Big Brain Change Program: Shift #1 Make Space

by Wendy Down on July 5, 2019

Hello! This post marks the official kick-off of our Big Brain Change Program.  

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

I want this first post to establish the mood and expectation for your experience here. Read the words below slowly to let them sink.  They are what will deepen here as we move forward.

Ease.    Relaxation.    Peace throughout the process.

Moments of insight, exhilaration, new possibility and joy.

Support.  Clear and timely guidance.

Deep respect for yourself as you are now and for what you will become.

Acknowledgement that what you know and have experienced to date are useful, relevant and valuable here.

Wonder at the discovery of new strengths, insights and personal qualities. Unknowns within you – good unknowns – will be uncovered.

Surprise at the unexpected timing of helpful, interesting and fun things.

Awareness of how known, seen, loved and supported you and your intentions here are.

As we begin, I see myself as a participant in this experience too.  I too bring strong intentions here and I too will use the program materials and processes to move closer to them.

None of us have to be further ahead than we are today in order to get to where we want to go.

We don’t have to be better than we are. We don’t need to know more, be better prepared, be smarter, braver, clearer or different in anyway.

From where we each begin now, we have the next 15 months to be guided, day by day, closer to the future we foresee. We are enough. And over time, we will become more until we discover we are, in fact, everything we need.

Big breath in, big breath out.  Would you take this in with me?

As we start, I honor you for everything that has happened in your life to bring you here. And I applaud you for having declared you want something strongly enough to commit your time and attention to this experience.

I admire you for taking the risk to choose the specific goal or intention you’re bringing here. (And if you haven’t done that yet, you can still do it here). And I applaud you for trying the unconventional means to that end that you will encounter here. It doesn’t matter at all where you are starting from now, stick with me and you will get to where you want to go.

We have 15 months and 30 posts – 30 Shifts – like this one to guide us.

(A side note: if you also join the optional Big Brain Change Immersion Program, you’ll have twice-monthly live calls with me and a private Facebook group to connect through. It’s not too late, you can still register here.)

Yesterday I was listening to physicist Nassim Haramein describe a recent discovery made by his research team who have now proven mathematically that there is only ONE THING HERE: the quantum field expressing itself as form, including the form of you and I.  

As Nassim put it:

 “Each human being is an expression of the quantum field in particular coordinates of space-time, meaning the field is experiencing the world and gathering information from that perspective of space-time… So when you know yourself and what you are – that there’s a distance of zero to zero between you and the universe – and that you ARE the whole thing, then it becomes to easy to love yourself because you realize the miracle that you are.” 

Any of us can know and experience ourselves as this field of infinite potential and the intention of this Big Brain Change Program is to guide you, gently, easily and powerfully, to discover this no-holds-barred truth of who you are. 

As you progress through this program, your logical left brain may argue, caution, override and even ridicule you.  But over time, practice, insight, explanations and evidence will help soothe those protests and your logic will acknowledge the reasonableness of the exploration too.

So with that stage set, let’s talk about today’s topic:  


Making space is an important first step here because, in the most literal way, this program will bring more into your life.  More ideas, more information, more opportunities, more emotions, more skills, more activity, more interactions, more change for the better. So you need room in your life for all that, right?

So in today’s recording, I’ll invite you to make space for what’s ahead, first, in your inner world. As you listen, I’ll guide you to find the structure (the  semi-physical sensation) that currently takes up inner space regarding whatever intention you have for being in this program –  and the fact that you don’t have that desired result yet.  

You’ll change the uncomfortable sensation associated with today’s absence of ‘that thing you want’ into wide open space to receive what’s ahead.

Creating that inner space is a good first movement towards your intention because, according to quantum physics, (ie. the downward causation model of reality here), emotional experiences are vibrations that densify into form as physical experiences.  This interpretation suggests we can set ourselves up for any future experience we want by creating emotional resonance with it first.

In other words, as you start to feel it, you start to have it

The most important thing to do today is listen to the Make Space recording below. But you might also take this concept more literally by actively making space in your life for this program.

For example, you could make more physical space on your desk or in the area of your home where you’ll read and listen to the course materials and recordings.

Perhaps you could make space in your calendar for the time this program will take. (About an hour twice a month plus time in between to regularly apply the In Deeper Process you’ll learn.) Put the dates in now, if you like.

Perhaps you could free up mental space. My own favourite way of doing this is to say no to a commitment of some sort that has been weighing me down.

Or perhaps there’s something else that would best represent ‘making space’ to you. If so, do it..  

And now, I hope you enjoy the recording, Shift #1 – Make Space. (As a reminder, the Big Brain Change Program was intially called The 6 Month Coaching Program, so you’ll see that reference from time to time.)

To play on your mobile device:

Or to download as an mp3: Click here to download…

Also find a TRANSCRIPT of this recording here.  The transcript is meant to supplement the recording, not replace it. This is because reading is a mental activity rather than the emotional/energetic experience you are here to have.

Also. If you are brand new to my work and thinking ‘Woah, what is going on here?‘ you can find out about me and the set up for this program in this post I wrote several month ago introducing it. (Also read the 5 or 6 posts about it that follow that one.) Let’s make sure you know what this program is about and that it’s right for you!

You can leave comment at the bottom of this post about how you made space for this program in your life. Or what you experienced as you listened to the recording.

(Of course, if you’re in the optional Immersion Program, we’ll dive deeper in our next live video-call and in our private Facebook Group.)  

Two weeks from today, I’ll share the next piece of content, Shift #2. It will outline a simple, practical plan for using this program to actually move forward on your stated intention.

See you back here in two weeks and see you in the comments section below!


Hiya. If you’re considering taking part in the free Big Brain Change Program (or the optional, enhanced Big Brain Change IMMERSION Program), here’s a short description of what happened for the people who took it already as part of my Ph.D. study.


According to quantum physicist Amit Goswami, consciousness is the ground of all being and everything we experience is consciousness (undifferentiated pure potential) expressed a variety of forms. Since we ourselves are consciousness, this suggests that if we understand and harness the mechanism through which undifferentiated pure potential expresses itself into form, we can directly influence its expression. If so, this would offer a quantum leap in our approach to problems and expand our understanding of human potential on every front.

This study tested the hypothesis that directed consciousness alone can realize specific intentions and goals with no other mediating tool.

The study tracked the results of 51 subjects who desired specific outcomes in their lives. Each participant completed a Pre-Program Questionnaire to record their intentions, expectations and previous experience. They then took part in an online 6-month Coaching Program based on principles of quantum physics. The mechanism for aligning one’s consciousness with the forces of downward causation was taught to participants using written explanations, audio-recordings and video-recordings. The primary method taught to participants was the In Deeper Process, a 5-step quantum-physics based ‘energy-shifting’ approach developed by Wendy Down. Guided exercises were provided for ongoing practice.

45 participants completed both the program and a Post-Program Questionnaire. Of those 45, 41 participants (91%) reported having made significant progress since the program began.

This study demonstrates that by achieving more unified states of oneness with the quantum field, it is possible to make significant progress towards specific goals and intentions with no other mediating tool.

Possible explanations for differences between subject outcomes are offered and suggestions made for future studies to better elucidate the wondrous, entangled relationship between our consciousness and the world of experienced form. The author will also suggest ways this understanding can improve human experience in the future.

That’s the summary in academic-speak. If you want to experience everything those folks did, make sure you’re signed up for my Newsletter (top right corner) and you’ll get a new piece of the material twice a month for the next 15 months. And start right now with this post where you can declare your own intention for the program.

And consider joining the Big Brain Change Immersion Program at your own chosen price point; our first meeting is this Friday!

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