Want to Evolve into Someone New?

by Wendy Down on May 7, 2019

Some of my best thinking happens during solo walks. Here in Montreal last week.

Hello friends. This past weekend I made a short video explaining more about what you can expect when I start slowly releasing material from my recent 6 Month Coaching Program, probably starting in June.

(As I said here, I’ll be releasing the whole shebang here soon for free with a new piece of content appearing twice a month.) Since there are 30 pieces of content or ‘Shifts’ in total, the math suggests the ‘6 Month Coaching Program’ will actually take 15 months this way. But as you’ll discover in the program, you’ll appreciate the time to digest and absorb and integrate. It’s pretty exciting and hefty stuff.

As I release the Shifts of the 6 Month Coaching Program, I’ll simultaneously be launching a (paid) Immersion Program for those who want to, well, immerse themselves in this material more fully. By joining (not yet!) you’ll be a part of a community of fellow explorers getting live, real time coaching and deeper application of the principles you’ll learning. We’re going to be super-casual in that program. We’re going to be awesome 🙂

Social media giant, Facebook, has the the following phrase emblazoned on a prominent wall at it’s headquarters:

In a similar vein, I recently I made a short video sharing some thoughts about what this 6 Month Coaching Program can offer you. It’s unscripted and the video skips a bit. (Country wifi at it’s finest.)

It actually delights me to post it as is because it is good enough.

In the same way, I am good enough as I am and you are good enough to soon start accessing some phenomenal format capacities that lie within you.

As first, you’ll do this imperfectly. You’ll forget to apply the tools you’ll learn in your daily life. Your skills will improve over time. You will have ups and down as you learn to turn to your own inner source of insight, relief and power. But you will get better by continuing to just come back for more.

Even before we begin, let’s toss out all standards of perfect in favour of just showing up and trying. We possess innate capacities can heal our struggles, yield tear-inducing a-ha’s about ourselves and transform our daily lives. In our willingness to just keep showing up, we will find ourselves stumbling deeper and deeper into the parts of us where magic and miracles reside. Truly.

Here’s the video:

See you here again soon!


My best work. For you. For free.

by Wendy Down on April 12, 2019

Savouring the feedback of participants who took part in my 6 Month Coaching Program

Hello, fellow explorer. If you’ve had a hankering for something new in the Consciousness Playground, this post is for you. Today I bring you up to date on what’s consumed my attention for the past months. And how you can get my best work for free over the upcoming months if you want to.

Last summer I launched a 6 Month Coaching Program in which I helped 50 participants understand and use key principles of quantum physics to address their most dearly-held intentions. In that program, I created audio-recordings, videos and written material explaining the 30 most important head-spinning, scientifically-supported insights about who we really are and what we are capable of.

I called these 30 insights “Shifts” since each created a shift in our perspective and way of relating to the world. I know that real change requires that we not just understand a concept but actually use it. So each of the 30 Shifts also included my guidance on how to apply the Shift to a situation in your life right away.

My intention was to make each Shift factual, powerful and simple. And based on the feedback from participants, they were. (As an aside, creating those 30 Shifts took up the time I would otherwise have devoted to posts here in the Consciousness Playground, which is why you haven’t heard anything new from me for awhile.)

The 6 Month Coaching Program has now wrapped up and I’m reviewing the feedback to write up in my PhD dissertation. The results are every bit as good as I could have hoped for.

Members have said things like:

“This feels like this is what I’ve been searching for since I was a kid.”

“I now know that I in control if I choose to be! With choice comes responsibility and with responsibility comes results.”

“Thanks to this group I am now at peace.”

“It is difficult to put into words just how important this class has been for me.”

“I am enough and everything I need I have with me right now.”

“I feel as though we got PROOF. Undeniable proof presented in Wendy’s research, that we really do make matter with our minds”.

It is satisfying that 98% of participants say they will also continue to use these tools in the future.

The underlying truth of this program (which quantum physics explains) is that WE ARE ONE WITH EACH OTHER AND WITH EVERYTHING.

Understanding this truth as an idea is one thing, but LIVING IT as your daily experience moment-by-moment is truly life-changing.

Understanding that you and I are ‘one’ makes me want to freely share The 6 Month Coaching Program materials, all 30 Shifts, with you if you want to use my work for your own personal growth and transformation. Our bodies and minds are perfectly designed to feel whole and integrated with life – free of stress and striving and effort to achieve – once we know how to use their innate capacities in an integrated way. These 30 Shifts show you how to do that.

Soon, the 6 Month Coaching Program will be released here… for free.

So soon, (probably June), I’ll release Shift #1 of the 6 Month Coaching Group right here in the Consciousness Playground. Then, two weeks later Shift #2 will appear right here too.

Each next Shift will follow on the first and third Friday of each month. The whole program will be released over a digestible and manageable 15 month span to allow you time to take in, absorb and use each Shift before the next one appears.


If you’re a planner, you can start looking ahead to 15 months of my support in your life. If you have a family member, friend or neighbour who might enjoy upgrading their life too, suggest they sign up for my Newsletter (in the top right corner of this page) to get the notifications so they can take part too.




Participants in the 6 Month Coaching Program asked for live interaction and my personal help applying the 30 Shifts to their personal lives. They want for us to connect in real time to ask questions, practice the tools, and be coached in person on their most pressing issues.

So in June, I’ll simultaneous launch a private support group for those who want my help working through the 30 Shifts of the 6 Month Coaching Group. This Private Immersion Group will meet by video-conferencing twice a month (the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month) to discuss and work with the Shifts as they are released.

Members in the Private Immersion Group members will have me available for personal coaching and to witness as I coach others. The video-conferencing sessions will be recorded for those who can’t attend live. We will also have a private Facebook Group for ongoing interaction.

This Private Immersion Group will have a monthly fee which will follow the same formula I used for the 6 Month Coaching Group. Like before, there will be 3 optional monthly fees from which to choose based up your personal situation. Everyone who joins the Private Immersion Group will receive the same program, regardless of which monthly fee they choose.

So, that’s what’s been happening and what will be happening. I look forward to bringing this into the Consciousness Playground and to interacting here with you again. If you have questions, feel free to email me at wendy@wendydown.com

See you again here soon with more information and eventually, sign-up details for the Private Immersion Group.

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