Ready to Sculpt Your Body With Your Mind?

by Wendy Down on July 19, 2011

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That’s what Consciousness Playground member, Alexi Paulina, asks in her musings below.

“This month, Consciousness Playground founder, Wendy Down, is taking the Consciousness Playground explorations into a new sphere with the theme of Body Sculpting. No, she won’t be talking about diet, exercise, cosmetic procedures, or other “physical” methods, but of altering our faces and bodies through the use of consciousness alone!

In the abundance of conscious creation and self-help material available today, body sculpting is an area that has been delved into only minimally (and typically for things like weight loss and improving blemished skin, characteristics that most people believe are changeable by physical means). This is a topic many of us are very interested in, yet until now we haven’t been able to find information to guide and support us in pursuing this interest.

Since Wendy announced this theme about a month ago, I have been eagerly awaiting the first recording. When I saw its title, however, I was stunned. If I didn’t understand reality creation and our connections within consciousness to the extent that I do, I would have been totally freaked out!  I will explain why.

A few years ago I read Jane Roberts’s Seth books (several of them multiple times) and found the information tremendously valuable, but had not been drawn to it for quite some time. About a week ago, I began feeling a strong impulse to reread some of the Seth material. I didn’t have the books anymore, but started reading Seth quotes online.

Of the many fascinating concepts Seth discusses, as I was reading the quotes I found I was most intrigued by the idea of moving my consciousness to the future as a way of “seeding” the present. To use an analogy, it’s like I would envision a beautiful garden of yellow flowers that I would have in the future. To create that future, I would – in the present – be inspired to plant those seeds.

An addition, I noticed I kept spontaneously having images and feelings arise in my mind of myself as I was at the age of 12 or 13. This was a time when I largely felt at peace with my physical appearance except for self-consciousness about not having started puberty yet. Around the time I turned 14, I started judging myself harshly for not looking “good enough” and was frustrated that I couldn’t find ways to correct my perceived flaws. At 12, however, I still was in a place of openness to the possibility that I could create whatever I envisioned.

In addition to the Seth reading and seeing images of my younger self, in the past few days I had been thinking of how, presently, I feel as if I’m existing in two different worlds simultaneously. It’s as if I have one foot in the conventional world and the other in a world where altering our physical appearance (and other things that are seemingly “fixed”) is not only possible, but easy.

All this occurred in the few days BEFORE Wendy released her first Body Sculpting audio recording, which is titled, “Ready to Look Back From the Future?” On the recording, she brings us through an exercise which includes recalling ourselves in childhood.   She also talks about the feeling of existing in two worlds, one of which allows us to change our physical bodies with ease.

So, what happened here? Was this precognition – did I predict the approach Wendy would take with her first recording for July?

I think not. What actually happened, I believe, is that I chose – from the “future” – to explore that approach, and created Wendy making that recording. Another way to explain it would be that, out of the field of infinite possibilities, there was the possibility of Wendy creating that recording, and I synced with it vibrationally, thereby making it my experiential reality.

These are the types of experiences that tend to become more common when we pool our energies with others at the forefront of consciousness shifting – and the Consciousness Playground community is definitely at the forefront. I’ve been a CP member since last Halloween and have experienced several significant shifts since then. As someone who is choosing to be on the cutting edge of shifting consciousness, there have been many times when I’ve doubted myself. Having the support of others who believe similarly – and sometimes have gone farther than I have in various ways – has been of immeasurable value.

In our hearts, each of us knows what we are drawn to – which path we’re most excited about taking. If the topic of Body Sculpting excites you, my advice is to go for it! This is information you won’t find anywhere else.  Why not join us in the Consciousness Playground this month and experience Body Sculpting for yourself? Start by clicking the link below:

Become a Consciousness Playground member by clicking here.

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