The Big Brain Change – Shift #20: Let the State Do the Work

by Wendy Down on May 15, 2020

Hi again. We’ve been talking for weeks about intentionally shifting our emotional/energetic state on subjects of importance to us. Today we talk more about our reasons for doing so.  (In case you missed it, here’s the link to our last Shift,   #19).

In my experience, the hardest work any one of us can do is shift our inner state, our thoughts, feelings and perspective, on a subject. That’s because each state, when we are occupying it, is so fully fleshed out with evidence proving it to be true.

Our current state always appears to be the only possible truth, in fact.

Given the coherent nature of any state, it seem inconceivable, foolish and impossible that possibilities exist outside the state we are in. That reinforcing mechanism of like-resonating thoughts, emotions and physical evidence is due to the power of physics, my friend!  When we resonate with a particular ‘vibrational state’, the forces of physics bring it into full 3D expression for our senses to perceive.

We live within this mechanism but we can understand how to wield it too!

Every possible state on every subject exist as equally-real superpositions. However, when we are in one superposition state on a subject, the alternatives appear as improbable, unlikely imaginings. There is no evidence of them, no sensing of them. They are non-sense-able, not sensible… non-sense.

Those other states only appear that way from our current perspective. We ourselves aren’t currently resonating with or in those others so our consciousness isn’t bringing life to them. Once it does, a different one of those states becomes just as fully expressed in our thoughts, emotions and senses. This constant shifting from one equally-real state to another gives us the experience of time passing.

Learning to shift states by intention is so, so powerful. As we’ve discussed, we navigate from a less-preferable fully-fleshed-in superposition to a preferable one by sensing whatever vibration (emotion) is most dominant in the current one and intending for that emotion/vibration to shift. As we feel that vibration (emotion) disappear from our experience, (hello, In Deeper process) the forces of nature follow our shift in consciousness.

As we move to a new superposition on a subject, we then witness the expressions (thoughts, emotions, physical evidence) of that new state. These can include possibilities that didn’t exist in the superposition we resonated with before. When we begin doing this, we are often tentative, with only part of our consciousness and perspective on board. The rest of us may remain a somewhat skeptical or nervous observer, so the shifts we make and the resulting differences we observe may not be large. The evidence may include a new thought, a small opportunity, and minor synchronicity, a small improvement. With practice, skill and intention, the degree of change can increase however.

I made a video, below, for today. But before you watch it, I want to tell a story – one of my own – to demonstrate.

A few years back, a mole appeared on my back that had all the nasty characteristics that raise concerns. It was itchy, bleeding and fast-growing. I was conflicted about what to do.

I was already well into working with consciousness and emotional states as vibrational access points to denser physical ‘things’ but, as a trained medical professional, I also recognized situations that normally indicate medical treatment.  To gain clarity before taking action, I decided to first address the energy of the situation.

I sat myself down and brought all of my awareness to the very uncomfortable sensations of concern in my body. I let thoughts related to this possibly-threatening situation pass through my mind while simultaneously feeling their strong discomfort.

“What if you don’t go to the doctor and it’s a life-ending mistake? What if you are wrong about consciousness being able to effect physical change? What if you are fooling yourself? What if you die?”

I consciously let my mind wander over worst case scenarios because I knew that doing so would bring their potent emotions/energy fields to the forefront of my awareness. I invited the situation to bring up the intense emotional states (common to the human experience) which I’d never had reason to feel directly before.

The presence of that very real physical problem led me to and through some of the most dense emotional states I’ve ever been present to. And I went willingly. I wasn’t afraid to feel whatever was there to be felt.

After a session or two of focussed In Deeper work, I noticed I could think about and look at the mole and feel… nothing. Ah! My first shift.

Over the next day or two, I remained undecided about taking any action, and also started forgetting about the mole. My inner state had changed but nothing visible or tangible had.  Over the course of the next couple days I practiced something we talked about in Shift #6: The Sweet Spot.  I imagined myself in as many conceivable future scenarios as occurred to me. For example, I imagined calling the doctor, going to her office for a visit and then what might happen after. One of the most emotionally potent scenarios was imagining myself not getting medical treatment and then dying and leaving my kids motherless and my husband a widower.

Basically, I used that mole as a clearing house of intense emotional inventory. Using the In Deeper process, I kept inviting my body and mind to show me any related feelings and thoughts regarding danger to my health, life and survival. Together, my mind, emotions, body and I shifted from some pretty intense states regarding pain, fear, ridicule and survival.

After 2 or 3 days, I could imagine myself experiencing a range of potential futures while  feel neutral. This was novel and wildly, wildly liberating.  At some point, I noticed the mole itself was less itchy.

At that point, I’d mined the situation and my uncertainty about action to make as many emotional shifts as possible. I was in the Sweet Spot – able to envision anything and feel ok while doing so.  My inner landscape was a calm oasis of equanimity even as I mentally surveyed every possible future on the subject. With that neutrality, I was ready to make a decision.

As I contemplated my options, it occurred to me to take a look at the mole again.

But when I looked… it was gone.


All that remained was a light shadow of pigment, like a faint tattoo. To this day, I actually love its feather-light presence as a lingering reminder of how I did all that hard energetic work and of what happened.

I tell you this in detail because it is a tangible example of how shifts in one’s inner state can actually ‘do work’ that we are incapable of doing through traditional means or mechanisms.

I didn’t know how to make that mole disappear. I hadn’t actually considered the possibility and hadn’t set out to try. I also didn’t dig in my emotional heels in a refusal to get medical help. Rather, I did the emotional work the situation had offered and made significant changes in my inner state.

That change of state did its own work as I started occupying a new superposition on the subject that had just-as-real evidence of its own.

This example helps me emphasize another point. When we approach the circumstances of our lives as quantum states rather than immutable facts, their existence can serve us. Our current very real, very unwanted situation, no matter how big or small, always contains our next most beneficial emotional shift.

By adopting this perspective, we leverage our imagination’s access to the energy states of other possible futures and can emotionally manoeuvre ourselves through the various fields they each represent. By starting wherever we are and letting today’s details and tomorrow’s worries raise our awareness of uncomfortable states while being present to how they make us feel, we work with our life, thoughts, emotions and bodies rather than against them. This is the graceful, potent, unified nature of quantum work.

Shifting states is a practice that deepens over time. As we ‘go there’ more often, we get better at it. It helps to let a little be enough. It helps to increasingly trust our life.

We are each Houdinis, newly-learning to manoeuvre ourselves through seemingly-inescapable positions and perspectives. Yet we have no expiry date or time limit so we will all get to where we want to go with incredible stories to tell.

With that conversation mind, here’s the video.

See you back here in two weeks, on Friday, May 29.

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