The Big Brain Change – Shift #18: Left Brain Food.

by Wendy Down on April 3, 2020

Hello again!  I’ve reworked today’s post from its original format to better meet you where you are at today and help you find comfort, stability and perhaps even joy. My intention is that this post will help you realize the tremendous contribution you can be at this time even if you are in retreat. Because of your entanglement with everything and everyone, you exert powerful influence through ‘vibration’ – how you feel and ‘be’.  Today let’s reinforce that fact so you can use your time of retreat to amplify what you want.

Given current events, the original intention you brought here may have changed. Actually, the same thing happened for almost 40% of those who took the program initially.  If your priorities have changed, simply acknowledge that the new ones come from a heightened awareness of your connection to all things (one of the intentions of this program, in fact) and continue working with the materials. Through the unified field, all of your desires and intentions are known without needing to say them anyway!

First, let’s let the scientific world reminds us that we are on solid footing as we take this route.  Dean Radin, PhD, Chief Scientist at IONS has said:

what was once called magic is poised to evolve into a new scientific discipline… The new discipline will be the study of the psychophysical nature of reality, that mysterious interstitial space shimmering between mind and matter. Understanding how this enigmatic space works in a way that’s consistent with the rest of science requires a new worldview…”  (Radin, 2018, p. 2).

Would you like to allow this magical connection to be a little more evident to you today?

You may find it reassuring that mainstream tides are turning in this direction as well.  In a study of over one hundred university-employed scientists and engineers (generally the most left-brain thinkers among us), 90% reported having personal experiences that support our approach here (Radin, 2018). Consider that you are on the front edge of an evolution. Be proud of what it has taken for you to be a pioneer.

Let’s consider another scientific statement – a finding based on thousands of studies over the last century by researchers around the world:

“We have the capacity to mentally influence the physical world, probably not through application of the four known physical forces, but perhaps through as yet unidentified principle that either affect the probabilities of events or ‘warp’ the fabric of space-time” (Radin, 2018, p. 183).

This mechanism is our emotional/energetic relationship to the things that matter to us. This is why its so helpful to continually notice and work with the energy fields/emotions that arise as you interact with situations in your daily life. Our feelings are the way we connect to the massive forces that can realize our intentions.

To explain this mystery, I love what David Bohm, one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century, said:

 “Despite the apparent separateness of things at the explicit level, everything is a seamless extension of everything else…. Take a moment to consider this. Look at your hand. Now look at the light streaming from the lamp beside you. And at the dog resting at your feet. You are not merely made of the same things. You are the same thing. One thing. Unbroken. One enormous something that has extended its uncountable arms and appendages into all the apparent objects, atoms, restless oceans and twinkling stars in the cosmos.” (As described in Talbot, 1992, pg 48).

Your left brain creates the experience that you are an individual moving about within a world of separate forms. And right now, given world events, your left brain may be might worried!

But your right brain is not worried. Because of this growing dual awareness, you now have the capacity to be fully engrossed in an emotionally-gripping moment then suddenly remember that a feeling like vulnerability or danger can be leveraged to move mountains.

When we start to perceive our underlying oneness with everything (like we did in Shift #15: You) and learn to tweak our emotional fields, we gain tremendous influence over our experiences. Understanding that things which seem separate from me are not opens my mind to interacting with life in a radically different way.

To try this, bring to mind a particularly strong desire that you feel conflicted about right now. Your emotional relationship with that particular intention (how you feel about it) is your right brain’s reading of the vibrational dissonance or resonance between ‘you’ and ‘it’.  Test this by taking a moment to notice what happens in your body when you think about what you want.

The Shifts in this Big Brain Change Program are designed to sequentially bring more and more of you into resonance – oneness – with the experience you want.  Until you are living it.

Lets say your intention has to do with health and wellbeing. Your thoughts and feelings about the subject may be multifaceted, reflecting a complex interplay of wave patterns interpreted by you left brain as thoughts and beliefs that appear as facts. Especially so right now!

Being able to be directly sense and work with your emotions/energy patterns regarding health and wellbeing, is how you grab a prominent peak/definition in the quantum realm – the realm where all things are the same one thing – and alter it.

The negatively-charged emotions you feel when you think about that topic create the sense that the secure health you wish to be living is uncertain. By dissolving the emotions of separation – using the In Deeper process – the first measurable result will be finding yourself feeling more neutral when thinking about the situation. (Substitute weight, wealth, career, relationship, if you prefer.)

The seemingly-nebulous inner work of using the In Deeper process actually changes the fundamental relationship between you and your wellbeing.

When a situation causes us intense stress, the degree of stress indicates that many beliefs (and their associated feelings are actively creating a divide between ‘me’ and ‘the thing I want’.  Like a Russian doll, these beliefs/fields nestle within larger ones.  Yet, each belief and its associated feeling can dissolve into nothingness with focus and intention. We move closer to our desired experience by recognizing each emotional ‘wall’ and using our consciousness to dissolve it.  Secure health and wellbeing are not outside you; they are inside you, available to be discovered.

Take the thought, “I can’t be certain of my health because of (insert evidence here).” If that thought rings true, you will have an emotional charge about it.

That belief will also nestle within a broader belief like, “I’m afraid this quantum stuff won’t work and that my buying into it is dangerous or foolish.”

These statements/beliefs will have an energy field/emotion backed up by plenty of reasons to believe them.  Your left brain will use those beliefs and evidence to dismiss the value of doing the energetic work.  But change the emotion and the beliefs and evidence will change as well.

A beautiful thing about closing the gap between ‘me and what I want’ on the quantum realm is that I never need to be anywhere other than where I are right now on the subject to know our next move.  

If I can simply notice what I am thinking and believing about a subject I feel conflicted about,  I can find the negatively-charged feeling associated with that thought or belief and take the next logical energetic (right brain) step.

In case you missed it, here’s a video I made the other week guiding you to do this to move from anxiety to calm.

As the presenting electron layer dissolves, I arrive to a new perspective on the subject. If there are many emotions, eventually as each ‘wall’ falls away there will be no more negative charge between me and it. The left brain can only see the future through its current vibrational range. Not matter how often I do this personally, I am still always floored by how dramatically my thinking and perception changes after I ‘shift’ an emotional charge. A new reality – always better – becomes ‘obvious’ where it wasn’t before.

At first, when this sense of neutrality or oneness becomes present, the physical world may not reflect the lack of separation I sense between me and my object of desire. This then gives me the opportunity to practice choosing my point of reference. Do I primarily relate to my inner experience (of neutrality) or do I mostly relate to external details that don’t yet reflect my inner state? In and of itself, being able to feel at peace in a situation that previously caused great inner turmoil is deeply satisfying and empowering. Especially when we know we gave that result to ourselves and how we did it.  

The situations in life that challenge us the most are those that propel us into the greatest transformation regarding the nature of reality and our pivotal place in it. Once we have mined a situation for everything it has to offer energetically, we will have reached the Sweet Spot and the situation will either change on its own or it will be much less dominant in our awareness.

If you are in retreat due to Covid-19 – or still out in the world – you can use this event to do this profound work.  Here’s one way to go about it.

Find a blank page and on it, write down a one-sentence statement of the thing you want. Next list the ‘evidence’ that stands between you and having it. Make this list thoughtfully and slowly. 

Then, one by one, read the statements and as they bring up an emotional ‘charge’, use the In Deeper process to reduce it until you can read the statement – the evidence –  while feeling neutral.

Add more beliefs to the list over time as you become aware of them. If you want help with this task, you can email me. Or if you come up with a list and want to share it to help others move through their fears, consider posting it in the comments below.  Be sure to include all the thoughts that seem like irrevocable ‘facts’; especially those that seem ridiculous to challenge.  Witnessing those ones lose their definition within you yield the greatest of rewards. 🙂

See you back here Friday, April 17 with the next Shift.

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