The Big Brain Change – Shift #19: Let a Little Be Enough

by Wendy Down on May 1, 2020

Thank you for continuing to progress through The Big Brain Change Program.  I trust your results at the end will be as satisfying as those reported by the original participants.

Today’s Shift is #19: Let A Little Be Enough. I have put today’s content into video form. Of all the skills that help us manoeuvre our days with control, joy and grace, learning to let a little be enough tops the list. It is a perspective that doesn’t require an understanding of right brain thinking or even awareness of emotions or energy. However it takes advantage of both.

This mindset also leverages the phenomenon we discussed in Shift #17: You are a Magnifying Glass; in short, whatever we focus our attention on becomes amplified. Today we look at how to use this in situations where only tiny fraction of something we want has shown up.

Maybe we want more money and we’ve received a small amount. Maybe we feel frequent pain and today, the pain is a bit less. Maybe someone around us ‘always’ behaves in a bothersome way and today that behaviour was dialled back. Maybe we want to be in a new business, a new home or a new relationship or we want to feel more of something – engagement, purpose, vitality, fun – and a tiny or momentary appearance of something that hints possible movement in that direction shows up.

You know what I’m talking about. These little things happen in life all the time. Events occur that represent just a sliver of promise, a tiny baby step, a short-lived reprieve or a fraction of the full-blown thing we want.  Sometimes it’s just an idea. Heck, often it’s just an idea. Or even a memory.

It’s the 1% of our desired 100%.

As I explain in today’s video, our left and right brains respond to these ‘tiny fraction’ experiences in dramatically different ways. Recognizing the difference allows us to choose our response when they show up. This choice, made over and over, dramatically alters the trajectory of our future on that topic.

As you’ll see in the video, when a little shows up, our left brain takes a measurement and after a brief uplift, immediately deems it disappointingly not enough. The response is to minimize or discount it.

Our right brain on the other hand, recognizes a little as a breakthrough appearance in tangible form of the energy state of our desired outcome.  It means our focus has generated enough substance to take on an expression of form.

By appreciating, relishing and enjoying its momentary appearance, we move more of our consciousness – ourselves – into the ‘super-position’ where that frequency/feeling/experience/reality has even more form. Our focus on it magnifies it in our experience, puts more of our energy into it to then be reflected back to us as more ‘outside circumstances’.  Our appreciation literally generates more to appreciate.

Check out the video and see what I mean.  After you watch, you’ll immediately be able to spot a situation where ‘a little’ has just shown up in your life; where 1% of the 100% you desire is present.  Where and what is that for you right now?


See you back here in two weeks, on May 15 for Shift #20.  (And if you missed it, here’s our last Shift, #18: Left Brain Food.

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