Pain Again? Why Not Change?

by Wendy Down on September 20, 2016

fullsizerenderWell, well.  Welcome to post #3 of The Pain Experiment.  This week’s contribution comes from experiment co-leader, Ken Graydon, pictured with me, left.

(As background, Ken lives in Australia and I in Canada so our in-person meetings are rare. We have independent private practices but regularly team up to offer private Remote Sessions, which take place in the non-local space where we are all one. They are exquisite to offer and, we are told, to receive.)

Let’s go immediately to Ken’s gorgeous offering for today…


“It is always a special blessing to share in an experiment with you and the other Consciouseers. In our last outing, we wanted you to be open to get something, with The $3000 Experiment. Many of you got much more than you were asking for. This time, we want all of us to demonstrate our versatility and learn how to be open to giving up something, by releasing pain from our lives. Feel free to give up any other negatives at the same time.

We will be offering you a smorgasbord of processes, ideas, opinions and stories about pain – and why it’s better not to have it as a constant companion. We also like to go beyond words and into experiences, so that you can find the best possible solution to your pain problem and have ‘tools in your toolbox’ to prevent future pain issues.

Each of us come to this experiment from a different perspective – you may have come across my work with Regeneration Healing and know that my work begins with removing negative causes in the past, allowing you to not experience ‘bad’ effects now. Simple, effective and quick, the healing version of ‘fast food’ – but good for you. So while I am writing the next couple of explanatory paragraphs I will be intuiting a specific ‘process’ for you to read that will – if you are ready to accept it [I love that line from “Mission Impossible”] – allow you to release the cause and effect of pain.

In the first and second posts for this experiment, Wendy alerted us to the concept that pain is a physical consequence of an emotional experience. We are going to go a little further down that path. If you are in pain now it would be interesting to write down the symptoms, not in a medical way but how they make you feel – you’re allowed to be dramatic.

Does a pain in your chest feel like someone is standing on me? Are puffy eyes demonstrating a situation where you would be crying, if you were allowed to? Our language is full of expressions that relate to physical symptoms someone gives you a ‘pain in the neck’ [or some other place], is ‘breaking your heart’, causes a ‘lump in my throat’ and so on. These kind of expressions are part of our folk wisdom that show us that we have some understanding that physical effects reflect emotional causes. In what has been called the German New Medicine there is a belief that breast cancer is a result of an emotional problem around nurturing [which can be a really wide range of events] – separation or divorce, loss of a child, having to leave a place or a home and so on. The body reacts to a nurturing problem instinctively – it provides more cells in the breasts, the ultimate source of nurturing. If the emotional challenge is not resolved those extra cells can become cancerous. As our life styles have changed and we have less family support, the incidence of breast cancer has increased.

Following is a not-having-pain process. It is better to read it aloud, so that all of your senses can participate in the adventure. Read it slowly enough that you get the meaning behind the words, that you feel the emotions that the words invoke and see the pictures they create. Read the process twice a day, for seven days.


I connect with the Creator, the source of all healing. While I maintain this connection, every word I speak is a creative prayer of truth. I am now ready to accept healing for myself and all of creation.

I go into the past, my soul knows exactly where and when, to one hour before the event which was a trigger for me to allow pain to develop in my body. In that place and time, I make a different choice – I do not follow the path that leads to pain, instead I choose to follow the path of my true plan and purpose. Changing the past, immediately changes the potential of this present moment. Removing the cause of the pain allows me to release the un-necessary effects – so I do, quickly and completely.

I am aware of being in a healing state and visualise walking through a beautiful garden. I am aware of the bright colours, birdsong and the warm breeze. I come to a large fountain and a figure in white, who is very familiar to me, greets me and says “I have a gift for you.” And hands me a book. “This book is the story of your healing. Any time that you feel the onset of pain, see yourself opening this book and you can see the cause of the pain and make a different choice. There will be other gifts for you when you visit me again”

I feel a sense of joy and completion. I know that I can revisit this healing place at any time. As I speak, so it is done, my heart fills with gratitude.

END OF READING.”   ~ Ken Graydon


Enjoy immersing yourself, over and over, in the compassion and possibility embodied in Ken’s No Pain Today process.  And let us know, besides your mind becoming a pretzel, how do you feel when invited to change the past?

Next week, the last week of the month, there will be no new content for the Pain Experiment.  Taking the week off is our way of creating time and space in your life to absorb, integrate and perhaps revisit what we’ve offered in these first 3 posts.  Contrary to the relentless forward-movement of our Western mindset, integrated wellness (wellness in which the whole of us is honored) acknowledges cycles of of both movement and of rest.

Our request is that you let next week truly be a period of rest in a way that is meaningful for you.   Tell us about it too!

And we’ll see you back here on Tuesday, October 4 with another piece of The Pain Experiment.  ~ Wendy

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Lynda September 28, 2016 at 1:18 pm

I loved this post and Ken’s No Pain Today Process. I was startled at how much my mind wants to know how this can be done…. I loved the walk and felt such peace in the garden. I felt such support and letting go as I read this. I am so grateful and excited to be a part of this experiment. I can feel the support and it feels so warm and peaceful:)

Jody September 27, 2016 at 7:35 pm

The timing of this pain experiment is so fantastic! I mentioned in a comment in the second post that I am undergoing some energy healing that is creating a healing crisis. This experiment, in conjunction with Healing, the Handbook processes have supplied such beautiful wisdom and tools for healing. Thank you all! It is so exciting to watch as support rolls in when we open ourselves to the possibilities. As for changing the past – absolutely! My gratitude is immense for having the ability to change the past, to heal those moments when we stepped outside of our Divine Gifts and created restrictions within our physical and emotional bodies. Bring it on! 🙂 Love the process Ken! Such beauty within strings of words! Thanks Wendy! 🙂 Looking forward to the next post!

wendydown September 27, 2016 at 9:05 pm

Love your attitude, Jody!

Zeta September 25, 2016 at 7:55 am

Hello there Wendy….I can very easily accept the
concept of changing the past…it seems a very
reasonable thing to do…don’t know why..but there
you go…perhaps it’s just that magic again!!

Gidday Ken… nice to have you here again..
Thanks for your no pain process.
Particularly love the idea of the personal healing
book………just a wee bit anxious that all those words
might bounce off…but will deal to that with the old
faithful…Trust the process.

Thanks again.

Trevor September 21, 2016 at 3:04 am

Interesting, I might try this to
Change abundance issues
I suppose lack of abundance is a form of pain

Ken September 21, 2016 at 11:09 pm

Trevor We use the “Yoda principle” – there is no TRY, there is only DO.

nancy September 21, 2016 at 1:21 am

Wow that was great Ken! I fell really super relaxed and my cat came to me and looked me in the face, like “what are you doing?” 🙂

Ken September 21, 2016 at 11:07 pm

Nancy, cats are excellent judges of what is good for them and their family. Seeing you relaxed and peaceful tells your cat that something good is going on.