How to Quick Close the Gap Between You and A Goal

April 17, 2018

A common description of Life Coaching is, ‘it helps you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be‘. Life Coaching’s focus is on the future, which distinguishes it from therapy or counselling which often address the past. In my early coaching days, I helped my clients primarily through strategy and action.  “Your […]

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What Will the 6-Month Coaching Program Cost?

April 3, 2018

  The past week or two I’ve been happily reading and responding to the goals of people who want to join the 6-month coaching program I’m getting ready to launch. The range of topics is wide and I am flush with ideas for those who wish to take part. Today I thought I’d share some behind-the-scenes […]

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What If It Never Happens?! New Audio

March 27, 2018

Hello! Lately I’ve been talking about the 6 month coaching group I’m preparing to launch as part of my PhD in Integrative Medicine. My posts are meant to help you decide whether joining the program is likely to help you realize a particular goal in your life. In my last post, I invited you to […]

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What Goal Would Make your Heart Sing?

March 20, 2018

Hi again, fellow believer that life can always get better. I’ve been taking you behind-the-scenes of my upcoming 6-month coaching group that will also form my PhD research study. In my last two posts, here and here, I shared some snippets of theory that explains my coaching approach.  If you’re new to the idea that an […]

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You, Apples and a Quantum Physicist

March 6, 2018

This past summer I had the good fortune to spend an evening with Dr. Amit Goswami,  quantum physicist, prolific writer and teacher. His jam, to use my daughter’s term, is explaining the link between consciousness and physical reality using scientific principles.  He and I had been emailing back and forth about the mutually supportive connection […]

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Are you a result of your body, or is your body a result of you?

February 27, 2018

Hello again, friends. That’s me in the photo, left, eyeing the collection of quotes, concepts and images that will be woven into the PhD study I hope you’ll decide to become a part of. I spent this morning getting a handle on what exactly is required of my study and dissertation. Within 20 minutes, I’d […]

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Want a goal of yours to be in my PhD study?

January 26, 2018

Hey, you out there? I hope you are doing well since we last chatted here.  I’m writing because I’d love to reconnect with you again. And to help you reach a goal (or intention) that’s important to you right now. But first, how have you been?  What’s new? On my end, the short answer is […]

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The Pain Experiment; it’s time to celebrate!

December 20, 2016

Several months ago, we Consciouseers announced an experiment to observe pain change by changing your consciousness around it.   We invited you to predict how you’d know if the experiment worked here. You determined your candidacy for the experiment here and accepted the stand you’d need to take to take part. Then we all got down to business. A group of non-physical teachers […]

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Pain and Your Microbiome – Pain Experiment Post #11

December 13, 2016

Good day, experimenters. Today’s Pain Experiment post offers an ingenious twist on pain you won’t find anywhere else.   Can’t find anywhere else. ‘Cuz in addition to being a co-leader (Consciouseer) in this experiment, its author Rodney Dietert is a world authority in the burgeoning science of the human microbiome.  You might recall his last […]

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Pain as a Messenger – Pain Experiment Post #10

December 6, 2016

Hello!  Let’s carry on with The Pain Experiment. Today, co-leader Janice Dietert takes the helm, sharing her own story with pain, including recent pain.  May her honesty touch you and her words unlock something important in your own journey.  Enjoy! ***** PAIN AS MESSENGER I have to admit that I’ve struggled to write this article. The […]

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