New! Live PLAY DATES in Brantford

Consciousness Playground ‘Play Dates’ are a fun in-person event for anyone who wants to learn new ways to play their way to a better life.

When:   Some Sunday mornings at 11am.  And lasting 90 minutes.

Where:  My home/office outside Brantford, Ontario, Canada.Front Door

(Which will look pretty much like this when you arrive at the front door. Although that photo was taken at night and you’ll be here during the day.  But I digress…) 

The next date is… still being determined!

By attending you’ll discover practical ways to turn any problem upside down… quickly.

You’ll leave with insights and skills to make your daily life easier, less stressful and way more magical. And best of all, you’ll see how YOU are the magic that changes everything.


You should attend if:

* you can haul your butt to Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

* you like to laugh, learn and have fun.

* you’re ready for fresh, new perspectives on topics of importance to you.

* you’re open to new ways of thinking, feeling and being.


You shouldn’t attend if:

* (well, I can’t really think of a reason…)


What can you expect?

The DownsYou, me and a reasonable number of other fun-loving, open-minded folks will spend 90 minutes exploring a new possibility, idea, technique or paradigm-busting possibility.

The atmosphere will be casual, comfortable and relaxed.  So don’t get all gussied up in your going-to-meetin’ clothes.

And no guarantees, but you might even meet some of my fam-jam (pictured with me in the photo, left).

I’ll probably kick the Play Date off by sharing a practical insight or thought to establish a focus.

I may lead a short exercise to give your right brain, your fun, artistic, non-serious side come out to observe, experience and play. Your right brain is smart, talented and special!  There’s good reason to make it your new best friend, and I’ll show you why and how.

I’ll probably invite you to identify, at least to yourself, an intention for the day.  Something you’d like to see an improvement in.  Your body,  job, relationships, money… Whatever it is, bring it!

After that brief how-de-doo, I’ll start interacting with a few volunteers.  I’ll use words, questions, observations and occasionally physical touch.  Things that I know will shake things loose and allow you to observe changes happen in situations and things that were previously stuck.

You can decline taking an active role.  It’s no biggie if you just want to observe.

You don’t have to bare your soul at any point. Whatever makes you comfortable will let you get what you came for.

Here's a photo from the last time I offered live events.   Smile and learn, that's how we roll.

Here’s a photo from the last time I offered live events. Smile and learn, that’s how we roll.

You’ll probably notice people getting interactive.  Some will talk, laugh, maybe move around.   Some will start to describe interesting changes they are noticing as the Play Date moves along.

There’s likely to be wonder, head-shaking and glee.

You may witness changes in others.  You may experience very real changes yourself that you can feel and see.   (But nothing beyond what you’re ready for.)

I may, at some point, invite folks to partner up to practice something together.  You can decline if you’re not comfortable with this.   I’ll answer every question as best I can.

You’ll leave having had an unusual and interesting and thought-provoking time.  You’ll have experiences to mull over, insights to apply.  You’ll either leave feeling different in some subtle or profound way or you’ll observe changes over time.

Nothing we do will harm you.

Don’t worry if you’re the ‘right type of person’ for this – if your interest is tweaked, you’ll fit in just fine!

And if you attend a series of Play Dates, over time you’ll find yourself choosing, more consciously, better and better lenses through which to experience the moments and events of your life.   Happier and and more in control too 🙂

So what do you think?   Gonna give it a whirl?

How to Sign Up

Option #1

Register using the “YES, I WANT TO ATTEND” link below.  The cost is $20.


Shortly after you click on that link, you’ll receive an email with instructions on where and when the Play Date in Brantford will be.


Option #2

If you don’t have $20, you don’t have to pay.  Instead, reserve your space for free by clicking on the “I WANT TO ATTEND BUT GOSH…” link below.

Using that link to register will require you to enter a credit card number (darn online Shopping Cart requirement) but it won’t charge you a penny.    And shortly after you click on that link, you too will receive an email with instructions on where and when the Play Date will be.


Or if you’re too young to have a credit card but want to attend, email me at wendy(at)wendydown(dot)com and we’ll sort it out.

See you there!

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