The Big Brain Change – Shift #22: Use Your Tweakers

by Wendy Down on June 12, 2020

 Greetings once again.  Let’s carry on with The Big Brain Change Program: 30 Shifts to Evolve your Brain and Transform your Life.

Today’s Shift is #22:  Use your Tweakers. (If you missed our last Shift, find it here).  

Today’s shift is different from previous ones in that it offers a homework assignment. However,  it’s just for fun so probably more fitting to call it home-play.

The assignment is designed to help you tweak your relationship to the quantum field in your own pleasurable and unique ways. I hope you like it.

As you know, this program’s purpose is to help you navigate life by taking full advantage of your eternal, unbroken relationship with – and as – the quantum field. Your in-the-moment experience of that relationship matters because it determines both how you feel and also which aspects of existence are highlighted in your awareness at any given time. So learning to modulate your connection to the quantum field in a variety of ways can impact your quality of life like nothing else.

We’ve talked a lot about how a negatively charged energy field (negative emotion) determines our relationship to the quantum field. We’ve used the In Deeper Process to neutralize the negative charge of those fields and to lift away the limited perspective they create. Doing this allows the resources of the quantum field to reach those areas of life which were previously held apart from them… by the forces of physics.

Another way to say this is… through the In Deeper process we can consciously enter the quantum field through the vortex of a negatively charged energy field and draw its energy and strength back into coherence to be expressed in new forms.

Of course, this is not the only way to engage with the unlimitedness of that field. Today, for example, we’re entering through a different entry point.  We’ll call those points “Tweakers”.

Tweakers let us intentionally grab a tiny morsel, a whiff, of the quantum field so that our focusing power can enjoy it and magnify it.

The diagram, below, illustrates a typical inner human landscape and thus, our relationship to the quantum field.

Those familiar-looking little tornados represent the negatively-charged energy fields (emotions) that create the experience that we are separate from everything else. But what are those little wishbone-looking things? Those, my friend, represent tweezers (like the ones in the photo at the top of the page).

Tweezers represent the idea that we can intentionally grab a point in the quantum field and use it tweak our state of being. To change our superposition, in fact.  Tweakers let us notice and grab hold of a little elevated ‘energy’.

Your tweakers are those things that reliably make you feel better, lift your mood, calm you down, gain perspective, get the big picture or shift gears.  

Your tweakers are unique to you. And some of your tweakers may be very, very specific.

A tweaker could be something as simple as taking a short walk or getting some fresh air. A tweaker could be taking time to take pleasure in one of your senses – savoring a hot drink or noticing the comfort of your clothing. A tweaker can be looking at a photo of someone or something you love. Ditto using your imagination to picture something pleasant or meditating, if you are the type. Or perhaps listening to the words of someone who lifts you up. Playing certain music might also tweak your perspective and mood.

These are just few example.  The only thing that matters today is, recognizing what are your tweakers?

Your tweakers are worth identifying because they act as direct entry point to the quantum field, which is significant because the quantum field is the substrate of everything.

Everything, everything everything.

When you intentionally focus on something that enhances a quantum field-like quality, (enjoyment, calm, pleasure, well-being, appreciation or love) and you allow that feeling to magnify itself sithin you – even just a bit – you are allowing the entire quantum field and it’s entangled magic to broadcast itself into all areas of your life.  No exceptions.

Unbelievable to the left-brain, this means there’s another non-logical way to address your health, your wallet, your challenging personal relationship or any other problem. If you can focus your awareness into the quantum field and enjoy it’s good feeling as much as is comfortable and natural for awhile, you are ‘vibrating’ unbroken well-being – solution – into your seemingly-separate situations. The quantum state itself is making tweaks for you.

The upshot is that new ideas, opportunities, solutions and resolutions can emerge into your awareness.

Dr. Joe Dispenza explains it this way:

“…once someone… put[s] their awareness on the immaterial world of energy, they connect to the unified field, the place where there’s no longer separation between any body, any one, any thing, and any where, in any time. This causes them to unify with the consciousness of every body, every one, every thing, and every where in every time. As a consciousness, they have now entered the quantum field of energy and information, the place where consciousness and energy can influence the material world in non-local ways… “ (Dispenza, 2017, p 298.)

The practice of using tweakers is easy and pleasurable. Tweaking may fall in the realm of doing what you want rather than what you should. Being aimless or unproductive for awhile. Although our left brains do not value or trust this practice, given the potential rewards, here’s how to consciously give this a try.

Right now, see if you can identify a few of your own tweakers.  Try to find at least 3 and, if you can, up to 5. Write them down.  This means you’re simply looking for things that reliably help you find a flicker of good feeling.  (A flood is fine too, of course.)

If you like, you can print off a copy of the above illustration to write your tweakers down on to remind you that these thing help you grab a peak in the quantum field and use it to shift your state of being.

Your tweakers may not have much momentum to them at first.  If that’s the case, they may not draw you into a better feeling state as quickly, fully or automatically as some negative energy fields do. If so, no worries, that’s common.  To help with that, in our next shift – #23 – I’ll make a recording helping you to practice using your magnifying focus to increase the momentum, substance and detail of your tweakers.  (Hint: the In Deeper process can help!)

So that’s your task for today. Name your tweakers, write them down and try using them on purpose.  In two weeks, on Friday, June 24, I’ll share a recording guiding you to use them to greater effect.  See you then!

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