect is explained by the principles of quantum physics. In a nutshell, consciousness (our sense of ‘me’) is the source of physical things like our bodies, rather than a result of them.

You would think that the only possible emotional response to cancer would be something like fear, concern or sympathy. These practitioners’ instead deliberately generate thankfulness, relief and joy… ahead of time. By doing so, they choose the energy fields they wish to engage with and amplify.  And as the video documents, the situation responds. This is not just a miracle, it’s science and we all possess the tools. As individuals, if we find the science compelling, the only question that remains is, “How can I learn to generate the emotional states I want, rather than let existing circumstances determine them for me?”

We’ll be addressing this topic in the upcoming shifts. As you watch the video, consider the possibility that everything in reality may be as malleable and responsive as the cancerous tumour here. Let the mystery of how that all works – how YOU can work it all – draw you towards the realization of your intentions and goals for being here.

To support you, here’s today’s audio-recording:

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Here’s the TRANSCRIPT of this recording.  We’re just getting started.

See you back here on Friday, March 5 for Shift #17.


The Big Brain Change – Shift #15: You.

by Wendy Down on February 6, 2020

Well here we are with Shift #15.   I’m calling it, ever so simply, ‘You’.  (If you missed the last post, catch up here).

The recording, below, was created to help you directly experience who and what you  are beyond the typical left brain experience of yourself as a personality in a body moving through time. While this is the most common,  (many would say only possible) perception of ourselves, that is not true.  It is also the foundation of much worry, fear and pressure.

It creates the sense of being vulnerable, small and at risk. It suggests our days are limited, therefore, we’d better make things happen before we run out of time. It’s what makes our minds anxiously fret about edging ever-closer to an expiry date and is the reason we don’t relish the journey towards our goals and intentions or trust that life will support us without having to force, strain and struggle.

Yet almost none of us even question whether life could be otherwise.

The perception, “I’m separate, limited and alone,” is only a pervasive energy pattern like the one we talked about in Shift #9: Practice Time.  As a child, this time-defined thinking didn’t dominate your inner experience and as a conscious adult, its possible to choose otherwise too.

Today’s recording is meant to give you a peek at who you are beyond the ‘normal’ limited perception of yourself.

Imagine knowing for sure that you are more than your body and the personality inhabiting it.

Imagine knowing you have all the time needed to achieve whatever you want… because you exist beyond time.

Imagine being so fully immersed in each present moment that no part of your mind anxiously scans the future for danger or ruminates over the past.

Your right brain perceives you – and time – this way.  Always. Any time you can witness yourself from this alternate view, even just for a few moments, you’ll feel your  body relax and your mind quiet.

Who you really are is limitless. And you can know it.

Another advantage of experiencing your real self directly is that it puts the relative size and importance of your emotions/energy fields into perspective. You can start to notice that even intense emotions occupy only a fraction of you.

If you haven’t always gotten relief yet by using the In Deeper process, today’s recording may help you recognize how much bigger you are than any emotion or energy field and the history or ‘story’ it spins.

Sensing the spaciousness around these vibrating structures help them dissipate with greater ease… for the same reason that dropping a teaspoon of boiling water into a cool ocean would cause its heat to rapidly disperse to the point of being indistinguishable from the whole.

After you’ve listened to this recording, I’ll make a follow-up to it. In that upcoming recording, I’ll guide you to witness an emotion/energy field related to the intention you brought to this program from a full-on right brain perception of yourself.  To date, we’ve focussed primarily on negatively-charged emotions, but as we’ll discover, you can also let the broader awareness of yourself add structure to positive emotions/energy fields. We set the stage for this in Shift #8: It’s the Sand and I’m the Sound.

I’ll do my best to walk you through all of that in one recording.

For now though, when you’re ready, find a quiet place and 28 minutes with no outside distractions. Plan to use those elements (space and time) to immerse yourself in a rich, healthy, relaxing and eye-opening experience of YOU.

As a side note, Elke, who transcribes the recordings for me, tells me that in the recording, I referred to this as Shift #17. Would you mind just chuckling at that with me?  I recall very deliberately saying ’15’ so I can’t explain what happened.  Maybe a parallel version of myself with a sense of humour snuck in for a split second there.

To play on your computer or download as an mp3:

To play on your mobile device:

And here is the TRANSCRIPT of this recording.

See you back here in two weeks, on Friday, Feb. 19.


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