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Here’s what others once suffering from sleepless nights due to stress said after trying Pure Sleep Now:

Put simply, I conked right out. Thank you SO MUCH!”
Last night my mind was spinning with thoughts.  I turned on the Pure Sleep Now audio. My thoughts stopped almost immediately and I went into a very dead sleep.  And, I woke up in a really happy mood filled with energy and joy.

Click below to listen as Pure Sleep Now creator, Wendy Down, M.Ed. describes how this natural, no risk solution offers permanent relief from sleep problems due to stress.

What would it be worth to you to sleep soundly tonight?

Before you answer, take this simple 8 question Sleep Quiz to see if Pure Sleep Now can help you.

Sleep Quiz

1. I often suffer from sleepless nights and insomnia.

(If YES, count ‘1’.)


2. I have a lot of stress in my life right now which my sleep problems are not helping.

(If  YES, raise a second finger and keep counting…)


3. I lie awake night after night tossing and turning, anxiously checking the clock.


4. As I lie awake, my mind spins with worried thoughts I am unable to control.


5. I often spend sleepless nights worrying that I will get up in the morning exhausted… again.


6. I sometimes cannot function during the day and I worry that one day, there may be serious consequences due to the effects of my sleepless nights.


7. I’ve tried hot baths, hot milk, noise machines, darkening the room, even sleep medications with no lasting results.


8. I don’t know where to turn and am losing hope of finding a solution to my sleep problems.


That’s the end of your Sleep Quiz.

If you answered ‘YES’ to 6 or more of the Sleep Quiz questions, Pure Sleep Now is likely to solve your sleep problems tonight.

Meaning that if you download it now, you could soon be sleeping like a baby.


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Not ready to decide?

Feel the relief in these comments of other Pure Sleep Now users who overcame the fear of disappointment and purchased this highly-effective sleep solution:

I am a new mom with a baby that doesn’t like to sleep, my husband has had employment troubles and my mind has been racing – adjusting to my new role and other life stresses.  All of these factors took a huge toll on my sleep.  My mind was racing with all the tasks I should be doing, all the things that had happened during the day and money, just to mention a few.  The first time I listened to the audio I felt completely relaxed, almost as though I was floating.  Shortly after the audio was over, I fell into my first restful slumber in months.  I have listened to it several times now and every time I drift off into a blissful sleep.  I can now access this feeling all on my own if the audio is not close by so I don’t feel dependent on the recording.  You are the best Wendy!!   Thank you so much, I can’t say it enough.
Your sleep audio is unbelievable! When I woke up, I realized that the recording also unexpectedly gave me the biggest relief I’ve ever had from a long-standing back spasm that’s been killing me! Oh my god, it’s phenomenal!
My 21-year-old daughter always has a lot of thoughts going on in her head and often cannot sleep. She has listened to your audio three times and reports that she falls asleep even before the recording is over. She says that you are nailing it…
Your sleep recording really does the trick! Thanks for this wonderful gift of sleep!

How does Pure Sleep Now work?

Pure Sleep Now is a digital audio-recording you can download right away and listen to at your computer or on your mp3 player.   You don’t need any special equipment or headphones to use it.

The recording itself works on three levels.  It guides you to free yourself of the mental, emotional and unconscious inner habits that grip you during times of stress and prevent you from falling asleep.   This thorough approach is entirely unlike any other sleep aid because it includes a natural cutting-edge way of working with you that no other sleep aid offers.

As you listen to the recording, your ears hear gentle, relaxing sounds and spoken words.   As you follow along, your thoughts turn away from repetitive worries and towards stillness and quiet in your mind.  This is the first level of stress symptoms – the recording resolves the mental stress symptoms that keep you awake.

Next, the recording guides you to dissolve the anxiety, worry and other emotions associated with stress. This reduces the stress hormones pulsating through your body (adrenaline and cortisol), allowing you to relax physically and let go of stress symptoms held by your body.

Thirdly and most easily, the recording works on the unconscious energetic level by subconsciously drawing you like a magnet into sleep.

The simplest way to understand this breakthrough approach is that underneath the soothing sounds and spoken words you hear, the recording ‘hums’ the feeling of sleep to you.   Subconsciously your body recognizes that delicious feeling ‘embedded’ into the recording and starts to to hum along.    Just like listening to music can make you start subconsciously humming along too.

When I turned on the audio recording, I could really, really sense that it was not the words you were saying but the energy behind them.

What are the benefits of Pure Sleep Now?

While its wonderful to use the audio to learn to fall asleep easily, its even better that the recording is designed to guide you to become forever independent of any sleep aid. Your body will relearn to fall asleep naturally and to stay asleep soundly.  The biggest benefit is that your chronic insomnia will be lifted but you will enjoy these benefits as well:

Instantly available (you could be listening in minutes)

No dependency on drugs

No side effects


It is not hypnosis

Gets to the root of the problem

Easy and effortless

So… what else are people saying about Pure Sleep Now?

What a delightful experience! I have listened to your audio-recording the past three nights and fallen asleep each time, deeply relaxed.  I’ve recommended it to my husband, since he also has trouble falling asleep.
I tried your sleep audio when I was feeling extremely tired and had a headache.  I fell sound asleep and woke up later feeling rested.  My headache was gone too.   I’ll be using it again – thank you!
I listened to your audio when I wasn’t tired, just to see its effect. I found your voice to be just perfect. The way you guided me to my thoughts, and then pointed out their connection to body feelings got my mind engrossed and soon I was beginning to feel ready for sleep. I began to find it difficult to tell where I ended and the rest of the world began. I remember thinking, “It’s like having a big fluffy duvet on the inside!” Feeling safe, connected, alive, and relaxed, I started to nod off, and only came back because the phone rang! And never once did you focus on ‘making me go to sleep.’ Bottom line, I felt rested, even without fully going into the sleep state. Thank you, I will be using it frequently.”
I’ve listened to your sleep audio twice now. The first time I felt just so relaxed, like my body was sleeping and my mind fully awake. The second time I listened to it in bed and I had a fantastic dream, yummy, lovely.

Some people achieve deeper levels of sleep over time.

I listened to your Pure Sleep Now recording was in the middle of the night after having awakened and not been able to go back to sleep.   Your voice was very soothing, completely ‘unpackaged’ and natural.   Your energy led me to relax deeply.  At the end I was not asleep however.   I stopped the recording and must have fallen asleep some time after.The second time I listened was at bedtime when I was not tired but wanted to go to bed anyway.  This time, I liked your voice and energy just as much but, pretty fast, found myself completely unable to follow what you were saying.   I was floating and didn’t care about the specific words you were saying.  I was definitely in a dream/wake state pretty fast but not completely asleep.  I eventually fell asleep about 30 minutes later.The third time I listened was this morning as I wanted rest and lacked sleep.  After 1-2 minutes, I became unable to follow what you were saying.  I did not care either.  I floated for awhile, probably 20 minutes and then passed out.  

Even knowing the results other Pure Sleep Now have experienced, you may still be hesitant to try it for yourself.  After all, how will you know this will work for you?


Find out!  You can try Pure Sleep now at no financial risk.

If you download the Pure Sleep Now audio and don’t notice a significant difference in your quality of sleep or your stress symptoms within 30 days, your money will be fully refunded, no questions asked.


Let’s be clear.  You will receive a full 100% refund with zero hassle.

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PS.  If you’ve read this far and still have a question about whether Pure Sleep Now is for you,  email us at wendy@wendydown.com to ask it now!