Meet Ken, Our Aussie Experiment Co-Leader

by Wendy Down on November 14, 2014

Hi! Today we continue to set you up for success with the fresh, fun New Experiment that 3 magical teachers of consciousness and I are preparing to launch.

Last week, to help us get to know you, the crowd assembling around this, we asked, “Which Experiment Would YOU Choose?” And, as you’ll read below, we were informed and inspired by your answers.

The next step is for you to get to know the 4 experiment co-leaders. Where we’ve come from and what has happened in each of our lives that has led us to this.

Last week, you met, co-leader, Janice Dietert (aka ‘Repunzel’) here.

Today, it’s Aussie healer and teacher, Ken Graydon. Get comfy as Ken introduces himself to you in his own words.


(We'll have ears for you too!)

(We’ll have ears for you too!)

Every time I get to co-create with Wendy and the Consciousness Playground, something good happens. This time will be no exception as our team of four “Consciouseers” (like Mickey Mouse ears but more versatile) unleashes an experiment in conscious creation.

My background is mainly in healing and searching to find answers that give clients a higher probability of becoming the best possible version of their self. (That, or something better).

My search over 50 years has taken a lot of study, travel, heartache, frustration and dead ends until I learned to get out of my own way and allow the good that was waiting for me to flow into my life.

Ken kneeling during his ordination as a priest in 1978

Ken kneeling during his ordination as a priest in 1978

In the ‘old days’ of wanting to offer healing in a church setting, there was a lot of work in preparation, as if it was me doing the healing. Fasting, special clothes, hours of study and often tears went into persuading a ‘reluctant God’ who believed in redemptive suffering (“the pain is good for you”) to let a particular sinner off the hook.

Then one unexpected day I fell into conversation with an elderly bearded man on a suburban train in Melbourne [Australia]. I had been working on a church study about ‘choices’ and mentioned this to him, for no special reason.  He introduced me to Jane Robert’s work with Seth and to the concept of choosing our own reality. It was a revelation to me; the idea of a friendly, responsive universe.

Suddenly, Eureka!

All along I had been looking for difficult – and finding it.

But no longer.  All those rules and regulations were redundant and freedom is available.  As for the gentleman, although I travelled on the train regularly, I never saw him again.

Ken with his book, Healing: the handbook.  (See its purple glow?)

Ken with his book, Healing: the handbook. (See its purple glow?)

Some of the ‘easy flow’ I have come to expect is now demonstrated in my book “Healing; the Handbook” which has acquired a life of its own which includes a St Germain violet flame glow between the pages. It is gathering many reports of healings that occur just by being in its presence.

I bring all this experience to the New Experiment we are proposing, which is intended to consciously create something we all really want. Something that will demonstrate the success of the experiment in a measurable way.  And which, afterwards, will allow each of us to use the knowledge gained for other personal targets.

Simply put, we intend for life-changing results on-call for each participant.  Sound reasonable?

To set the tone, the focus of our experiment needs to be the same for every participant.

So let’s talk about some of your suggestions so far. (See those in the comments at the bottom of this post.)

First let me make the point of the absolute wave of ‘niceness’ that comes with the comments, as so many of the suggestions are unselfish, or for the benefit of all.

You did want to reduce crime and sickness, relieve teen-age angst, eliminate illnesses – we suspected that you would be like that. I personally liked the kitchen table power generator but then wondered, if those myths about inventors of energy saving devices running into mysterious difficulties are true, would we all need a Harry Potter cloak of invisibility?

Speaking broadly, many of your suggestions confirm the experiment concept the “Consciouseers” have been pondering, so that’s encouraging.  We aren’t ready to finalize our experiment topic yet and remain open minded and ready to be astonished and amazed so if you haven’t shared your thoughts yet or want to add more, go here.

I am hoping that you are beginning to get that “transformative tingling” – the feeling you get when you know that things will change and the changes will be good!

In this group, when we say “You have the TT’s!” it will be a compliment that should make you smile, so that your friends ask “What have you been up to now?” but you can’t tell them yet.


Thanks, Ken, for letting us get to know you and the wealth of experience you bring to this experiment better.  If you’d like to leave a comment for Ken, do so below where he’ll see it!

Next up, we’ll meet co-leader Rodney Dietert, a career scientist who’s telling his behind-the-scenes story for the first time.

After that, look for me to spill details I’ve never shared of my personal journey too.

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Sharyn November 19, 2014 at 12:16 am

I would love to participate in this experiment and my vote would be for vision in all ways – both physical and perceptual.

I have been visually challenged since I was 13 and I would love to throw away my glasses and be able to see clearly and in detail at all times, to be able to drive at night, to be able to open an oven door & check on what’s cooking with out fogging up, to be able to see to put my makeup on without having to stand within 2 inches of the mirror etc.

However since the eyes themselves are only a part of the entire vision process and the brain is also heavily involved I wonder what could be achieved with an upgrade/regeneration of the brain? What other patterns and perceptions might we be able to shift for all of us along the way whilst focusing on perceived limitations of sight?

Toni Delgado November 17, 2014 at 9:51 pm

Hello dear Ken, Wendy, Janice, Rodney and All,

Because we each may have varying issues we desire a change in and because we are connected to the ALL of EVERYTHING…what about asking for an upgrade in that connection, so that no matter what specific material-physical thing we desired –whether it be teeth, finances, peace…would be achieved?

Young Toni

Wendy Down November 17, 2014 at 5:41 pm

Interesting to hear several of you mention an interest in working with teeth. Not sure we had that high on our radar. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And yes, this is the kind of thinking we are having, “What’s something specific that a person might want for themselves that a LOT of other people might also want for themselves.” Keep ’em coming!

maria November 15, 2014 at 12:34 pm

I love the idea of working with the teeth. I think the vast majority of us HAVE them! And those that don’t could ask for some to grow in.

I have personal experience with Dr. Fuller having attended a week long seminar in his home in Florida years ago. I also, at a later time, after attending an afternoon meeting lead by one of his students in Sedona, AZ, had my many amalgam filings all exhibit areas of obvious real gold. These areas slowly faded over the following month.

In a meeting Dr. Fuller conducted at the Unity Church in Seattle WA many years ago I sat next to a woman who had contacted him some time earlier for tooth healing because she could not afford dental fees, and had received a gold filling which she had later removed and essayed as proof. She had total trust in his abilities.

Dr. Filler’s personal story of his miraculous bodily healing is also inspiring. I heard him tell it in person – not through a video.

I hope you will choose teeth as your subject. At the moment my dentist is wanting to do a root canal on a lower front tooth and I would be over the moon to have that tooth completely healed.

shirley November 15, 2014 at 3:07 am

I also would like to work on my teeth. I appreciate the person who suggested it.
thanks for the adventure,

Helga November 14, 2014 at 6:40 pm

Getting “unstuck”!!
While in my youth I had complete trust that I would live a good and safe life, “suddenly” in my 50s now I am worried about what the future holds for me and afraid it might be full of hardship. And now I’m reading how Ken had been looking for difficult – and finding it, I prefer to “pivot” so that finding hardship doesn’t become the self-fulfilling prophesy.

nancy November 14, 2014 at 6:16 pm

How about filling some grants I have pending?

Amy Hillenbrand November 14, 2014 at 5:13 pm

It was so fun to read a little bit of your background Ken. Looking forward to the next story.

Dawn November 14, 2014 at 3:57 pm

Ok, I think what you are saying is you want something tangible and measuranle so it is a useful experiment. And something everybody has. I am going to suggest working on teeth. I have always been inspired by Dr. Willard Fuller’s work. He was documented as having congregants of his services experiencing new dental work that wasn’t there before, teeth straightening, and missing teeth being replaced. He passed a way a few years ago but their is info on the web about this. He was not specific in his requests for dental healing and would get a variety of responses which were often observed in progress. We could be specific or general. That is my suggestion or changing my eye color to periwinkle.

Wendy Down November 14, 2014 at 2:43 pm

Glad you asked, Neva. We are, indeed, looking for something personal – specific to you and tangible. Something tangible and actual that lots of other people would likely also want for their own personal selves. If everyone just responds with whatever idea occurs to them that gives us an overall sense of desires. As importantly, just entertaining the question and responding with an answer helps build the morphic field of the Experiment. In that we can clarify what we want while holding an early idea, hope, expectation of its realization.

Neva November 14, 2014 at 7:37 pm

Wendy: Terrific. Thanks for the clarification. Someone suggested dental work. It’s a HUGE issue for me because I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a dentist again. I would love for my amalgam fillings to transform into healthy tooth material and for my two front teeth to move back into correct position, eliminating a gap that is there now. Those are VERY tangible results for me. I hope everyone takes before and after pictures if we agree on dental transformation as the experiment. I vote for that!

Neva November 14, 2014 at 2:02 pm

After reading Ken’s comments about the posts from participants on what they would choose, I am wondering if I misread the idea.

Was it to be personal? That’s how I took it. If you are asking for a goal that would involve the choices of a lot of other people, or global change… I am not finding myself in alignment with that.

It’s wonderful that you are doing this, Wendy, because it really challenges me to be aware and to move through the field of potential more consciously.

I feel, above all, that others have their own path and sometimes that path may lead to roads that do not necessarily look pretty to me. Based on my own experiences, and the experiences I’ve witnessed in others close to me, each has his or her soul reason to walk their particular path. So I could be onboard 100 percent with any goal that is “offering” a different path, shining a light as it were.

I would probably not be aligned with a goal that says we’re going to transform the world in some way that is without the individual voice. In other words, I would not be aligned to participate in a goal voiced as “End war, or hunger, or rape, poverty or fill in the blank” and I would be totally aligned with a goal such as “Provide education, resources, guidance and information that shines a light on the benefits of peace, well-fed children, respect for the body, the properties of abundant living, or fill in the blank”. I don’t know if I am making the distinction clear. It’s the best I can do at the moment.

I could even tweak my own submission a bit in light of what I really feel about this. Instead of just setting up school lunch programs that served organic foods, maybe I would first use monies to offer nutrition education to parents and through those who attended (those closest in alignment with a shift or they would not have responded and appeared), speak to the idea of giving monies for organic foods for their children. If it is their empowered choice to accept the gift, it will have a drastically further reach into society, in my opinion.

Tuesday Wells November 14, 2014 at 1:52 pm

Thankyou for all that you do.