New Research: Our Bodies Can Change The Way They Relate to Time

by Wendy Down on June 3, 2014

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In my last post, I mentioned I was skipping off to Italy for awhile with my sweetie-pie husband, Dwayne.  (That’s us, left, on the steps of our favorite building in Rome, the Pantheon.)     For almost 5 weeks, we soaked up the sights, sounds, and especially, the tastes of that special culture and place.

In addition to playing tourist, I spent some time working with private clients by Skype. Roman Office I relished the experience of sitting in my “Roman office” (a simple sunny windowsill in our rented apartment, right), sipping strong Italian coffee and teasing out the innate creativity, wisdom and greatness within those who entrust me to see it in them.

Once home, I decided my next post would happen only when I came across something so exciting and new that I couldn’t NOT write about it.

Imagine my delight when, this morning, I realized… today is that day.

Below is a 9 minute video I trust will inspire and change you.

In it a remarkable MIT-educated teenager, Laura Deming describes her scientific research into, “the almost inconceivable notion that for the first moment in history, we are changing the way living things relate to time.”

I find Laura’s confident understanding of aging as a solvable problem and the quality of her well-funded research extremely satisfying and exciting.  It’s the start of a scientific framework thats support my long-standing intuitive understanding that our bodies can metabolize eternity rather than time.

Intuition might be defined as ‘knowing without benefit of reason’ and I love that Laura’s brilliant mind is unearthing the reasons explaining that intuitive knowing.

Its been a few years since I went out on a limb and created an online Youthening Program which allows anyone interested to experience the ‘turning back of their own biological clock’ over a 6 month period.  To date, hundreds of folks have taken that Youthening experiment and still, not a single one has taken me up on the offer of a money-back guarantee.

When you watch the video below, notice how grounded and certain this young revolutionary is as she outlines actual possibilities for anti-aging.  She makes it hard to scoff anymore and her research makes me glad I’ve followed my own passion in this area deeply enough to have created a practical program that allows anyone to test Laura’s premise that we can change the way our bodies – our biology – relates to time.

As the next generation of thinkers like Laura start to receive strong financial support to explore research into their paradigm-busting ideas, the future looks bright.

And I, for one, plan to be around to see this inconceivable notion become the norm!

Enjoy!  And leave a comment to let me know how this resonates with you.

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Dong July 16, 2014 at 8:59 pm

In the “The Unknown Reality” by Jane Roberts/Seth, Seth talks about how the electron’s spin determines time “sequences”, meaning a reversed spin being a reversed time motion. He also says that electrons spin in many directions at once. He concludes by saying that “Time, in your terms then, is spinning newly backward as surely as it is spinning newly into the future. And it is spinning outward and inward into all probabilities simultaneously.”

That made me ask if the time is a property of matter. I mean that as time not being some kind of separate force that affects us, but rather being a property of an atom, which can be directed both forward and backward simultaneously, or slow or fast. Of course then given that the body is made of atoms, it would also have an impact on our everyday living realm. If so, then I can see how each living being may relate to the passage of time differently.

I don’t know, it’s just an idea that I just had.

Wendy Down July 16, 2014 at 9:23 pm

Wow, Dong, that’s a brilliant insight! Makes perfect sense. The next question is, as always… how might one test it practically? All thoughts welcome…

Dong June 30, 2014 at 3:50 pm

I quite enjoyed this video and that curious, knowing, and playful sparkle in her eyes.

The idea of relating differently to the passage of time struck a chord with me.

When I first started on this consciousness expansion journey, I thought it was awesome to see every “thing” as consciousness. I thought how cool is it that every atom has consciousness? Recently I did realize that it’s not just every matter that has/is consciousness but literally, everything in existence is consciousness, including events and circumstances. Of course this means the notion of the passage of time is consciousness as well.

Given that everything is a relationship between consciousness, it would mean that how my body relates to the passage of time is really how I, as a consciousness, interact with the consciousness that is the passage of time. This would explain why everyone already actually do relate to the passage of time differently because we all have our unique relationship to time.

Sean LeMay June 4, 2014 at 10:39 pm

Wendy! Glad you had a good time in Italy.

But I gotta say…this young lady scares me!

When you and the rest of the consciousness pioneers dealt with youthening and body sculpting and all the things we played with we did it with “consciousness” alone.

We explored all the limiting beliefs we had learned, been sold, been programmed with…around aging. As Bruce Lipton has proven…we can change our genetics with thought….as the double slit experiment proved the “observer effect”. You brought JP Farrell and his “manifesting Michelangelo” into our awareness and he also proves that thought, consciousness, energy, intention…whatever you want to call it…can impact our 3d world of matter.

It may have begun as intuition but it’s more than that now. And god help us if we fall back into the “it isn’t real unless it’s proven scientifically” world of the physical senses and mechanical views of our bodies.

We KNOW that believing is seeing…not the other way around. Sure we may not have it down to a science yet…but we do it everyday.

Our manifestations are happening at warp speed as the energies of the rising consciousness of the masses move to facilitate what at one time was slow and discouraging.

This young lady who sadly grew up in a lab with nematodes isn’t discussing our incomprehensible powers…our own true divinity…our “Sourceness”…she’s stuck in the world of genetic mutations and “medicine”…I feel sorry for her…and for us if that is the way of the future.

It’s not.

Traditional medicine, funding by vested interest groups, big pharma…and their falsified, fraudulent and embellished research and on the way out.

And we KNOW it.

This young girl represents the “old world”.

No one needs to “prove” your intuition right Wendy and no one else needs to validate it…you KNEW it…and for those who could clear the fog of the intellect and come to know their own intuition…they KNEW it too.

I’ll officially give you a mulligan;)

I’m sure there’s REALLY going to be something you can not NOT tell us about real soon.

There ARE tons of things happening.

This poor little girl on the Ted talk isn’t one of them I’m afraid.

Wendy Down June 6, 2014 at 1:26 pm

Sean, very well said! I relate to your point of view about what’s the ‘most’ cutting edge, for sure. And.. as a scientist I love seeing traditional scientific minds apply their perspective (not to mention funding, labs and resources) to demonstrate that biology CAN be untied from time 🙂 It’s evidence that the concept is becoming acceptable enough to be raised (rather than laughed at) in the most hard-core of scientific circles. To use a familiar comparison, humanity is placing our many hands on different parts of this new elephant and as we each describe the part we’re in touch with as we perceive it, we can collectively build a cohesive picture of the whole. But, it’s fun to disagree with you, as always 🙂

Wendy Down June 4, 2014 at 10:39 pm

Jacqueline, how fortunate you are to live in Tuscany! It would have been lovely to meet up.

Elizabeth, I agree with you on the rapid speed of changes in this area. And yes, it was wonderful – and luxurious – to have so much time to spend in Italy!

Caroline, yes, when a new thought is ready to break through, it appears to those who are receptive, curious and interested.

Nancy, setting up a message board isn’t high on my radar at the moment, but I’d never say never!

Jacqueline June 4, 2014 at 3:46 pm

Hi Wendy, sorry I missed you, I live in Italy. I did not realise you were here, otherwise I would have connected. Pantheon is also my favourite place. I live in Tuscany the land of the Sibille, great food. Lovely to hear from you again anyways especially with this interesting post of yours.

Elizabeth June 4, 2014 at 8:34 am

Hey, Wendy – have missed you and your communications and was just thinking of you and Italia in the past few days. So I shouldn’t have been surprised at your email. When she says in the video that “this will take a very long time”, it made me smile……..I don’t think so. I think all of this stuff is moving exponentially fast. Still, it’s so helpful to have a community and a brave soul like yourself leading it to contemplate and discuss these concepts and our experiences. Welcome home – sounds like you enjoyed your time abroad!

Caroline June 3, 2014 at 11:22 pm

Love the fact science has the same thought pioneers.

Nancy June 3, 2014 at 10:53 pm

Will you ever consider setting up the message board again?