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In the early 1990’s, founder, Wendy Down encountered an astonishing metaphysical promise:

“There is no desire that this time-space reality can inspire in you that it doesn’t also have the ability to fulfill.” (Abraham)

Since then, Wendy has been on a relentless quest to prove this promise true.  Pushing every limit of reason, she’s focused on realizing the most impossible, inconceivable, and nervy desires imaginable.

Along the way she’s come to know it to be unequivocally true:   If you can imagine it, you can live it!

Best of all, Wendy’s personal experience has show her exactly what it takes to realize any desire.  Hint:  its often a reinvention of who you are…

The Consciousness Playground was born from Wendy’s passion to guide others to access the unlimited power within themselves too.

“Wendy has a marvelous curiosity and openness to exploring what is new in the churning ocean of practitioner resources.”

“Wendy casts her net into what’s new and pulls out that which is interesting and of practical use for us personally and professionally.  She shares these tools with us, always supporting our growth and insisting that whatever we take from the calls be fun and honor what is true for us. It is a pleasure to join her in the play and exploration of consciousness.”

Leon Weiner, Human Software Engineer

Until recently, membership in this community cost $57/month.   But now,

Membership in the Consciousness Playground is free!

That means there’s nothing between you and full access to this incomparable environment designed to pull you forward into the realization of your own unreasonable, crazy, tender or most long-held desires.

With your free membership, you’ll receive news about the latest free programs that Wendy is offering.  Paid programs too!

The inspiring explorations that take place here will open your heart and mind.

“Wendy is a natural born teacher, leader and innovator.”

“Wendy throws out a long rope to bring others up to play in her ocean of infinite possibilities.  She is generous, transparent, personable and a lot of fun to be with. She’s been an important mentor for me from the moment we met.”

Celeste Hamman, Health and Happiness Coach, Austin, Texas,


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“I’ve loved the wide variety of pioneering kindred spirited-ness I’ve found here.”

“I experience such a delicious edge for me (that excitement where I have to remember to breathe!) as we explore our individual and collective consciousness, discovering new vistas of what’s possible – for me, living at its finest!”

Maralyn Cale, Toronto, Ontario,

“The Consciousness Playground is a great place to explore and play with
some really leading edge ideas and techniques.”

“I also benefit from the combined wisdom of generous and knowledgeable souls, gently guided by Wendy. I find that everyone values the contributions and respects the ideas of other members while working in a highly participative way – and we have fun too! Wendy, I have the greatest respect for what you do!”

Alex Colbert, Personal Development Facilitator, Guildford England

“Wendy has an amazing way of discovering emerging approaches to expanding consciousness and sharing them with the group.”

“I love her unique light and playful approach. Being part of the community feels powerfully engaging when I listen to the recordings. Each is filled with the magic of possibility.”

Candace Higgins, Founder, Center for Intentional Living, Centennial, Colorado

“The opportunity to be on regular calls with a community that playfully experiments with transformation is a valuable tool in my life.”

“Wendy is a wonderful facilitator that allows everyone an opportunity to participate, contribute and learn. I always look forward to discovering what we will create next.”

Bill Baren, Creativity Catalyst, San Francisco, California,

“I have belonged to this group from its inception, and really appreciate the wealth of experience, ideas and inspiration that comes via the twice monthly recordings.”

“Wendy imbues the group with warmth and harmony, and facilitates and guides us skillfully into the many exciting avenues that are opening up within energy work. If you want to expand your mind, your horizons, your being…. This is the group to join.”

Shahzadi Thomas, Kinesiologist and WaveMaker Coach, United Kingdom

“What I experience on the calls is hard to put into words, but its value is priceless in my life.”

“I look forward to every call knowing that whatever the topic, whatever the process we share, I will be nourished. And Wendy….well, Wendy is the masterful facilitator whose loving, creative, playful, ‘wonder-full’ presence guides us through this exciting landscape.  Thanks Wendy!”

Birgit Langwisch,
Coach/Facilitator, Heart of the Matter Consulting, Toronto, Ontario

What You’ll Experience

  • The latest, most radical ideas and practices to transform you and your world
  • Encouragement to let the explorer in you run free.
  • You’ll continually be inspired and pulled forward by others, sharing their insights and experiences for you to apply to your life too.
  • This group will position you on the crest of human expansion.  You’ll have access to tomorrow’s consciousness today.
  • The ability to draw from other pioneers worldwide – not only through ‘regular’ means of communication but on the energetic and quantum level too.
  • A strong framework of support within which to discuss, practice and explore new concepts, test out capacities new to humanity and attune to expanded states of being.
  • Regular inflow of our energy, which is uplifting and contagious. We have fun while we explore, test, puzzle and learn. In our playful environment, magic happens and transformational experiences occur with ease and synchronicity.
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