Why, at Age 70, Is Pat Suddenly Able to Do a Head Stand?

by Wendy Down on September 27, 2013

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See the radiant woman in the photo, left?

That’s Pat.  She lives in South Carolina, USA, and she’s one of your fellow pioneers here in the Consciousness Playground.  Like you and me, Pat loves to be on the cutting edge of what’s new and possible for we ‘humans’.

An active participant in almost every Consciousness Playground program, Pat recently told me,

“I just celebrated my 70th birthday, and I feel 60, maybe 55!  I have let go of a lot of ‘stuff’, including 15 pounds. I’m running again, working out at the gym, and this week, am taking care of my 1 1/2 and 4 year old grandkids.  I’m now able to do a headstand in yoga and while I’ve always had a lot of energy, somehow my energy now seems different, deeper, almost infinite.  

I plan to be running races when I’m 90!”

The other day when I was working on the launch of the Quantum Body Sculpting Course, I got to wondering what Pat, (an original beta-tester of that program) might say about it.

Pat knows we have the ability to shape flesh with our consciousness so she was happy to share her thoughts and experiences with you. (Pictured, left, recently with her look-alike grandson)

She says, “I’ve been doing ‘vibrational work’ for many years.  I was even a music teacher before I discovered vibrational healing. Over the years, I’ve gained a strong understanding that our thoughts and emotions affect our outer lives and I’ve learned ways to let go of emotional ‘baggage’. When I found the Consciousness Playground, I was drawn to the fact that Wendy was studying organ regeneration, and I wanted to know more!   

As I listened over and over to Wendy’s recordings, learned new techniques and participated in her Youthening Program, I learned that I am not my body.  Rather, I am the substance that my body is created from.  

I realized then that my next step was to change physical matter with consciousness alone!

Wendy’s work is very exciting for me because I see her helping a large number of people discover who they really are.  I see her helping to change the morphic field of what aging is ‘supposed to be’.”

I asked Pat what she’d say to a person who is interested in the Quantum Body Sculpting Program but isn’t sure it’s possible to reshape flesh with consciousness alone.  A person who doubts, perhaps, that they have what it takes to see results.

She says,

“Don’t despair, and never give in to the idea that changing physical matter with consciousness alone can’t happen!  ALL the lifetimes of experiences that we’ve had have brought us to the point of this new frontier.  How exciting is that!  Keep listening to Wendy’s recordings as well as others. For example, I gained a lot from attending a live workshop with Ken Graydon, [Wendy’s Remote Session partner].  I suddenly “knew” that all healing comes from within, and that when I healed myself – which is all I CAN do – others are healed as well.  

I think Wendy’s work has shown me gradually that I am that field of possibilities from which all is created.  It’s like that knowingness had to seep into my DNA!  Know that we are the creators, and continue to delve into your inner beingness.  What an adventure!

What a privilege it is to be in this dimension, and to create with my mind – unconsciously mostly, but beginning to understand how to create consciously.  The beauty I see is incredible, words cannot describe, and ever-changing.  I imagine the beauty in other, “higher” dimensions is beyond anything I have ever thought about. ” 

Thank you, Pat, for being such an inspiring yet down-to-earth example of how greater vibrancy, flexibility, beauty, ease and growth are always available to – and within – us.


And as for you, my friend, see you back here next Tuesday, Oct 1 for the official launch of the Quantum Body Sculpting Program.  On that day, I’ll share all the details you’ll need as well as a signup link so you can start right away!  Until then, just know that the program is 100% accessible from wherever you are in the world, on your own time frame, will take no more than 10 hours a month and is priced to be affordable.

(What’s not to like about all that?)

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Lawrence October 3, 2013 at 8:11 pm

Pat is one of my best friends, and I am so happy for her.

Paul September 30, 2013 at 11:05 pm

Damn, the results are really impressive.

I feel kinda vain asking this Wendy, but is it possible to change hair texture doing Quantum Body Sculpting?

Thank you very much and keep up the good work, really eye opening stuff!

Wendy Down October 2, 2013 at 7:49 pm

Yes, Paul. Since we work on the level of the body as light and information, rather than matter and flesh, it’s all changeable.

Tori September 28, 2013 at 12:07 pm

thank you Pat and Wendy! I am inspired anew 🙂