The Big Brain Change Program: Do You See Your Goal and Results Like This?

by Wendy Down on October 16, 2020

You’re now almost at the end of this Big Brain Change Program and in our final post on Oct 30 you’ll be invited you to complete a Post-Program Questionnaire about what has happened for you here. The feedback from those who took this program last year as part of my PhD study were very illuminating and heart-warming; I look forward to having you add your voice and experience to theirs. (Including if you were part of that group and taking this for the second time now!).

Today’s post helps you begin to make sense of your experiences in the Big Brain Change Program and start formulating what you’ll say on your Post-Program Questionnaire. You’ve invested a lot of yourself in this program over the past months. Make sure you take time to really see how your investment has paid off so far!

The exercise will prove helpful to you because, like every aspect of this program, you’ll be invited you to understand what you’re taking away from this program from both perspectives of your amazing dual brain. (This is rare…)

left brain reads situations as fixed particles, right brain reads situations as fluid potentials.

As a reminder, the image above captures the two perspectives that our brains are giving us in every moment. Our left brains interpret situations (atoms) as separate particles whereas our right brain reads the same situations (atoms) as waves of energy, as potential. To our left brain, a situation is composed of facts to think about whereas to our right brain, a moment is energy to feel.

Our brains view us – ourselves – from both of these perspectives as well!

To your left brain, you are an individual moving amongst other objects. You appear clearly defined and limited by the parameters of space and time.

By stark contrast, your right brain recognizes you, not as separate from anything else but rather as consciousness itself intentionally shaping potential energy into form through your focus. You are the universe experiencing itself from a particular point of view. From that perspective, time and space exist within you and there is no rush, no danger, no wrong turn, no running out of time, no end. (side note: when we ‘die’, we fully assume the view our right brain broadcasts within us. The more we absorb this perspective now, the lighter, more joyful and freer we become in life.)

When you began this Big Brain Change Program you identified a certain goal or intention to focus on in this program. As you were choosing your goal back then, whether you were aware of it or not, your right brain was influencing that choice by how the options made you feel at the time. Your chosen goal tantalized you with the new ‘states of being’, the new ways of experiencing yourself and your life that it would stretch you into.

At the time, a whole-brain view of your goal might have included awareness of both aspects: a describable outcome (more money) and an appealing inner state you associated with it (more freedom, safety and wellbeing perhaps). You might have recognized your right brain perception as a feeling like, “Having X would be so exciting” or, “Reaching this goal would give me relief from my current situation.”

Let’s say your goal was to start a business. A dual perspective on that might have been, “By starting my own business, I’ll experience more freedom, personal satisfaction and fulfillment.”

Or a goal to change your body might have been, “If my body becomes X, I will have more self-confidence, feel better about myself and be at peace.”

Whatever your original goal was, embedded within it was the desire for the inner state of being that goal represented.

Your right brain doesn’t actually measure whether you are IN the physical situation you envision in your dreams; rather, it tracks how much you are experiencing the feelings you’d be having if you were living that intention.

To your left brain, having the money, the body, the partner, the business is the desired result. To your right brain, feeling the way you feel if that result happened is the desired result. In other words, your left brain measures progress by what you have while the right brain measures progress by who you’ve become.

Let’s apply this to you.

Do you remember your original goal? If so, write it down now. (This will help you be ready for the Post-Program Questionnaire too.)

Did your original goal include any personal qualities you wanted to develop, new perspectives you wanted to have or new states of being (feelings) you wanted to attain? If so, yay, your right brain helped you craft your original goal. If not, you can flesh that part out now.

To do that, ask yourself, “How did I imagine this goal would make me feel? What qualities or characteristics did I imagine experiencing and expressing by achieving this goal?”

Take a moment now and name three or four feelings, states of being or personal qualities that you imagined your original goal evoking in you.

In the Post-Program Questionnaire, you’ll be invited to reflect, left-brain style, on what has changed around you as a result of taking part in this program. Did you achieve the goal you set? Did your goal change or evolve? What place does that original goal or intention occupy in your life now?

You’ll also be invited to reflect, right-brain style, on what has changed within you as a result of taking this program. To help you prepare for that part of the Post-Program Questionnaire, consider these questions:

What was your most dominant emotional state when you began this program?

What is your most dominant emotional state now?

What new personal qualities have you developed during the time of this Big Brain Change Program?

What do you understand about yourself that you didn’t understand before?

How has your experience of daily life changed?

When you complete your Post-Program Questionnaire, you’ll have the option to remain anonymous if that would allow you to speak most freely. I’m truly curious about what you’ve received from this program and I don’t have an agenda about what that should be.

See you back here on October 30th for that opportunity to share your experience with me!

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