The Big Brain Change – Shift #10: When It Hasn’t Changed

by Wendy Down on November 15, 2019

Hi, me again. (You again?)

As you’ll hear in the recording I made for you here, today’s shift – #10 –  marks the 1/3 point in this Big Brain Change Program.

At the beginning of the recording below, I invite you to do a quick check in to reflect on how the program is going for you.

Are you enjoying being here? Are you getting benefit from it?

As part of your check in, consider this your invitation to say, ‘Hey Wendy, here’s what’s up’. You can either leave a comment below or email me.

I’m here and I’m interested.  Truly.

Today also marks the point in the program where our overall focus will shift in a new direction. Until now we’ve been exploring common emotional patterns that have held ups back and kept us small…  and mediocre.

It’s like our emotional dimension contains a junk drawer. A cluttered space where no-longer-usefl things gather dust over time. Some of what we’ve done in this program so far has been the equivalent of opening up that drawer and looking… feeling… around.


Emotion-wise, Shift by Shift, we’ve gently observed what’s in there. We’ve wiped crumbs from the corners and now have more emotional space ready to accept new emotional states and perspectives that will be useful in drawing us forward.

These will also provide new inspirations to act.

It takes gumption to open one’s emotional junk drawer and view its contents in the light of day. Hopefully though, through the first 10 Shifts of this program, you’ve discovered something important;

You can go into any dark or neglected corner, find what’s there and make a conscious choice about it.

No matter how long a scrap of emotional residue has been around or how adhesive it appears to be, it doesn’t have much staying power. But you do.

Like any de-cluttering project, it takes time and elbow grease to wipe the corners clean but every swipe removes a bit more. Each time, there’s less dirt and more sparkling clean space.

Today in Shift #10 we talk about a bit of stuck-on gunk you’ve wanted to change – a situation or emotion – and yet, so far, it remains.


We’ll look at how to use the very quality of that unchangedness to your benefit.

When something is unchanged, it reflects your own unchanging essence. That thing is not actually permanent, nothing in form is, but you are.

The unchangingness of a situation lets your experience your own stable, unchanging, eternal nature.  Using an unchanged, unwanted situation to discover more of yourself is a good use for it. And once the usefulness of a situation has been all used-up, it then changes on its own.

When you’re ready, explore this perspective for yourself by playing the recording.

Side note: you’ll hear my voice, but what really will be happening is that your own energy will be vibrating as sound in your own ears. It seems like you’re hearing me, but really all you’ll experience is you.

Enjoy yourself 🙂

To play this recording on your computer or download the mp3:

Or to play it on your mobile device:

And here’s the TRANSCRIPT of this recording.

See you back here on Friday, Nov 29 when I’ll release another private session demonstration recording.  (See the last one here). And then, on Friday, November 6, Shift #11 will kick of the stage of this program when we move our focus in a new direction.

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