How It FEELS To Sculpt Your Own Flesh (in 10 minutes!)

by Wendy Down on October 4, 2013

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You’re back!?  Wonderful.  Me too 🙂

About 10 years ago, a large insurance company hired me to be their company Life Coach.  Along with delivering live seminars and writing newsletters, I offered private, one-to-one Life Coaching to their, get this, 8,000 employees.  (Pretty progressive company, huh?)

There was a challenge, however.

Each employee’s coaching session was limited to 15 minutes. And each employee could call in only once on the company’s dime.

Needless to say, I learned to find and resolve  the core of an issue really, really fast.

I was reminded of the joy of that intense, time-limited focus as I sat down to write today’s Consciousness Playground article.

I asked myself, “If I had only 15 minutes to get to the core with you today, how would I spend that time?

And, instantly, I knew.

Lately, as you know, we’ve been exploring how to reshape our bodies (and lives) with consciousness alone.

And few days ago, I opened up registrations for the 100-day online Quantum Body Sculpting Program.  (You can join us in there at any time, by the way. The program begins any day you sign up and unfolds over the next 100 days after that.)

We reshape our bodies, (emotions, health and life…)  by experiencing them in non-ordinary ways.  And maintaining that non-ordinary experience persistently enough for it to become… ordinary.

Makes sense, right?  To do something you didn’t know you could do, you have to go somewhere you’ve never gone.

The core of Quantum Body Sculpting is this:  

Your body is the expression – the feeling – of love in physical form.

And if you aren’t experiencing your body in that way pretty routinely, there’s tons of quantum leap type potential waiting there to be unleashed.

And your body knows it.

So if I had only 10 more minutes of your time today (because by now you’ve already spent 5 minutes reading this) I’d devote those 10 minutes to giving you a direct experience of your body as love itself.

I would show you where to go in yourself to sculpt your own flesh.

Point out what it feels like to do that.

And so I’ve got a 10-minute recording for you that does exactly that!

I posted it a few weeks ago on this page here.  And I added the transcript of the recording there too.

So if you want to get to the core of what it feels like to sculpt your own flesh, click on this link and scroll down to find that recording.

(It’s at no cost and available to you… and all your friends too.)

Spending the next 10 minutes feeling your body as love itself will change you.  And your body too.

Learning to spend all of your time there?

Well, that’s what I made the Quantum Body Sculpting Program for.

When ‘my body is love’ becomes your familiar, normal state of being, Quantum Body Sculpting becomes easy.

It’s learning to hang out in that ‘vibe’ all the time that takes the practice.

And that’s your 15 minutes on the company dime for today.

See you back here on Tuesday, October 15 for another focussed trip into the untapped magic of you.  I can’t wait.

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Dong October 6, 2013 at 12:34 am

Hey Wendy,

I google’d “hypnosis facial structure” and found a matrix energetics forum thread and started reading it when I came across your post on there “I’m calling it Body Sculpting and its become my main focus in consciousness right now :-)” and it brought a smile to my face.

Wendy Down November 5, 2013 at 9:09 pm

And now you’ve brought a smile to mine too, Dong 🙂