Before-and-After Photos of A Body Sculpted Scar

by Wendy Down on December 3, 2013

“What I do know with certainty and apply every day is that mind and body are one.”   Dr. Candace Pert, PhD, pharmacologist and author of 250 scientific papers.

The mind-body connection is so absolute, in fact, that the popular phrase “mind over matter” would more accurately be stated, “mind IS matter“.

And the good news is that at any point changing your mind can also change your body.  No matter what condition your body is in or for how long it’s been that way.

As a society we’re just starting to understanding and apply this relationship to yield results.  I’ve delighted, for the past 12 years, in continually disrupting unchallenged old ways of thinking and feeling and then chronicling what changes. Like Dr. Pert, I know that when we open our minds to new points of view, our bodies will follow.

Today’s case in point.   A gentleman I know and admire named Ron.

Ron is no stranger to the mind-is-matter connection.  He’ss currently a member of the Consciousness Playground Quantum Body Sculpting Program and about a month ago, I sent him, like I do all participants in that ongoing online program, a note saying, “It’s time to start to play – lightly, easily – with reshaping a specific part of your body.”

At the same time I shared an audio-recording demonstrating how to do that by, ‘toggling between 3D and quantum reality, left brain and right, particle and wave.’

Within a couple of days I received an email with the photos (below) from Ron, saying,

“Here are some results from my first efforts. The pictures are of a 6-month old scar on my left leg. The scar was solid until the Body Sculpting session. You can see the furrow and redness (in the top photo) before starting the removal process, and the result (in the bottom photo) after the second day of working on it.”

Ron's scar before

(Despite differences in the lighting, etc, you can see the improvement, can’t you?)

Ron also said, “I’ve been facilitating change for several years including Matrix EnergeticsOrgan Regeneration and Quantum Touch.   However, Quantum Body Sculpting brings a 
new and exciting dimension to me as I help people with their issues.”

The other day Ron told me, “… the scar has continued to fade somewhat even though I have not been doing anything with it. I have shown the scar to some friends who were familiar with it before Quantum Body Sculpting and they were impressed with the change. I share these photos because it’s important to me is that more
 people learn about and believe that this stuff actually works.”

Ron's scar after Kinda cool, huh?

With Ron’s photos and story fresh in your mind, I invite you to try the following new mind-opening experiment yourself today.

Get out your calendar and on today’s date, write down something you believe to be ‘unfortunate but true’ about an aspect of your body.  Some apparent truth based on experience about a perceived limitations in your body’s function or appearance.

It might be a thought like, “My weight is hard to change”, or “This condition is incurable”, or “This exploration seems foolish”,  or “It would be worse to hope and then be disappointed than to not even try.”

The best thought is one that would be pretty cool if it turned out to NOT be true.

After you’ve written the ‘truth’ down in your calendar, flip your calendar forward 7 days from now and, there, write down a ‘wouldn’t it be nice if…’ open-minded statement about what you just said was true.

For example, “Wouldn’t it be nice to lose a bit of weight without even trying?” and “Wouldn’t it be wild to find there’s actually evidence that this condition is now considered curable” and “This seem interesting and fun ” and “Wouldn’t it better to remain open to change rather than close up in fear of being disappointed?”

When you have both phrases written down in your calendar, say the first one out loud (quietly) to yourself and see how it feels in your body.  Next, say your more open-minded, better-feeling phrase inviting new possibility and see how that one feels.

Compare, slowly, how your body responds to each phrase.

Then, invite life – or the fairies of the universe – to extend you an unexpected but delightful clue to support the accuracy of your second thought.

And consider your work done for today.

Seven days from now, the phrase your wrote in your calendar with give you an automatic reminder to check back in and see what’s happened by then.

It’s so easy, the toughest part will be deciding to actually writing your phrases down.

And before you go, in case you’re itching to extend your discoveries beyond thies little exercise, let me ask,  “Is it time for you now to commit to deliberately open your mind (and body) in amazing new ways?”

If so, is it time for you to take the online Quantum Body Sculpting Program too?

The program is all set up to start fresh for you if you are.  It begins at the beginning when you sign up and offers 100 days of guidance from me.

You don’t need this program (or any program) to change your mind and body, but it certainly  can be nice to have company and help.

See you back here again soon.

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Lukas December 21, 2013 at 5:48 pm

Hi Wendy, I wrote a message before, but it was not approved probably, not sure why. Anyways, I have 3 facial scars myself, hypertrophic (just raised, not keloid) on my nose, 2 from cystic pimple, 1 from microdermabrasion. I made them a little worse due to silicone cream I used 2 months and 2-3 weeks ago. 2 scars (cystic pimple+microdermabrasion) are few years old, and new scar (cystic pimple) is 3 months old.
Would it be possible for you, or by me, to flatten them at least? That is something that is absolutely enough for me to achieve and would make me absolutely happy. Better would of course be removing them completely, is that possible as well? Have you had more experiences with scars other than Ron’s and Kristin’s? I have seen your blogs. Have they managed to progress even more since then? I am very desperate and very sad due to this :(. I would like to have a feedback from you.
I have seen one website, basically a forum, where they focus on intentions and manifesting, and I have seen very little to no results over there (they tried to change certain aspects of their appearance there as well), which is quite discouraging. May I ask, why do they fail? If I will be able to, I will post name of the forum, but I need your approval.
Thank you :). Merry Christmas.

Wendy Down December 23, 2013 at 4:32 pm

Hi Lukas. We, as humans, are just starting to realize that our bodies respond to our consciousness, so naturally there’s a learning (more like a ‘believing’ curve) to this. It’s a journey of discovery of one’s own power. And yes, scars seem to be especially responsive. The most helpful attitude is when one is playful and curious – when a particular result would be exciting and fun, but not necessary. Getting to that state of being can often be the most life-changing result of all. Folks who have had a Remote Session with Ken Graydon and I report this shift all the time – something that was desperately important before suddenly doesn’t seem to matter, or bother them anymore. Also, yes, the Quantum Body Sculpting Program is designed to guide you through a series of exercises that allow you to enter and remain in this state of being when it comes to your body. At that is the state which allows such change to occur. If either of those options appeal to you, by all means, sign up and enjoy what you discover!

Ken Graydon December 3, 2013 at 10:26 pm

I had a client who confirmed the ‘mind is matter’ theory. She wanted to have her Cesarean
scar removed so we did an initial healing session and it faded a little [this was done remotely so the descriptions are the client’s]. When I asked her how she felt about the scar she said “Well I earned it – it’s my warrior badge”. We worked on helping her change her mind-set and the scar disappeared after the next session.

Wendy Down December 5, 2013 at 5:21 pm