Explain How I’ll Get My $3000, Please?

by Wendy Down on December 5, 2014

Experiment co-leader, Rodney, smiling, "Count me in for the $3000 Experiment!"

Experiment co-leader, Rodney, smiling, “Count me in for the $3000 Experiment!”

In case you missed the announcement, the focus of our New Experiment has been decided.

We’ve chosen… a financial outcome.

Specifically, $3000 for each experiment participant.

The $3000 Experiment as it is now known, will launch Jan 1, 2015 and last 90 days until April 1, 2015.

What a great April Fool’s Joke it will be on any doubt you may have when you look back to discover… it worked!”

To help you realize your $3000, we’ll be sharing what we call ‘consciousness tools’.

Consciousness tools provide avenues to step outside the limitations of your existing relationship to a situation… and into astonishing new possibilities.  

These avenues will be handy if it doesn’t currently seem highly likely that $3000 is about to come to you unexpectedly.

To introduce you to the possibility that these consciousness tools will alter your experience of money, $3000 Experiment co-leader, Rodney Dietert, (smiling above) describe his own first major experience working with one…


“As one of the four partners in play, I am thrilled to describe a key consciousness concept that has transformed my life and career: Space Conditioning.

It was my first major consciousness tool. With this tool, I quickly went from dipping my toe in the consciousness pool to diving into a whole new reality game.  For the foundation behind it, I owe much gratitude to several consciousness mentors who instructed me in the how, when, and where of both personal ‘fields’ and space. As I mentioned earlier, a lengthy portion of my academic career was spent in a prolonged downward spiral that seemed destined to continue until my eventual retirement. But all changed in the blink of an eye once I figured out how to work with my ‘field’ in space.

From its title, this tool may sound to you like a home re-decoration tool and maybe that’s about right. But I can assure you that my version of home, office, classroom, conference room or meeting room redecoration involves far less work and much more play than most room makeovers.

You may not have given much thought to the space around you. But you may have sensed when you are in a supportive room or space or, in contrast, in a certain space where you feel uneasy.  

Did you know you can quite easily affect the space you move through or visit? It is all about your personal field in space.

So here goes….

As kids we use space creatively and openly. We can transform space (whether a corner of our room, a playground, the backyard, or the back seat of a car) into a game-playing arena of our choosing. That space is ours to command. It is not detrimental to others but rather supports our own entertainment, amusement, and enlightenment.

But….. something often happens when we grow up and are taught the “practicality” of space.

We often begin to see space as fixed and rigid when in reality, it IS massive potential.

Space Conditioning permeates everything I do. I use it in meetings, my research and teaching activities (e.g., lectures and workshop presentations), and other work-related projects. And with Space Conditioning, nothing is as it used to be at my work. Below is but one example of my use of Space Conditioning at a key point in my career.

My Most Important Talk Ever ……and I had nothing, or did I?

Have you ever dreamed you slept through a school final exam or showed up for an event where you were supposed to bring something critical to its success that you forgot to bring?

Well, that happened to me at the highest profile, most prestigious talk I had ever given in my career. It was a presentation at the Institute of Medicine, U.S. National Academy of Sciences (Washington, DC). Every scientist dreams of such opportunities.

Somehow I had misunderstood the program agenda and thought the 30 minute slot between the morning coffee break and lunch next to my name was to be an informal round table discussion in my area of expertise. No props and no preparation would be needed for this type of discussion.

Only when a colleague next to me and following me in the program opened his power point file and commented to me how he might need to reduce his 50-plus slides to just 30-40 slides for his talk did my error in thinking sink in.

“Wait, you mean we are expected to actually give a presentation and show slides!?” was my reaction.”

I had nothing prepared and just the 15 minute coffee break before ultimate professional embarrassment.

(And I needed that cup of coffee, oh how I needed coffee.)

What could I do? Well to start with I used my field to work on the space of the room. I decided it would be my game, my rules.  

What would happen would not be about what I said but rather the usefulness of what was heard.

Bunny earsI decided attendees would hear something personally useful regardless of what I did or said (even if I just stood up front and made shadow puppets with my hands pronouncing “this is a bunny rabbit” since I had no slides).

Once I made these decisions to ‘Condition the Space’, the pressure was off.

I found and grabbed three slides from a file I had on the laptop with me and quickly created two additional slides on the spot during the remaining eight minutes of the coffee break. These hastily-assembled slides were just a framework, nothing more.

I don’t remember exactly what I said only the reaction of a long-time colleague of 25-plus years who has heard me lecture many times.  

She rushed up afterwards proclaiming “that was absolutely the best talk I have ever heard you give!” and the very positive reactions of the others attendees supported her conclusion.

Really? How could that have happened?  

It happens with Space Conditioning.  That kind of outcome can happen to anyone, anywhere in any situation.  

When the $3000 Experiment launches, I’ll explain this consciousness tool in all the detail you’ll need to dramatically alter your field and condition your personal space regarding money.  I know you’ll find it useful!”


I know we will too.  And as we embark on the $3000 Experiment, Rodney will explain how to apply Space Conditioning to your finances.  (By the way, friends, this is the first time Rodney has ever described “Space Conditioning” although he and Janice introduced the idea of playing effectively with space in their 2013 book “Science Sifting”.)

See you back here next Friday.  And in the comments below, tell us about your experiences with consciousness tools.  When did you step outside the limitations of your existing relationship to a situation – and find yourself standing in a brand new possibility?

Let your story add to the momentum we’re creating here!

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Neri December 24, 2014 at 3:38 am

Both the experiment and space conditioning are full of possibilities to take us further than we are . I am also particularly interested . Have a wonderful Christmas everyone

Wendy Down December 12, 2014 at 3:05 pm

I loved reading all your stories and experiences, Neva, Toni, Amy, Stephen, Ed, Shoshana and Nancy. Thanks for sharing them!

Nancy December 6, 2014 at 5:42 pm

Wow. I have experienced this as a follower of a Unity minister in my area. Week after week his “sermon” would speak to me directly about whatever I was concerned about at home or work or with friends. If I was worried about my son or daughter, he’d tell a story about a child in a similar situation with a happy ending. My husband would experience a totally different “aha” focused on his major concern that week. Almost any one in the congregation we talked to felt he had been talking specifically to them about how to resolve their problems. We all marveled especially because he claimed that his message was totally spontaneous – that he never gave a prepared sermon.
Unfortunately he died a few years after we discovered him. We’ve missed him so, but happy now to discover his secret: Space Conditioning. And as an added bonus, how to duplicate it ourselves. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this.

shoshana caplin December 6, 2014 at 11:21 am

I’ve been using energy clearing, connected to my (and others’) astrology maps. I’ve found that I can concentrate on a particular house of the map, connected to a client’s or friend’s request for help, and also where I see I need help, and that clearing the energy is producing positive change. The change seems not to be restricted to only one area, but is also spreading to other houses of the map. It is very fascinating and wonderful to experience the change, both in myself and others. The space I use in the main is the map, but i can sense that the space is changing and expanding to include areas that i had not even thought of, but in retrospect have needed a shift. It seems also to help raise a person’s consciousness level.

Ed Hare December 6, 2014 at 9:10 am

This is all so true, because it has happened to me, even recently. I was giving a talk about radio antennas at a technical forum, and the speaker right before me gave a talk that covered every point I was going to make. The man did my talk, entirely by accident. As I sat there, I was scrambling for what changes I could make in expectations that would allow everyone to enjoy my talk, and still have it be something different from what he just said. Yes, I didn’t realize it at the time, but I did exactly what the author is describing. It works, because when I thought quickly of how to “fix” this and just opened up to how people could enjoy seeing the same presentation twice, it flowed just that way. It may not have been my best presentation ever, but opening up to the thought that this was not a disaster made it a fun talk for everyone, especially when we had a good laugh about the other presenter doing my talk. 🙂

Stephen Botka December 6, 2014 at 7:56 am

This sounds like a fun experiment. I am ready.

Amy December 5, 2014 at 10:00 pm

This sounds like is going to be lots of fun. Picking a specific amount of money, like you have, will be easy to identify if it manifests. I’m ready to play-in the playground.
I often play with my husband in the realm of possibilities. He is in real estate sales. There will be times when he is in a slump and wants some sales. I go to a place of nothingness in my mind and body and allow the first visual to pop in my mind. Once the visual comes to me I play with that until it tells me it is done. For example: In the past I saw my husband in his office and then puppies and kitties started raining from the sky- can’t remember how I played with it, but the result was several sales in one weekend. There are too many of these happenings to count on my fingers and toes, but I have not had the success with myself. So I am looking forward to learning Space Condition for my personal abundance.

Toni Delgado December 5, 2014 at 8:30 pm

Kelley and I totally loved this share Rodney…what you call Space Conditioning is what we call
Upgrading our Rule Sets for whatever container or space we occupy with clients or ourselves.
Rule Sets like “No matter what I say, it is useful, healing, transformational for me and others”. “No matter what I say, think or believe, The Field of All Possibilities is creating a great experience that will exceed expectations.” YaHOO!!! Thanks so much.

Young Toni and Young Kelley

Neva Howell December 5, 2014 at 5:47 pm

Oh, this was such a wonderful and timely reminder for me this morning. As an actor, I learned how to condition space a long time ago but that tool has gotten rather rusty. I used to go out on the stage before a performance and connect with every seat in the house, touch items all over the stage to say hello and then I’d stand on the stage at the end of the performance, seeing all these smiling, clapping, standing people. More often than not, when I remembered to condition the space (my way, of course, maybe not at all like Rodney would do it but the point is the value of doing it) that vision is exactly what I saw at the end of real performance. I’ve got several situations right in my face today where I can utilize this powerful consciousness tool and I don’t know that I would have thought to do it without this reminder. This group rocks already! I can’t wait to see what happens on January 1. Thanks again for inviting me Wendy! Neva