My Experience of Quantum Health. So far…

by Wendy Down on November 10, 2011

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by Consciousness Playground member, Alexi Paulina, left.

Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate from your life fears about developing health problems?

Can you imagine living without the feeling of dependence on doctors, medical treatments, pharmaceutical drugs, and even health insurance – to be able to choose to use such resources but not to HAVE to use them?

The new Consciousness Playground series, “Beyond Needing Healing: Let the Quantum Health Care System Be Born Through You” provides the resources to allow you these options.

The ideas Wendy Down is introducing in the new series are possible not only in a theoretical sense, but in a practical one.  How do I know this? Because I have, in large part, been living this way for a long time.

Moving from a conventional viewpoint on health and healing to one that allows for these types of options is not something that should be attempted in an abrupt manner. For me, this approach was the culmination of years of research and application of conscious-creation knowledge. Wendy Down is offering a system that will lead you gently into applying such ideas at your own pace and in alignment with your personal preferences.

It has been years since I have visited a medical professional, and I have no health insurance other than accident-related health coverage on my auto policy. In mid-life chronologically, I am in excellent health and take no drugs. When minor physical issues arise, I address them by identifying the “message” in the manifestation, trusting that it will heal, and sometimes engaging energetic or holistic remedies.

While I can’t say that I don’t feel some concern when I have temporary physical discomfort, I worry not at all about serious health problems like cancer or heart disease. The last time I had a medical checkup, in 2000, I received so many negative suggestions about health and growing older that I felt it would not be beneficial to have another one.

You may wonder, have I always lived this way? The answer is no. Earlier in my life, I had regular medical checkups and believed that attention from health professionals was necessary for me to stay in good physical condition. The idea of having no health insurance was almost unthinkable.

Please understand that in sharing my views and experiences, I am NOT suggesting that other people should make the same choices. This is what works for me, based on my beliefs and preferences. These may not be the best choices for you, but the fact that I (and many others) actually live this way proves it is a viable option.

To personally experience the new healthcare paradigm and become part of a supportive community of consciousness creation pioneers exploring the most cutting-edge ideas in a practical, accessible way, click here to join us.

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