FEEL The Mechanisms of Quantum Body Sculpting Working In You!

by Wendy Down on February 22, 2013

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Hi again,

Insights are flowing my way, fast and furious these days, about HOW consciousness shapes, and reshapes, the body. I’m starting to have a working model of the mechanisms through which focussed awareness, free of force and effort, alters matter.

If I had words to easily explain, I would try. Yet more than words, experience itself has been my teacher so today I offer an experience for your own learning.

Briefly, most of my latest insights and experiences relate to using torsion fields, which are believed to be fields of information that are not energy, but instead are the source of energy… and subsequently, the source of matter.

Torsion fields describe the quantum spin of empty space, created by spinning atoms. Meaning, since you are made of atoms, you generate them! Torsion fields are not affected by distance and their influence extends beyond time and space. (Loose reference to Dr. Richard Bartlett’s The Physics of Miracles here.) They are believed to be the link that unexplains phenomenon like distance healing. They are what members of the Consciousness Playground Youthening Program tap into to get the results we see.

I recently came across an animated model that offers an excellent vehicle for me to convey to you HOW a torsion field feels when it interfaces with your body. To do the experiment I’ve set up for you, here’s what you need to understand.

By ‘dropping into my heart space’ with intention, I’ve created a torsion field to support your ability to shape your body through consciousness alone. It’s available to access wherever you are now. As you interact with it, it causes the electromagnetic fields in your body (chakras, for example) to start spinning in coherent alignment. This alignment then alters the physical body itself, either rapidly or over time.

What’s useful to you IN the torsion field is already known to the greater consciousness that you are. That consciousness actually drew your attention to this article and is reading it through your eyes right now!

It doesn’t matter one tiny bit that you and I don’t mentally know what the information is. And it doesn’t matter that you will experience something different with it than anyone else. Your consciousness custom-selects what’s right for you, right now. So no need to compare notes or stories.

To receive the aligning effect of this torsion field, click on this link and you’ll be taken to a website with animated images. (I didn’t create the images or write the text you see there. I’m just using the model because I suspect your body may unconsciously recognize and respond to it. I don’t actually understand all the text there myself, so you don’t have to either.)

The moving images may take a moment to load but wait! As you observe the sequence of moving images, just feel what happens in your body, without judging them.

You may recognize a familiar feeling of warmth in your chest. Or a soothing calmness may come over you that you can’t quite explain. You may feel woozy or ‘altered’. You may feel nothing much but later notice changes in how you feel, how you show up in life. Or how your life shows up for you.

If you let your body fully take in the moving images (rather than your mind struggling to understand them) you may feel a glimmer of recognition, way inside you, that suggests you are consciously awakening to the workings of your inner anatomy.

A necessary part of working on the quantum level is to trust that good things can come from out of the quantum soup even if your mind hasn’t mentally screened them first, through understanding, to know they are safe.

You might check to see if you’ve held back from full participation in this experiment, for example. If you have, breathe deep and do it again.

When you’ve done the experiment or some time after, feel free to let me know what you noticed!

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Kelley Elkins March 7, 2013 at 4:21 am

WOWEE — ZOWEE!! I am feeling so much right now…do not know if there are words to communicate…feeling blown out with a sense of communion…reverence, gratitude, enthusiasm…what will my youthening 2nd listen be like after this? And, what if everyone, dropped into their hearts with this same experience?…How would humanity use this for greater good?

Young T.

adriana February 26, 2013 at 10:39 pm

Hi Wendy
Thank you for creating this incredible adventure.
I did spend some time looking at the images.
I did not notice any physical or mental changes that I am aware of but I do feel like I have a deep unconscious connection to the images and they really are interesting.
I am going back right now to spend some more time with it.
Should I have an idea or goal in mind
I just looked at it and did not have any goals or ideas. Thank you so much

Magali February 22, 2013 at 11:43 pm

Woaw !!!….One more time, Wendy, this is so powerful for me !….I directly expand in a fabulous way, connecting to the images and energy !….
That is so delicious-sacred-playful-magical-moving and…….addictive :-p….
I really can feel the torsion fields spinning inside of me and they keep on going after I stop looking at the images…
I know that I am going to go for it every coming day and i feel so deeply exhilarated by it !
You didn’t mention for how long we should stayed in this experience, each time we go on the site…so I assume that we should just listen to our inner guidance ๐Ÿ™‚
THANK YOU Wendy โ™กโ™กโ™ก
PS : Does anyone looking at the images will get the possibility to feel “your” torsion field intention ?…Even if they don’t know about it, neither about you ?…Or do we have to get the information consciously to access it ? ๐Ÿ™‚

Linda February 22, 2013 at 9:36 pm

As I read this post, I felt an energy sensation in my middle. I used to call this “resistance” and then apply pure awareness, or feel for the space in between, etc., until it “dissolved”. More recently, with some Consciousness Playground recordings (many are in the Store) I have been playing with the idea that this is just undefined Energy, perhaps “more of me” than I have been previously accustomed to…so I sit with the sensation, and “receive” it and be-come the Higher vibration, the More Frequencies…of Me. As I clicked through to the animated visual, I also felt a second sensation on my left shoulder blade (angel on my shoulder) one that I equate with “integration”…and the sense that some still small part of me was watching very intently….and now a drop in body temperature, as both sensations harmonize or “ease” or “integrate”….will keep you posted! Feels yummy, and exciting, at the same time!

Wendy Down February 22, 2013 at 9:43 pm

Linda, you have developed such great body awareness and openness to feel whatever is there to be felt. Thanks for your example of how your consciousness interacted with itself in this exercise. Who knows what the results might be?