The Big Brain Change – Shift #21: The Big Picture

by Wendy Down on May 29, 2020

Hello, friends. Here we are with Shift #21: The Big Picture. (Here’s our last post, if you missed it.)

Let me just preface today’s content by proclaiming how much I love quantum physics for the staggering influence it offers us over our lives.

I made a video for you describing the big picture of how our outer world of situations, facts, events and separate things mirrors our inner world of emotions, sensations and energy patterns. It should be recognizable as your moment-by-moment experience. This big picture perspective reinforces what we’ve been discovering here and offers new options for navigating our lives in awe-inspiring, science-based ways.

I’d recommend watching the video first before you go on to read the text that follows below. In case it’s helpful, here are two of the pictures I use in it. (Because they appear backwards in the video.)

a snapshot of a moment in time


According to Stephen Hawking, what occurs in imagination is just as real as what occurs in real time

Assuming you’ve seen the video now, let’s look at how to leverage this information in your life. There are plenty ‘o ways, but here’s one that stands out.

Did I explain clearly enough that the past and present are not actually linked by cause and effect in the way we all believe they are? That contrary to our usual perspective, events from the past do not actually affect our present or our future? And that, according to physics, “…how we choose to measure “now” affects what direction photons took before. Our choice in the present moment affects what had already happened in the past.” (Reference here).

Our past, present and future moments are actually linked in our experience by vibrational resonance.  However, our left brain spools them out sequentially as though they exist on a timeline of this-then-that.  When we discover that these moments are unrelated except through our interpretation of them, we gain an unprecedented degree of freedom over both our future and our past. The option arises to be free of the effects of anything we have experienced in the past. To question ways we have, over time, come to see ourselves too.

To experience how this works, think of something from your past that you’d say has had an ongoing effect on you. Something you’ve struggled to overcome, perhaps.

As you scroll through memories of how that narrative has played out over time, consider how different you would be if ‘that’ had never occurred. The more specific you can be, the better.

For example, perhaps you’ve thought, “If only my family hadn’t been X then, I wouldn’t be Y now.”  That kind of thing.

According to quantum physics, what happened “back then” actually isn’t the explanation for what you are experiencing now. Rather, the energy field/emotion you perceive about that situation is the link that connects you, vibrationally to events, both past and future, that resonate with your current perception.  Said another way, if it’s not happening right this hot second, your relationship to it is yours to decide.

Entertaining this perspective is both exciting and challenging. We identify strongly with events from the past as the determiners of our circumstances – and of our personalities.  But to your right brain, the difference between the ‘you’ that was impacted by the past and the ‘you’ that you would be if that past had never occurred is purely a vibrational/emotional difference.  And as you now know, you have the capacity to shift from one of such state to another. Even when an existing thread in your life seems firmly-entrenched with plenty of evidence to support its realness.

We can, quite literally, become as free of the negative effects of a past experience as if it had never occurred.

I’ve used this approach with women and men who have experienced devastating childhoods. At first, when freedom is posed as an option to consider, it seems overwhelming. Often the question arise like, “Do I actually want to let these views/feelings/resonance patterns go?”

The option to choose or not is why the In Deeper process includes the important second step: DECIDE. When we realize we have the power to free ourselves of the past, we then have to decide if we really want to.

When as person answers with a ‘yes’, there is usually a process of moving through related nested patterns. Ultimately, the result is an ability to remember what happened but with a sense that it is oddly irrelevant now. Sometimes events are recalled almost as though they happened to someone else. It’s like becoming free to see, experience and think of those things if, when and however I choose.  There is a powerful sense of being in control and able to write my own story – past, present and future – the way I want.

Unlinking from the perceived effects of the past not only applies to traumatic events, of course. Anything we think ‘happened a certain way before and therefore is likely to happen again’ is up for grabs here. If I can find the feeling of expecting an old pattern to play out again – in myself, a situation or someone else – I can shift my relationship to it. And therefore, change the future.

This extends to things I’ve come to believe about myself. “I’m a person who is not good at being in crowds/getting things done/speaking up for myself/exercising or fill-in-the-blank with any characteristic that just seems like an unfortunate fact.”  If you can feel the uncomfortable resonance of these beliefs, you can shift your resonance to them.

In closing, here’s a really enjoyable way to draw upon the underlying non-linear nature of past, present and future.

Your ‘future’ self actually exists now. And if you are willing to use your imagination as a link, you can gain access to what that future you knows and feels in relation to your life now.

Who do you think, for example, could offer better intuitive impressions about what next steps to take than the version of you that has already taken them?

When you get a sense of being ok despite a current situation being unresolved, who do you think might be knowing that?  Could it be the you that has already lived through it all from start to finish and knows the ending?

If you want a fun way to incorporate this concept into your In Deeper work, you might also enjoy saying, “Body, show me how my future self feels about this now.” And see what show up.

There is plenty of food for thought and discussion in this, that’s for sure.

See you back here, Friday, June 12 with Shift #22: Use Your Tweakers 🙂

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