New! Sunday Play Dates in Brantford, Ontario

by Wendy Down on October 24, 2014

Me at my front door.  Newly-painted and ready to welcome you to a live Play Date!

Me at my front door. Newly-painted and ready to welcome you to a live Play Date!


It’s me, Wendy, with an announcement.

The announcement is, da, da da…

Live, Sunday morning, in-person events at my place.

Starting Sunday, Jan 18, 2015.

This is the Consciousness Playground, and so playing is what we’ll be doing.

I’m calling these events Sunday Play Dates. Again, the emphasis on that word… play.

I love connecting with folks in all the ways I already do.  And will continue to.

Working remotely is exquisite in a beyond-description kinda way.

One-to-one sessions are touching, personal, warm and intimate.  

And it’s wild to hear from people I’m teaching and working with in my pre-recorded programs and classes.

But way back when I started my work as a Life Coach, I did a lot of live group teaching. And, as you know, there’s something about gathering together, face-to-face, that’s special in that most human kind of way.  

So, as Justin Timberlake would say if he was me, ‘Bring that sexy back in 2015’.

There’s untapped magic to be found in us, my friend and by gosh darn, we’re going to have fun, and friendship, as we unleash it. In person. Together.

All the details are posted here on my new Live  Play Dates page.

Hope to see you there. And if you don’t live close enough, remember all those other ways I have of connecting by distance too!

The current plan is to host the Sunday Play Dates on the first and third Sunday of each month.   But we’ll see how things go and if we need to course-correct, we will.




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