The Big Brain Change – Shift #17: You Are A Magnifying Glass

by Wendy Down on March 6, 2020

Back when I was a young nursing school driving every day between my parents home and the University of Calgary, I would often offer a ride to my friend, Steve. Steve was blind and I sometimes wondered what those long drives were like for him without witnessing the ever-changing progression of vivid sights that marked the journey for me.

One day I wondered this out loud and in reply, he excitedly described what he was paying close attention to instead – the dynamic nuances flooding his ears from the background music that played softly on the car radio. The details he then described to me were almost imperceptible to my ears. even as he pointed them out. It struck me that, although side-by-side, Steve and I were living in two dramatically different worlds.

During those many drives, visual sights dominated my experience which, in physics-speak, means my attention was focused upon and magnifying the bandwidth of energy frequencies that fall within the visual realm. Beside me, sounds dominated Steve’s experience which means his focus was magnifying the bandwidth of frequencies within the auditory realm.

Same situation + different focus = different magnification = different worlds.

Exactly like sights and sounds, the energy fields we call emotions also exist within a measurable bandwidth of frequencies. That’s why embarrassment feels different from anger and why you don’t see or hear that angry ball of shame or rage, instead you feel it within your gut.

Most of us weren’t ever taught to notice or focus within our emotional landscape either. Instead, we did what we saw others doing; distract ourselves from our feelings or become overwhelmed by them, push them down, ignore them or medicate them.

Through participating in this Big Brain Change Program, it’s possible you’ve been interacting within your emotional realm more consciously than ever before. Hopefully by now you’ve learned how turn off (or at least, turn down) an emotional frequency you don’t like. Even if that emotional tone has been playing as background music your whole life.

We are both the generator of our emotional frequencies and the perceiver of them. You may have thought certain situations in your life require a certain knee-jerk emotional response but this isn’t the case.  We each have the innate capacity to move ever closer to an emotional range of our own choosing. We can select the bandwidth of emotions – the background music – we play within ourselves all day.  Just as we can choose the channel we choose on the radio, tv or internet.

The benefit this choosing has on our well-being is staggering. Our health, relationships, quality of life, levels of compassion and understanding, willingness to seize opportunities and sense of power and freedom are all affected.

In the past weeks, we’ve untethered some of the emotions/energy fields that represent the lower end of our emotional bandwidth.  (Case in point: remember this What If It Never Happens recording that came out even before the program began?)

You may be already find yourself experiencing a different emotional bandwidth than when you began. Perhaps you are more calm or less easily bothered. Perhaps a repetitive situation now evokes different thoughts and emotions than it did before. If so, congratulations, you have already focussed yourself into a new superposition on that subject.

Same situation, different magnification, different world.

Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll learn how to focus into the higher emotional bandwidths of our range. We’ll discover that by grabbing even the lightest whiff of a higher-vibrating feeling like appreciation, our focus will then magnify it into more.  We’ll discover the situations of our lives can be what they are while, independent of them, we choose our focus, our emotional bandwidth, our world.

This skill is worth mastering for several reasons. Our daily quality of life increases dramatically when we are able to choose the state of mind we experience life from.  This allows us freedom from needing external situations to be a certain way before we feel a certain way. And as when learn to lift ourselves up emotionally, we are actually navigating ourselves into the superpositions that contain and reinforce the underlying good feeling tone of the goals we have.  

Our presence in those states of being add more and more substance to the energy fields/emotion that eventually magnify into the future experiences we want in life. When we can generate the feeling of a wanted situation ahead of time, we create familiarity with the bandwidth from within which it more like it will emerge.

You are universal consciousness perceiving itself from a particular point of view. You are unlimited! Learning to adjust your focus and magnify certain aspects of reality is to truly control the reality you see and experience.

We’re just getting going on this. So when you are ready take a big, slow breath, relax and intend that Shift #17: You Are A Magnifying Glass helps you find the high end of your emotional bandwidth.

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And here is the  TRANSCRIPT of this recording.

See you back here this Friday, March 20 with Shift #18.  Until then, practice magnifying your emotional focus by feeling and feeling and feeling some more!

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