The Big Brain Change – Shift #13: You Already Are

by Wendy Down on January 3, 2020

Hello and happy 2020 to you.

Today’s shift in this Big Brain Change Program is called ‘You Already Are’. Below, you’ll find the audio recording I created to convey this concept to you and and to help you fully absorb the new perspective it offers.

(If you missed the last post on superpositions, find it here).

You already are what you’ve been waiting, wanting, striving to become. This truth lies quietly within, waiting for you to more consciously realize. It can become your most dominant truth today, even before many facts or details fill in to reflect it in form around you. The recognition can bring relief and may even inspire you to take action to express it in your life.

See what I mean by playing Shift #13: You Already Are. As you listen, I’ll help you use the In Deeper Process to experience more of what you already are.

To play on your computer or download the mp3:

To play on your mobile device:

And find the TRANSCRIPT of this recording here.

Looking ahead, I want to devote the next Shift – #14 – to helping you work more easily and naturally with the In Deeper Process.

By now, you may have caught on to using it well and are enjoying noticeable changes as a result. Or perhaps you still forget to use it in your daily life or are still figuring out how to use it to really good effect. It’s a skill and a practice to be learned, that’s for sure.

Wherever you are at with your mastery of it, you’ll find it well worth investing the time and effort. The In Deeper Process is, hands down, the best way I know to focus on a situation as energy (rather than form) so you can let intention and right brain focus alter it in real time with ease.  I have plenty more explanations and tips I can offer to help if you need them and I can do that best if I know what you’re experiencing now. Feel free to leave a question or comment below about how you’re doing with the In Deeper Process and if you have any questions I can answer for you.

Then see you back here for Shift #14 on Friday, January 17.

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