How Does Money Make You Feel?

by Wendy Down on March 3, 2015

How does a small amount of money make you feel?

Does your money appreciate in value if you appreciate it more?

Hope you enjoyed your week break from The $3000 Experiment.  I can’t believe in just one month, on April 1, we’ll be winding up!

To recap the the experimental process so far, you set up your Transformational Space and did your best to leave it with the responsibility for your results.

But since life probably taught you,“You can’t be blessed just because you exist!  You have to effort to earn,” you may have struggled to trust that unexpectedly good things can spontaneously happen to you.

So we’ve offered stories (like this one) and processes (like this one and this one) and examples like this one) to help you.  

Speaking of helpfulness, watch for Friday’s post, because in it, Experiment Co-leaders Janice and Rodney Dietert describe the unexpected $35,000 windfall they just received.  And what they want to say about it to support you in your experiment.

Today’s post reveals the impact on your $3000 Experiment of how you feel about the money you already have. 

The statement that best reveals that, (and I wish I knew who said it first), is:

“We don’t get more of what we want.   We get more of what we appreciate.”

I repeat…

“We don’t get more of what we want.   We get more of what we appreciate.”

Let’s bring that concept home with the question,“During this $3000 Experiment, have you mostly been wanting money?  Or have you mostly been appreciating money?”

Those 2 points of view manifest in dramatically different physical forms, so its a question worth answering.

You might know the answer instinctively, but if not, its actually easy to find out because when you want money, your body ‘manifests’  that vibe in a classic way. Whereas, when you appreciate money, what shows up is dramatically and recognizably different. Use the following short lesson in emotional, vibrational, self-awareness to discover this for yourself.


Say the phrase, “I want more money,” 7 or 8 times slowly.   [Hint: If you repeat that phrase out loud, your body will manifest the related emotion more strongly and quickly.]

As you repeat, “I want more money”, the tone or expression of that phrase will start to reverberate in your body.  It will create its characteristic feeling… its trademark energy… in your emotional system.

The vibe of, “I want more money,” will gradually manifest into its first form, physically, as emotion in your body.

The longer you consciously repeat the phrase, the more of it will manifest – into a stronger and more complex physical sensation.

How does the emotion of “I want more money” feel to you?

Does it feel uncomfortable?  As though something is absent or incomplete?  Perhaps the feeling is a yearning or longing.  One which, if you focus on it long enough, will deepen into qualities like anger and helplessness.   And an actual physical sensation, a tightness or hardness, will start to develop in a location you can physically point to in your body.

When you want money, what you are vibing, broadcasting, is its absence.  And that absence rolls out from you, as the centre of your own universe, into real tangible expressions in physical form. Starting with the unpleasant emotions it generates in your body.


Now lets move on to the flip side, which happens to be the big take-away from this post.

Take a big breath, shake your shoulders and be willing to shift gears 180 degrees.

Shifting emotional states is not easy at first. (Yet this is exactly what the artist did in this video that demonstrated her emotions altering physical matter. Remember?)

After all, you just intentionally built something tangible in your body and, exactly like when you want to turn a corner in your car, you need to let the momentum of that object slow down first.

Emotions are objects and when they get in motion, they follow the same laws of physics as other objects. (Note to self: gosh, would that make a great post for another day…)

If you’re ready to manifest something dramatically different from the emotion of wanting, take 3 more big breaths… and think of something in your life that is easy to appreciate.

Maybe its a person you are so glad to know.  Maybe its the comfort of a piece of clothing you are wearing.  Or the delicious taste of the last drink you really enjoyed.

Once you find something easy to appreciate, keep your attention there…on it… savoring and appreciating that person or thing as much as you can right now. [Hint: Speaking your words of appreciation out loud will increase the manifestation of emotion. Very cool, that.]

Notice what happens in your body when you feel appreciation.   As you stay there, enjoying it for awhile longer, you’ll start to notice the characteristic feeling of appreciation – its trademark energy – manifesting into expression. Again, the first form it takes is the form of emotion in your body.

What does that appreciation feel like?

It may feel delicious and warm.

You might describe it as a sensation that fills you up. The longer you keep your attention there savoring whatever you are appreciating right now, the more fullness and warmth you’ll feel. If you enjoy and savor it long enough, you’ll even discover that problems and worries start to fade in relative importance.

When you are appreciating something, you are manifesting its presence.  Take your finger now and point to the place in your body where that presence is taking form.

Do you recognize the night-and-day difference between this – appreciation – and the ‘wanting’ vibe you were focused on before?

Assuming so, let’s revisit our key statement of today,

“We don’t get more of what we want. We get more of what we appreciate.”

Based on the exercise in manifesting emotion that you just did, how often and how consciously do you feel real appreciation for the money you have in your life?

Have you mainly been wanting money?  Or have you mainly been appreciating money?

What we focus on manifests.  First, into emotion and then, into denser forms as physical situations and actual things.  The reliability of this has been proven to me over and over again. (In freakishly-astonishing ways like the ceiling story I told you about recently.)

What do you suppose could happen – what would manifest beyond the emotion in your body –  if you were to consciously and regularly appreciate the money you have?  

Heck, this concept is so literal that when we put money into an environment that lets it grow simply by being there, what do we say is happening?  We say that money is… appreciating.

What if it turns out you are the environment that allows your money to appreciate simply because  you. appreciate. it.  And is it worth putting in the time and focus to find out?

Let us know!

We’ll see you back here on Friday with Janice and Rodney’s $3000, no $30,000 story to learn from 🙂

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Laure March 11, 2015 at 1:12 am

Dear Experimenters;
My cooking station for the $3,000. experiment had already yielded an unexpected $400. shortly after I set up the cooking station. THEN… today’s mail came a notice that I was owed $980. by a health insurance company for which I’m a mental health provider. The money was called “unclaimed property” that was for services I had provided to several clients between 2010-2011!
Now I’m a very careful bookkeeper, but they are right – this is $ that somehow didn’t make it to me then that I didn’t realize that I was missing. WOW! This is such amazing PLAY.
Thank you to all the founders of this project/experiment for sharing your wisdom and for all of you who are playing along with me.
In gratitude, laure

Pat March 9, 2015 at 9:28 pm

Wow. What a different way to look at things. I’ve been secretly fretting because so far I’ve only manifested a dime in cash…and, of course, the recordings and sharing of time, talent and wisdom from the four consciouseers. Feeling gratitude feels good.

Fern March 5, 2015 at 5:19 pm

Building on Lisa’s post. This has been exactly me as well.

Yesterday I wrote out a list of affirmations celebrating and expressing gratitude for money. Last night I woke from a sound sleep at 2:00 am. (Full moon energy?) I was laying there wide awake, when the words “Money is a necessary evil” popped into my head. That had to have been an old programmed belief that just surfaced. I then went searching for more, and came up with “Money is the root of all evil” and “Entrepreneur’s are greedy people who make their money on the backs of others”. Greed!!!! Evil!!!! WOW!!!!!! I wrapped these thoughts in gold light, and released them. My energy feels much lighter and freer today. Thank you Wendy, and others for running this experiment and a thank you to all that have contributed your comments.

Lisa March 5, 2015 at 2:22 pm

This is so powerful to me! In my life, I find that I appreciate almost everything EXCEPT money! Im not sure if it was how I was raised, or something I’ve simply overlooked -I’ve appreciated the work that continues to come our way even without formal advertising, I appreciate the people in my life and have been a welcome recipient to so many blessings from others (especially the wisdom from this experiment!), but somehow, I overlooked the appreciation of money! I’ve spent so much wasted time “wanting” money, but now I will change this negative feeling of “want” into the positive feelings of “thankfulness” and “gain” and “growth”!
Thank you so much Wendy and all!

Shirley March 4, 2015 at 3:48 am

I was not able to start the experiment until February. It was a good thing that I started late because I was able to see the messages about not just looking for cash, but counting savings of various things. Right off the bat, I received a notice that I could save $10 a month on my cell phone bill (so annual $120). After that an unexpected refund arrived. Due to a recall on my vehicle, I then received repayment of repairs made prior to the recall. Next we received a vehicle as a gift (value $17,000) plus we sold the old vehicle for $400. So my grand total so far is almost $18,000!!! And my 90 days goes until 5/1. I have added another zero to my experiment, which is now $30,000! So how could another $12,000 show up before 5/1? I am so grateful.

Nancy March 4, 2015 at 2:56 am

Cool. I always thank the universe too when anything good happens….

Janice March 3, 2015 at 8:15 pm

I love this post. It’s a wonderful exercise in feeling states and recognizing that they both bleed into the physical world AND that you’re in charge of them. Recognizing that I was in charge of how I was feeling about something was one of the hardest things I had to learn. Wayne Dyer’s book “You See it When you Believe It,” was might start on this path and I just didn’t believe you had to change your perspective or even could in order to receive something physically. Then I had several people who were Buddhist tell me I had control over my thoughts and emotions. To someone having panic attacks, that was like telling a drowning person they could learn to swim in the moment. But both Wayne Dyer and my Buddhist friends were correct, and I learned to believe in order to receive and to take charge of how I thought and felt (which BTW is still a work in progress).

Wendy Down March 4, 2015 at 12:13 am

Janice, you must have quickly become a very committed student of learning to change your perspective in order to receive things! Can’t wait to share your latest news, in detail, with everyone on Friday.

barb Glover March 3, 2015 at 8:03 pm

Wendy, soooooo much in this post resonates with me. Where to begin?? – —
First, ever since you have known me, I have wanted more money. I have received buckets full, and yet, without any guilt, worry or frustration, I continue to desire more. My energy, or my frequency, however, is DEFINiTELY vibrating in the zone of allowing the abundance to rain down up one me. You taught me in the beginning to believe in The Field of Pure POTENTIAL, and that the Universe, of which I’m a part, has “got my back”. I’m sharing this because I know how important it is to lock into that belief. I haven’t had a single client in months, and yet, I consider myself the embodiment of the energy that creates reality, fabulously or so-so, and therefore I sit and bask, I read supportive books and surround myself with an environment that buoys me. I sometimes experience less than optimal challenges, but they are “just old, neutral energy” and NOT what I believe worth of my attention. Isn’t that what you mean when you just typed, “What if YOU are the environment that lets “xxxxxxx”? It’s truth.
My proof? Since beginning this experiment, I’ve been given the free roast beef already mentioned, been given an unexpected $39K dividend, and in a nod to Ken Graydon’s book, which I used to expand my travel horizons with optimal results (I was hoping that my daughter would be able to orchestrate time off to accompany me to France) – not only did that magically line up last week, but the day after that good news, my husband and I received an invitation out of the blue to attend a wedding in South Africa this August. (Thank you, Ken!). The man who is marrying our friend turns out to be one of the premier safari leaders in the region and we will be guided on a safari experience that will be out of this world! Like I always say to you, with a glimmer in my eye, “Can this shit GET any better?!!” The answer, of course is a wink and a nod.

Wendy Down March 4, 2015 at 12:10 am

So clearly, Barb, you model what its like to love and accept money without apology. You are a great teacher of that for all who know you, including me. Thank you for being you. And congratulations on the latest great developments too!

Caroline March 3, 2015 at 7:58 pm

Wow! What a difference!


Love ❤️

Wendy Down March 4, 2015 at 12:04 am

Truly remarkable, isn’t it Caroline? And you can only know it by doing it. Understanding the concept mentally doesn’t reveal anything!

Grace March 3, 2015 at 5:14 pm

“Maybe its a person you are so glad to know.” 3 guesses who I picked. Okay, now go give those other 2 to someone else who might need them.
Smiling big in appreciation,

Wendy Down March 4, 2015 at 12:03 am

Oh Grace, it hadn’t occurred to me that someone would use us as their focus of appreciation, it feels so lovely. Thank you.