Hey Wendy, What’s With the Hair?

by Wendy Down on November 21, 2014

Rocking my 6th birthday hairdo with my brothers, Daryle, left, and David, right.  David won the potato race.

Rocking my 6th birthday hairdo with my brothers, Daryle, left, and David, right. David won the potato race.

Quick recap: A team of 4 consciousness pioneers is assembling here to set up a New Experiment for y’all.   You’ve met three of us so far: Janice Dietert, Ken Graydon and Rodney Dietert. Today, its my turn to share some of what I bring to the project.

I’ll use this photo, left, to explain the essence of what I was like for years.  Then I’ll describe an extraordinary event that changed me, much later, for the better.

That photo was taken the day before my 6th birthday.  As my birthday present, I’d begged for one thing: to have my hair done like my mom’s.  So you’ll notice the manifestation of my deepest desire sitting atop my head, carefully lacquered into place.  

(Irrelevant side note: the day after this photo, my coiffe was destroyed by a night of sleep.  Devastated that no one at my birthday party would see the gorgeousness captured in this photo,  my foul mood eventually erupted into a melt-down when I spied my mom unfairly helped my younger brother, David, win the potato-on-a-spoon race.  I was summarily dismissed from my own party and sent to my room, requiring me to stomp loudly to my room and throw myself on the bed in indignation.)

Under the hair, notice the serious and slightly worried expression on my face. That look captures the overall frame of mind I had every day until my late 30’s.

Skipping many formative life events, I grew up to become a serious, slightly-worried university lecturer devoted to all things scientific, analytical and ‘left brain’.  My professional responsibility was to teach Bachelor of Nursing students to rely on scientific data to assess any new information or idea.  The scientific method was my guru and I smugly derided any alternative approach to health care or the body that a curious student dared mention in my class.

A crack formed in my world view when, for some now-forgotten reason, I had a Reiki Session. The practitioner waved her hands a distance away and I witnessed undeniable changes in my body.  No scientific data I was aware of could explain this effect, yet it was very real.

(Side note: that day the woman also predicted I’d eventually make my living using an ‘audio-recording system that didn’t yet exist’.   I was 100% certain she was dead-wrong.   Today, almost 300 digitally-recorded lessons later, I marvel instead.)

In my late 30’s I started having extraordinary ‘mystical’ experiences that revealed wonderful truths about the nature of reality.  I’ll share just one today.

I was at a funeral of a friend’s mother when suddenly, inexplicably, I found myself aware of and communicating with the woman whose death we had gathered to mourn. As I interacted with her, I suddenly found myself using abilities I didn’t realize I had but which I instantly remembered as familiar and natural.

Through a visual sensing system completely different from our physical eyes, I saw the woman as a dazzling, luminous, highly intelligent and loving light that filled the upper third of the church.  Also astonishing but equally natural was they way we were communicating telepathically. By thinking a thought ‘to’ her, my meaning was communicated in its entirety, wordlessly.  She understood everything I intended and felt as completely as I did – with no misunderstanding on any level.  To this day, human language and words are unbearably cumbersome and incomplete in contrast.

I could feel everything she felt, which turned out to be infinitely ‘evolved’ from her, and almost every, human personality.  She was carefree, joy-filled, unconditionally loving, non-judgmental and possessed deep wisdom and compassion.  One aspect of her demeanour I found baffling at the time was that she was fully attuned to the suffering of her loved ones but felt no sadness whatsoever for their emotional distress.  It seemed she understood a higher truth that explained this beyond my understanding.  (I came to understand the reason for this and will explain in a future post.  It also explains why we can influence each other at a distance, like by working remotely, say.)

During the half-hour of our interaction, I simultaneously experienced both the ‘human reality of the funeral’ and ‘the even-more-real reality beyond the human experience’. I remembered her reality as our natural state and the one we experience fully when we leave the limitation of our human bodies.  It was like waking up from a dream.

Seeing her immense light and beauty while also looking at her casket I wondered, “How did she ever squeeze all of herself into that tiny body!?  It must feel so wonderful to be out!”   (Obvious fact:  You and I too are magnificent beings of light squeezed into our human personality and lives for awhile.  Then, wahoo!)

One part of me wanted to yell, “Check this out, everyone!  She’s right here and she’s more way alive and happy than ever!”  But I watched her gently touch the shoulder of each person there and saw no flicker of recognition register on a single face and knew the truth would only come across as inappropriate and, probably, insane.

I understood that the higher state of  ‘all-is-well-ness’ she was modelling is accessible to us in any situation we are in even now.  We can learn to be wise, loving, non-judgemental and carefree in any situation, no matter how dire. Because that’s who we really are.

Afterward that day, it became my aim to achieve this ‘higher’ state of being in my daily life.  I discovered effective techniques (shared in many of my recordings and programs) that erase learned human responses like worry, blame, fear, etc.   As a result, many of those standard human feelings are now distant memories for me.

I know I’m not fundamentally human, so I’m not required to respond like one.  If any of my future hairstyles or desires are destroyed, I won’t be devastated nor sent to my bedroom for bad behaviour.   And if so, I’d probably chuckle my way down the hall.

A great permanent gift I received that day was the ability to perceive the ‘more evolved presence’ of everyone else too.  I perceive both the human person being lost to the grip of a human dilemma as their ‘higher self’ stands alongside – light-hearted, unconcerned, loving, wise and carefree.   As a result, I walk a fine line between being sympathetic to a person’s human experience while also basking in the light-heartedness of their higher self who always says,

“Everything turns out fine here. You can go run with a potato on a spoon.”

This ability has proved infinitely practical and useful in my private work and online programs, where I can use my dual awareness to help clients bridge the gap between the experience their human self and their ‘higher self’ on any topic they bring.

I recently worked, for example, with a man, terrified of hospitals, illness and dying, who had end-stage cancer.   Through a series of private sessions, it was a great personal triumph for him to realize a stable position of deep peace, contentment, joy and freedom, exactly like his higher self had been radiating all along.  As his body declined he became more alive. So when he transitioned to a full experience of that higher self at his death, the difference wouldn’t have been much of a shock, I tell ya’.

I am suddenly realizing this is becoming a very long post so I’m going to end it abruptly right here with the promise to share more later.

Let the take-away be that you are infinitely more than your human self knows you to be. That  ‘more of you’ is also right here in every situation with you willing to be brought into full expression in ways that will astonish you.   That’s why, in this New Experiment we want want to invite it out to dazzle and amuse and amaze you!

See you back here on Tuesday, Dec 2 with a new post related to the free New Experiment that the 4 of us leaders are cooking up.

It just keeps getting better from here!

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Wendy Down December 18, 2014 at 7:44 pm

Your comments mean a lot. Thanks everyone!

Donna Anderson December 3, 2014 at 1:24 am

Wendy, this is very interesting and exciting. I look forward to being a part of the experiment.

Sai November 27, 2014 at 4:14 pm

Hi Wendy, this sounds so exciting. I just subscribed to the newsletter so that I can be a part of this experiment.

If you are still accepting suggestions, then I’d want to suggest: health (as I have some health issues). Maybe it’s too broad to be a common goal for everyone but if each one can monitor their own health problem related “measurement”, maybe it can become a measurable goal. If not that, teeth regeneration/healing sounds great. I have a bad teeth that the dentist wants to pull out, it’ll be great if it becomes all right and I get to keep it 🙂

Christine November 22, 2014 at 12:57 am

Wonderful stuff ! This explains why I feel so “foreign” in my own body most of the time, it’s not that I don’t like my body I love it, it’s so strong and wise . But I feel almost detained in there. Except when I meditate and can expand as much as I want , he he .
Good stuff Wendy cant wait to hear some more.

Nancy November 22, 2014 at 12:15 am

Sounds fascinating!

Elizabeth November 21, 2014 at 7:43 pm

Really cannot wait to see what you’re up to!! I feel always so happy and blessed to be in connection with you, Wendy – you are the future that is already here, that stuff we know but don’t quite know….the support you offer is so welcome and appreciated!

Brenda November 21, 2014 at 6:58 pm

Just loved the story and can’t wait for the experiment to begin!

Natasha November 21, 2014 at 6:01 pm

Wendy, did you ever share this story, this progression, these realizations before and I just missed it? This was so beautiful (and fun 🙂 to read. I look forward a great deal to what you are cooking up on this basis. It’s really wonderful to have you back in my mailbox!

Karin Rozell November 21, 2014 at 5:29 pm

Loved this!

Amy Hillenbrand November 21, 2014 at 5:04 pm

OH Wendy, I loved reading your story. What a beautiful beautiful experience you had at the funeral. And… what a beautiful gift the woman gave you or helped you get in touch with, I should say. I have always felt your ability to feel and see others true essence. The hairdo story is priceless, gives me a giggle to think of little-pouty Wendy. Yet, it is hard to believe that you walked around in that state of mind all those years. It just seems unfathomable knowing you now. So excited about this experiment. The combination of the four powerful knowings. Can’t wait, can’t wait! One more thing, it was great to read this right before I have my family for Thanksgiving for eight solid days. I will use this post as a reminder to see their higher-self during their stay. 🙂

Pat Jessen November 21, 2014 at 4:50 pm

Wow, Wendy. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of yourself. This made a huge impression on me. Thank you again.

Ron November 21, 2014 at 4:48 pm

Love it, and the potential of the future starting on Dec 2. Like you, I spent much of my life in left brain. Matrix Energetics opened my mind to who I was, and I now want to spread myself far and wide. Ron

Neva November 21, 2014 at 4:40 pm

Oh, Wendy, I wanted to hug that worried little girl. She reminded me SO much of me at that age. My “story” would be different but that look, I well understand. Your radiant, free smile today is like a “get out of jail” sign to anyone who still tarries in the worry world. I admit I still do and yet, wow, am I glad that little girl in me smiles a lot more than she frowns these days! Thank you for such a raw and honest sharing. I also resonated deeply with this that you said about language:

“To this day, human language and words are unbearably cumbersome and incomplete in contrast.”

I think you just helped me see why the need to be clear with words has always been so strong in me; they are so inadequate and yet, it is the main medium in current communication models.