Are you a result of your body, or is your body a result of you?

February 27, 2018

Hello again, friends. That’s me in the photo, left, eyeing the collection of quotes, concepts and images that will be woven into the PhD study I hope you’ll decide to become a part of. I spent this morning getting a handle on what exactly is required of my study and dissertation. Within 20 minutes, I’d […]

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Want a goal of yours to be in my PhD study?

January 26, 2018

Hey, you out there? I hope you are doing well since we last chatted here.  I’m writing because I’d love to reconnect with you again. And to help you reach a goal (or intention) that’s important to you right now. But first, how have you been?  What’s new? On my end, the short answer is […]

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The Pain Experiment; it’s time to celebrate!

December 20, 2016

Several months ago, we Consciouseers announced an experiment to observe pain change by changing your consciousness around it.   We invited you to predict how you’d know if the experiment worked here. You determined your candidacy for the experiment here and accepted the stand you’d need to take to take part. Then we all got down to business. A group of non-physical teachers […]

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Pain and Your Microbiome – Pain Experiment Post #11

December 13, 2016

Good day, experimenters. Today’s Pain Experiment post offers an ingenious twist on pain you won’t find anywhere else.   Can’t find anywhere else. ‘Cuz in addition to being a co-leader (Consciouseer) in this experiment, its author Rodney Dietert is a world authority in the burgeoning science of the human microbiome.  You might recall his last […]

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Pain as a Messenger – Pain Experiment Post #10

December 6, 2016

Hello!  Let’s carry on with The Pain Experiment. Today, co-leader Janice Dietert takes the helm, sharing her own story with pain, including recent pain.  May her honesty touch you and her words unlock something important in your own journey.  Enjoy! ***** PAIN AS MESSENGER I have to admit that I’ve struggled to write this article. The […]

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The Game of Pain

November 22, 2016

Hey ho, onward we go.  With the Pain Experiment, that is. Today’s post, #9 in our series of 12, comes from co-leader, Rodney Dietert. If you’re not familiar with Rodney from last year’s $3000 Experiment, read about his remarkable story here.) Over to you, Rodney. ***** It is such an honor to join my fellow […]

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The Elusive Gift of Pain

November 10, 2016

Hello, fellow pain experimenter! Today’s post, #8 in our Pain Experiment, comes from our co-leader down under, Ken Graydon.  Thus you’ll notice Australia highlighted in the image, left.   In fact, if you look closely, you might even see Ken waving hello… Ken’s post enhances all the material we’ve shared until now, so I know […]

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Feel Awareness Change the Pain – New Audio!

November 1, 2016

Greetings, friends!  I’m excited to share today’s post with you, #7 in our Pain Experiment. Because here, you’ll find a brand new recording I made for you called ‘Feel Awareness Change the Pain’.  It weaves together a number of the key concepts we’ve introduced so far in The Pain Experiment. And more importantly, in the recording, I […]

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Mind-Body, All the Same Thing

October 18, 2016

Hello again.  This week, fall has arrived at the Consciousness Playground office, and with it, today’s post,  #6 in our Pain Experiment series. Co-leader, Janice Dietert offers a lot to absorb and before you start, know that in our next post, I’ll share a new audio-recording I’ve made. It weaves together all the key concepts […]

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Chasing Pain

October 11, 2016

Ready to let The Pain Experiment continue challenging and changing your perception of pain?  Today, experiment co-leader, Janice Dietert, takes the reigns, in Post #5.  Enjoy! “Have you ever seen a dog on a scent trail? Bloodhounds are particularly good at this. They have the most acute sense of smell and can be as tenacious as […]

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