Pain. Accepting the Alternative.

by Wendy Down on October 4, 2016

An example of a Creation Station. This was Wendy's, on a window sill, for the $3000 Experiment we ran in the Consciousness Playground last year.

An example of a Creation Station. This was Wendy’s, assembled on a window sill, for the $3000 Experiment we ran last year. The items selected need only have meaning to you!

Today we continue the Pain Experiment with Post #4. This post, like our last one, comes from experiment co-leader, Ken Graydon.  When you are finished reading this post, you will take some concrete action.  Find out what that is by reading below.  Enjoy!


“Pain is like the red light in your car, that tells you there is a problem. If you seek conventional help, usually that help will be the equivalent of covering up the red light so that you cannot see it. If the pain continues, you cut the wires so that damn red light won’t give you that problem again. We prefer an alternative path where we find and remove the cause of the pain, then go on our way rejoicing.

We have a simple formula, we replace a set of negative beliefs with a set of positive beliefs. Sometimes we make this a difficult choice because we do not want to give up a familiar and meaningful negative belief to replace it with an untested positive one.

This pain experiment is designed to show you alternatives which are logical, feasible and rewarding but it is only by your acceptance that you get to prove them.

Spiritual teacher, Abraham, agrees that it is difficult while you are experiencing pain to be thinking of wellness. So we allow the Law of Attraction to work in negative ways – we give attention to the pain and we get more of what we don’t want. We need to separate what is happening from our emotional response to what is happening. You could be having pain in your body and feel fear or be having pain while feeling hopeful.

The pain itself does not have to dictate your thinking.

It is possible to think of something other than the pain – if you give the pain your undivided attention you will only get more of what you don’t want.

One tool to help you break the cycle of giving pain your undivided attention is what I am calling your Creation Station. We have used a similar approach in the past (using a name that did not rhyme). You’ll find this tool to be impressively effective.


For your Creation Station, you will need some space – it could be a small table, part of your desk, a shelf – a place in you home that you will pass often as part of your normal routine.

Another example of a Creation Station assembled for the $3000 Experiment. (You'll notice we didn't specify 7 items that time, like Ken is suggesting now.)

Another example of a Creation Station assembled for the $3000 Experiment. (Yes, there were more than the 7 items Ken is specifying now.)

When you have chosen your Creation Station space, you will choose seven items which represent wellness for you.  Could be a picture of yourself on a happy occasion, picture of a place that know would bless you if you were there, items which offer healing such as crystals, wands, feathers, loved animals, images, holy books or healers.

Place these seven items in your Creation Station.  Later, you can change the items or the layout of them as often as you wish.

Then, every day, for two weeks, twice a day you are to stop at the Creation Station, bow your head and offer thanks for your pain-free wellness. Even before your full healing manifests, you are giving thanks for what is to be – you are a Well Being.

Acknowledge the Creation Station each time you pass it, feel the energy, the vibration and potential. Visualise your spiritual support team pumping up the energy and suggesting other items to include on the Creation Station – maybe they can get you a tube of the Creator’s Healing balm that just dissolves pain out of your life.

You will bless the rest of our pained family by posting a description or photo of your Creation Station in the comments below. And of course by sharing your positive stories and events.




Thanks, Ken.  In our next post, next week, experiment co-leader Janice Dietert, makes her first post for the Pain Experiment and I know she’s been diving deep to bring her best to you in it!

See you then, Wendy.


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Wendy Down November 4, 2016 at 1:23 pm

I like it too, Nancy! Thanks for letting us see it.

nancy October 31, 2016 at 9:49 pm

I also used a butterfly and a little goddess image

nancy October 31, 2016 at 9:49 pm

Worked now…

nancy October 31, 2016 at 9:48 pm

Doesn’t like my photo for some reason?

nancy October 31, 2016 at 9:47 pm

I made my creation station tray today, using an old Japanese tray (long lives in Japan) , a small vase I made when I was young, a feather I found, a amethyst square, healing herbs I found, a bird and 2 feng shui cats. I like it!