Feel the Unified Field as it Works with You: New Recording

by Wendy Down on April 17, 2020

Hello again, fellow explorers of consciousness. As you can see in the photo, below, I’m fortunate to be physically isolating with 3 others; my husband, Dwayne, daughter, Haley and her boyfriend, Ryan. The gentle stream behind us is within walking distance of our house.

We were due to dive into Shift #19 today of the Big Brain Change Program. But I’ve decided to interrupt that schedule, (hasn’t almost everything scheduled been interrupted?), in favor of sharing a new recording I made that I believe may be more immediately helpful right now.

As background, I’ve just finished analyzing the many pages of data that was collected from those who completed this program when it formed the basis of my PhD dissertation last year. One phenomenon that came out in the data seems so comforting – and even astonishing – in hindsight.

When people first joined the program back then, they were free to bring any goal or intention they wanted to the program. (Just like you were and are.) The range of those initial goals was wide-ranging. One of the many ways I looked at them was by assigning them two categories – tangible goals (those that could be externally measured like more money, a new possession or body condition) or intangible goals (those that could be internally measured like less stress, freedom from limiting patterns, greater connection to self or Source, etc)

As the program progressed, many people reported that their initial goal or intention had later evolved into a different one. And here’s what was interesting. Almost 100% of people who had initially named a tangible goal said that, later, it turned out they wanted something intangible more.

In the end, the most common goals that people reported having achieved through the program were new states of being; deep underlying peace, emotional balance or equanimity, the ability to better handle life’s twists and turns, more understanding of their connection to life itself, greater sense of personal power, and more profound wellbeing.

When I first saw this data, I didn’t quite know what to make of it. But given what happened in the world since then, this strikes me as a beautiful demonstration of what can result when we interact with our intentions as waves in the unified field. When we interact with life as energy rather than matter, we are allowing the field that knows our broader intentions and potentials – even before we do – to interact with us in that wholistic way too.

The unified field exists outside linear time and knows not only our present intentions but our future as well. As participants in this program engaged with the field, it could respond to their future intentions, even before they were aware of them. It was able to prepare them for what was ahead.

We are not separate from the unified field. We are that field of infinite intelligence expressing and experiencing itself through us. As we consciously engage with that field as waves of emotion/energy, our broader intelligence can help us with stunning foresight impossible to anticipate from the time frame perspective of our linear left brain. Seeing this in operation allows our minds to open to the fact we are known, loved and supported beyond anything we can fathom. Remember Shift $11: I can trust my life? The preparatory results experienced by the initial participants in those program is a demonstration of that.

Consider how your own priorities and desires have changed or clarified since you began this program. Is it possible that a greater sense of wellbeing regardless of external events, trust in your connection to life and the ability to feel peaceful no matter seems more pressing these days?

If so, here’s a recording that helps you find that. We can experience the unified field as our inner world, because it is our inner world! The field of infinite intelligence and potential is right there inside you, as you. Spending time exploring its landscape opens the door for the infinite intelligence of the quantum field to work with your intentions today in ways that defy logical understanding.

See you back here in two weeks with Shift #19!

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