What Kristin’s Changing Scar Demonstrates About Quantum Reality

by Wendy Down on June 4, 2013

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The other day, my young friend, Kristin, and I (left) decided to play in consciousness with a surgical scar on her abdomen. 

I took a ‘before’ photo, then put my hand over the scar tissue to begin.

At first we each felt… nothing.

But slowly as I spoke of Kristin’s body’s innate ability to heal the scar tissue, we began to feel heat and subtle sensation.

I actually began to feel the outline of the scar itself within my own hand.   And to demonstrate that distance is irrelevant when working on the quantum level, I pushed my chair across the room and shifted my focus to playing with the changing energy in my own hand.

In that way, even though Kristin and I were together, I was actually working ‘remotely’ exactly as Ken Graydon do in our increasingly-popular Remote Sessions.

I had just commented that we may not observe any physical changes right away when we both suddenly blinked in response to our shared observation that the scar was beginning to look different.

It had lost some of its redness.

It seemed be be flattening out and looking less ‘puckered’ in places. 

We kept blinking to clear our eyes as portions began flashing in and out.  (Was it there or was it not?  Was it changing or was it the same? Was it just our eyes?)

Within 15 or 20 minutes, we could physically point to obvious changes.  I hadn’t thought to palpate (touch) the scar ahead of time, but to Kristin’s touch, it was noticeably less dense in certain areas.

I grabbed my camera and as the scar continued to morph on it’s own, I silently invited the rapid tissue fluctuations to be captured on camera in whatever presentation would be most instructional for others (like you!) interested in reshaping matter through consciousness alone. (Aka, Quantum Body Sculpting.)

Below are the ‘before and during’ photos as my camera captured them that day.

Consider these wacky facts about the nature of quantum reality as you observe them.

First of all, these photos are not separate from you.  They don’t exist outside your observation of them.  As you observe, they are composed of your own energy.

As you focus, YOUR consciousness will (unconsciously) create the photos – and your experience of them – in the moment.  

What you see as photos will be a reflection of your beliefs, your focus, your inner world, back to you!

(Wacky, I know.  Because they seem ‘so real’ and independent of your observation of them.   But no…)

So take a moment to clarify what your intentions and expectations are for looking at these photos.

(The top photo was taken about 15-20 minutes before the bottom photo.  You’ll notice that the angle of the photos are not exactly aligned and that the measuring tape in the bottom photo covers part of the tissue.  Drats!)

Ready to take a look?

Some things will look the same and some things will look different.

What do you see?

Kristin scar before




Kristin's scar (after 20 min)




Upon your first glance, notice your initial response – including your emotional reaction and how it matches your expectations.

Then look again, this time observing for these 3 details more closely:

* the degree of redness in specific spots, especially on the far right, where Kristin also reported the greatest degree of change in tissue density

* softening of the distinct edges where the scar tissue abuts healthy tissue.  Do your photos reveal a more gradual blending of the tissue in the bottom photo?

* because of the bird’s eye view, these photos don’t capture the flattening of the scar in the second photo.  But you might playfully get a sense for this by mentally imagining your fingers running over the scar in each photo.  What your imagination show you?

You might even come back later and observe the photos again when you’re in a completely different mood or frame of mind and see what’s different then.

Since our session, Kristin continues to report that the scar is less noticeable than before and that each day she continues to notice a little difference.  (By the way, Kristin is a recent Kinesiology graduate moving from Canada to Australia in a few months.  If you have a lead on work for her, email me!  She’ll work hard, be chipper, healthy and reliable.  She’s extra-happy doing any work outdoors.)

So, that’s your adventure in consciousness for today.

Before I go, let me add that Ken and I are blushing to have repeat customers book Remote Sessions while reporting wonderful things about their previous sessions.

I’ve been preparing to launch (possibly in September) a new Quantum Body Sculpting Program, embellishing on materials I shared in the Consciousness Playground a couple of years ago.   As a teaser, you can see (but not yet join!) the new program’s website starting to come together here.  I’m hoping Ken Graydon will join me when that program launches in Sept.

I’ll see you back here on Friday, June 7, 2013 with your next Consciousness Playground update.  In the meantime, leave your thoughts and observations as a comment below, will ya?

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Carolynn Buchanan January 31, 2015 at 9:59 pm

Hi Wendy..this is amazing…but what do you think the missing step is between big improvement and total healing ?

Wendy Down February 2, 2015 at 5:07 pm

Carolynn, I don’t actually see a missing step. The extent of healing for anyone is a function of where he or she, and we all, are at in our evolution in understanding the link between our consciousness and physical matter. Factors at play include timing, personal beliefs, and the usefulness the existing state serves for the individual’s evolution. Sometimes its more evolutionary, more powerful, for a person to learn to be as ‘ok’ with a situation as it is as they would be if it was totally transformed. If total healing serves the person better overall, that’s what shows up.

Wendy Down June 11, 2013 at 4:11 pm

Glad to hear, Louise, Neva, Linda and Adriana that you notice the difference. I’ve seen it since and can’t wait to show you how much it continues to change. Shocking, really!

Janet Harper June 7, 2013 at 7:50 pm

What’s interesting to me, that I had forgotten….is how nicely you described how your focus was consciously creating the photos UNCONSCIOUSLY in the moment. I get that everything one sees in their reality is…. one’s own consciousness…….. but somehow by reading your simple statement it made my BROAD generalization REAL…or deepened the belief. THANK YOU SO MUCH….and I do see the difference in your photos…. Thanks…..you go girl!

Wendy Down June 11, 2013 at 4:09 pm

You’re so welcome, Janet

Louise June 5, 2013 at 1:24 pm

I see a softening, a lightening and less density. I saw the pictures as representing ‘weather’
or a forest fire cooling as the wind calms.
Noticing the white space between the images reminds me that in the ‘ being of the relationship’ between things , I keep noticing how it softens and dissolves the sense of friction or conflict that arises out of duality. In places where I become aware of thinking ‘ I should ‘ vs ‘I should not’ about something, the polarity of ‘ sides ‘ melts away and I can sail peacefully through the clear space in the middle. There’s no pressure. It takes the time out of things, closes the gap. There’s no effort necessary.
Thank you Wendy and everyone – it’s wonderful to be experiencing all of this !!

Neva June 5, 2013 at 10:03 am

Wendy: I noticed the lessening of the redness immediately. The other changes you mentioned were more subtle but I could see them as well. Terrific that you are documenting now. Great work, or should I say great play!

Lynda Borschowa June 5, 2013 at 6:23 am

Wow, yes it is much softer, what a difference!

Adriana June 4, 2013 at 5:54 pm

yes, I see a difference.
I notice a softer scar.
It is funny because that is the word I remember using for my recent experience with your last meditation; I noticed a softening of myself!
Wonderful work capturing the change an intention can make.
Thank for your your continued work in this area.
I appreciate your guidance and opening sharing.