Body Misbehavin’? Do the Spaceman!

by Wendy Down on September 20, 2013

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Gosh, it’s an exciting year to be a consciousness pioneer!

When I first started creating experiments demonstrating the link between your inner world and outer experiences/body, it was a somewhat isolated affair.

Today, a little book of experiments similar to mine is topping the New York Times Best-Seller list.   (I wrote about it’s author – ma’ soul sister Pam Grout – and her wonderful little book, E Squared, here.)

Apparently a lot of people are ready – and hungry – to see the impact their consciousness has on the events and circumstances of their lives!

Naturally, this delights me.

About 5 years ago it didn’t seem reasonable or rational that I was devoting large chunks of my time and energy to create ‘thought experiments’ to shift your ‘inner world’ followed by observable change in your ‘outer world’.

Yet week after week, I’d get another new idea and excitedly make yet another new recording guiding listeners through a specific ‘internal shift’ related to an external event or result.  Get them transcribed too.

But as I see the 2013 wave of interest in consciousness work starting to crest, I’m amazed to realized that over the past 5 years, I’ve happily created and slowly amassed a library of some 248 audio-experiments!  

Each one carefully demonstrating the influence of your consciousness on your reality – and your body.

And that feels great, because should the audience currently devouring Pam’s 9 simple experiments want to take on to heftier challenges, maybe they’ll coming looking for me?

And I’m soooo ready.

It also feels great that many more people are reporting their observations that things are ‘shifting’ more easily and gracefully than they used to.  (Makes sense since really, there’s only one of us here.)

I’m amazed at the speed with which many of my private clients now make quantum leaps.

And ha! As I typed that last sentence, my inbox ‘pinged’ with words of amazed feedback from a woman whom my Remote Session partner, Ken Graydon, and I worked with recently.  Snippets of what she said:

“… changes are happening and I’m not doing anything – just noticing and welcoming.   … I have taken in more money the past couple of weeks than ever before.  … I was shocked and very pleased…”

There’s a growing wave of interest in understanding the primary role our consciousness plays in the details of our lives.

That’s why it’s time I launch on October 1, as a new e-program, the Quantum Body Sculpting materials I created awhile back.  Next week, I promise to share the details of exactly how that 100-day online program will work. (I’m receiving your questions about this and am thankful for your interest!).

Today though, let me suggest a delightful, specific way to prepare and practice for Quantum Body Sculpting.

The other day I offered you this new audio-recording to experience a completely different relationship than you’ve ever had to an existing problem.   I called it ‘Doing the Spaceman’.

My suggestion is that, today, you ‘do the Spaceman’ with a particular ‘misbehaving’ aspect of your body.

Perhaps a specific part of your body isn’t feeling, functioning or looking the way you’d like.

It aches, it has ‘history’.

Maybe it just looks unattractive to your eyes.

Using the instructions in the Spaceman audio-recording, encourage the feelings you have about this body situation to arise in you and then, following my guidance, do the Spaceman on them.

Once you break free of the gravity of the thoughts and feelings you have about that aspect of your body, linger there in outer/inner space for quite awhile.

In fact, if you linger far enough out for long enough, you’ll notice the way you felt and thought before has evaporated.  You won’t be able to even return to the forcefield you intentionally escaped.

And that’s when things will get very, very interesting for you.

(Do tell what you notice! That’s what the ‘comments’ section at the bottom of this post is for.)

Doing the Spaceman on a bothersome aspect of your body will give you a good taste of what the 100-day Quantum Body Sculpting Program will be like and whether that program is for you.

And before I leave you for the call of the weekend – a teaser!

Next Friday, Sept 27th, I’ll share the story of a woman – Pat – who has explored consciousness alongside me (and you!) for the past several years.  She’s diligently applied recordings like my Future of Aging series and Youthening and Quantum Basics 101 Program to her life and body and experienced wonderful progress, growth and results.

Pat has agreed to share her journey – and her excitement – with you.   At an age that will surprise you when you hear it, she looks and feels fabulous and I can’t wait for you to hear what she wants to say to you.

See you next Friday!

But first, go do the Spaceman on that misbehavin’ aspect of your body now. I’ll be right there with you. 🙂







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