Did You Find Us Here… or Did ‘Us’ Exist First?

by Wendy Down on April 16, 2013

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There’s nothing better than a sudden flash of insight.  Especially one that arrives early morning as I sip a steaming cup of coffee.  This morning I was enjoying Tully’s House Blend when it arrived.

My sudden realization was about the nature of the quantum-style work I’m doing with Ken Graydon (pictured below) in our new joint Remote Sessions.   I’ve spent the morning translating it into a simple new experiment in consciousness that’s short, sweet and packed with ‘pow’.

To access it you’ll play a special audio-recording that my Remote Session team-mate Ken, ( that’s ‘team-mite’ in Ken’s native Australian), has made for you.  Afterwards, you’ll watch for results.

You may have seen this blog post I wrote recently describing how our joint Remote Sessions are so completely different from anything I’ve ever experienced before.  Because the experience of ‘receiving’ them occurs not just for the person we’re working with, but for Ken and I too!

Today I suddenly understood more about why this is.

There’s a typical way we think about quantum entanglement.  The perception is that you, the individual, would meet Ken and I on the quantum level where our energy frequencies or vibrations would be ‘stepped up’.   We’d suddenly start to vibrate in tandem and in essence become a coherent blended new identity.  We know that access to this higher-vibrating consciousness triggers the healing or transformation that then unfolds.

But what if our perception of this has been upside down and backwards?

What if something much more beautiful, more orchestrated… and much easier is really going on? 

We think we’re individuals coming together for the first time.  But this is just how we see it from our perception of ‘separation’.

Oneness – or the Zero Point Field – is the source from which all ideas and expressions spring.  Originating in the unbroken whole, ideas are then expressed into ever-increasing degrees of separation.

In the step-down of consciousness from Oneness to our individual human selves, you and I aren’t separate individuals first.

Rather, the coherent blended relationship between us predates our expression into the form of individuals. 

We are a relationship first! 

Out of the energy of that relationship are our individual identities formed.

Your intention for rapid healing and body transformation originates in Oneness first.   Your desire to have a nicer nose (speaking of my own projections), or restore your failing eyesight or to be pain-free are not your intentions really, although we each experience them that way.

Your desires are actually wholeness’s desires experienced by you as an individual.   Those intentions filter through all levels of blended consciousness to finally reach your individual life and express themselves as situations in your life.    In the creation process, your intentions and mine show up last in the psyche of you and I.

Therefore, when we meet on the quantum level (like in a Remote Session and in Ken’s recording here today), we are simply raising our awareness above the illusion of separateness where we are already integrated in that pre-existing relationship.  The relationship out of which our intentions, and ourselves, were formed.  We’re not connecting in the quantum realm for the first time.  We’re going back to the place where those intentions came from.

This explains why there’s nothing we need to ‘do’ in a quantum event other than receive and allow.  It’s  already who we are.

Right now, I invite you to take this radically different perspective of the quantum-entangled state like you, Ken and I already exist in and apply it to your life.

Play Ken’s recording below with this thought in minde.

As you listen, sit or lie down and close your eyes.

As you hear Ken’s voice, feel for the familiarity in the gift that he is.

Sense the depth of presence, a familiar presence, resonating in his warm voice and soothing words.

Notice that he is confident about his offering.  Sense that he knows things you may not fully understand.  Sense him offering them through his very being.

You already are what Ken is offering.   

I’m going to say that again.

You already are what Ken’s is offering. 

Ready to re-experience that pre-existing relationship where your intentions are already known and answered?     If so, listen below!

[Side note: at the beginning of the recording Ken mentions 5 people and places significant to our meeting each other.  For your interest and ease of followup, I’ve added links to them below.]

Ken Graydon

Ken Graydon

To play Ken’s recording on your computer or download the mp3:

To play Ken’s recording on your mobile device:


To access the transcript of this recording, click here.

And when you’ve finished,  leave a comment below.

(Do you ever go back to read the very cool comments left on previous posts?  Like the last one.)


PS… as promised.   On the audio- recording, Ken mentions 5 people and places, significant in our shared histories.  For your convenience, find out more about them through these links:

*  Matrix Energetics (host of the Matrix Message Board where Ken and I – and maybe you! – met)

*  Thailand seminar for Organ Regeneration (which we attended in 2010)

*  Jaden Phoenix, (alchemist and author of Beyond Human)

* Wendy’s Youthening Program

* Joseph Pierce Farrell, (author of Manifesting Michelangelo)

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Toni Delgado April 23, 2013 at 10:29 pm

Hello Beloved Wendy and Ken,

As always Wendy, your words of awareness and wisdom sink deeply into my feeling body. Thank you for this illumined knowing. Ken, my pineal immediately lit up my whole head and that sensation is now traveling thru my body. Thank you for your gift.
I thank both of you for the gifts you are and for your generous spirits. We be blessed.

Young T.

john April 20, 2013 at 6:23 am

I got immediate goose bumps at the top of my spine. I listened to it again and the same thing happened a tingling in the neck area. Thanks Ken and Wendy.

Linda April 17, 2013 at 9:32 am

Wow, I got light headed (yummy feeling) as I perceived that Oneness space. Thank you Ken and Wendy…!

Amber April 17, 2013 at 4:01 am

I can feel you Ken… all spacious and loving ~ thank you for reminding me!! I’ll never forget when I first met you Ken and you touched me on the arm and said ‘Can you feel that’ ~ I was being flooded with love… you are a wizard indeed!

If anyone is holding back from having a healing with Ken and Wendy ~ DON’T ~ you get to bathe in the essence of your infinite self as well as having your intentions fulfilled.

I get so excited at what you both do because I know I am capable also. Inherently, we all are wizards!

nancy April 17, 2013 at 1:02 am

Thanks for the post! Interesting idea. I think as energy we all may have come from a different frontier, so to speak, before we came “here”, whatever here is.

I sure zonked out when Ken spoke and I touched my 3rd eye 🙂 Will keep you posted on that intention too…