Can You Convert A Bad Feeling Into a Good Outcome?

by Wendy Down on June 1, 2018

I hope the 6 Month Coaching Program feels as relaxation and rejuvenating to you as my kids are in this photo.

Hello!  I’m freshly returned from two weeks in Austria, Czechia and Germany. This sun-drenched photo of my kids relaxing captures the feeling of that trip. Haley, left, and Nick, right, sat in those comfy chairs for hours, sipping tea and reading lazily.

I hope the 6-month Coaching Program I’m launching on Friday, June 8 will be every bit as nourishing and enjoyable. It’s my intention that you feel as relaxed, un-pressured and rejuvenated by that program as my kids do in the photo, even as you move towards the goal or intention you’ll be bringing if you join.

To set the tone for that, below is a new recording. It demonstrate how, through quiet, relaxed inner focus, your body will turn an uncomfortable feeling about a current problem or dilemma in your life into the fuel of its resolution.  And more.

If, today, you’re feeling stressed or pressured about anything in your life at all, this recording will help you witness that bad feeling turning into a good outcome.

Experiencing this phenomenon for yourself highlights the quantum connection that exists between you and every situation you experience. By quantum, I’m referring to the relationship that exists between you and that situation in the form of waveforms. As humans, we are equipped to interpret waveforms of that quantum-level connection to situations as emotion.

In the case of a stressful situation, you would perceive the waveforms of your connection to that situation as the emotion you feel about the stressful situation.  

All of our sensory receptors read waveforms.  Our eyes, our ears, our tastebuds each perceive the waveforms that fall into their particular ranges of perception and interpret them as color, sound and taste. Likewise, our emotional receptors read waveforms that exist in the range of emotional experiences.

Red looks different from blue because those waveforms or frequencies vibrate differently. Sadness feels different than joy because the waveforms of those emotions vibrate differently.  

(Side note: we have yet to label the tissue in our bodies that contain these emotional sensors. I have a theory that our fascia, our connective tissue, is involved.)

Let’s apply this concept to any stressful situation you have going on. When you think about that situation, a waveform of energy will be present that you will perceive as emotion.  Perhaps anger, fear, worry, embarrassment, overwhelm or a mix of energies.  One the quantum level, that emotional waveforms is the link between you and the situation.

An amazing thing happens when you think of that link or connection from a quantum perspective because perceived that way, one thing is not separate from another.  Weirdly, this means you are not separate from the situation.

This is inconceivable to wrap your mind around but nonetheless true. You, the emotion and the situation are one reverberating field of vibrating waves perceived by your consciousness. By your left brain as particles (things); by your right brain as waves. And your consciousness, through focus and intention, can alter the wave pattern of that entire field.

Easily, in fact.

What that means is that by applying intention and focus, your consciousness can alter the vibrations of those waveforms. As this occurs, your emotional sensors will perceive this change as an improvement in the emotion. The negative charge of anger or fear will start to lessen and eventually become neutral or even positive. (This too is physics.) As the waveform you perceive as that emotion becomes more coherent, you’ll find yourself feeling less sad, less angry, more at peace and more calm.  With practice, your body will be able to do this in less and less time. Eventually within minutes.

As remarkable as that is, something even more mind-blowing is also true. From the quantum perspective, as your consciousness allows the waveform of the emotion to shift, it doesn’t only shift the emotion. Remember, that waveform includes you, the emotion and the situation; there, not three separate things but only one thing, one complex waveform.  I talked about this in a different way here.

Again. In quantum physics, no one thing is separate from any one other thing. So you can’t be alter an emotion without also altering the situation and yourself. On the level you are doing the altering, these three things are the same one thing.

This is inconceivable to our logical left brain which reads waveforms as ‘particles’ and therefore clearly distinguishes things as separate from another. This concept may also be perplexing if you have not yet experienced how easily your body can turn the vibration of anger, say, into calm neutrality.  (That’s what my In Deeper Process, demonstrated here and below, helps you discover though.)

In the 6 Month Coaching Group, we’ll apply this quantum concept and many more to the goal or intention of your choice. Imagine marinating yourself and a goal you have in this perspective for an entire 6 months.  If you join, you’ll try out the exercises I create, like the one below and then watch for the effects. If you’re new to all this (or a seasoned pro), you are in for a treat.

You, your goal, the program and me, all one complex waveform with the intention of improvement and change.

In summary, when we work with emotional energy, we are not just helping ourselves feel better about a situation. Rather, we harnesses the very forces of our atomic structure which can yield results that defy expectations.

You don’t have to understand all of this or even believe me because you can test it out for yourself. Listen to the recording below with the intention of gathering your own evidence.  If you listen with your whole focus, (no distractions!), I’ll guide you to address a present day unwanted situation in your life to pivot both you and the situation.  You may just discover that the waveform of today’s negative emotion is actually the vehicle through which to alter not only your experience of reality, but reality itself.

To play on your computer:

To play on your mobile device:

Let me know, below, what happens!

Also, here is the TRANSCRIPT of the recording. It is meant to supplement your work with the audio-recording and doesn’t replace the audio in terms of its benefits.

Ps. When I first started talking about the 6 Month Coaching Program here, I promised to share the some of material here for free so you could see what the program would be like and decide for yourself if its for you. This post fulfills that promise. As did this post here.

So if you’re on the fence about joining the program, try these out with the intention of gaining crystal clear clarity about whether to join or not.   And if you are, watch for a post next Friday, June 8 with the links for you to register.

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Amy June 5, 2018 at 3:07 pm

I’ve used this recording twice now and both times the energy of the emotion just dissolved. I am very much looking forward to your program😄 and having my desire become a reality. Thank you for creating and offering it.

Neva June 1, 2018 at 3:40 pm


This recording was potent for me. I saw (and felt) the most bizarre emotional energy pattern. It was thick and heavy and solid. It was also almost entirely on the right side of my neck, shoulder, and right side to below the waist. Then, the left side felt entirely empty except for another narrow pattern on the outside of the left arm.

During the exercise, I noticed the pattern widening out and moving into the empty left side areas. Also the strange pattern along the outside of my left arm became more diffuse. The pattern did not go away but it definitely softened, expanded and changed in density.

I plan to do the exercise again. Thank you for this. Very strong reactions in my body with this one.