The Big Brain Change – Shift #23: Watering The Seeds

by Wendy Down on June 26, 2020

 Hello! Let’s take the next step in The Big Brain Change Program with Shift #23: Watering The Seeds.

With this recording we build on some concepts we’ve explored in the past.

In Shift #22, I suggested you identify 3 to 5 Tweakers, or things that reliably make you feel better, lift your mood, relax, gain perspective, get the big picture or shift gears.  

From the perspective of quantum physics where everything is waves of energy differentiated only by frequencies, tweakers are a way to intentionally grab a tiny morsel, a whiff, of the nature of the quantum field so that your focusing power can enjoy it and magnify it. And broadcast its vibration through all areas of your life. 

I promised to make a recording to help you grab a morsel of the quantum field and magnify it; another way to say that is to plant a seed and water it with your attention. That’s what today’s shift is about. As you use the recording, you’ll also be applying a concept we explored in Shift #20: Let the State Do the Work.

If you’re like most of us, you bring to this program a tendency to interact with the world as though it is composed of particles (the left brain perspective).  To our left brains, the situations we want to influence are separate from us.  From there, the only way to make things happen is by applying our individual force of will through action or agency.

By contrast, the right brain interacts with the world as a unified field of waveforms which you are not separate from. From this perspective, the way to make things happen is by adjusting frequencies, which our senses recognize most easily as emotions. Astonishingly, when we interact with the world in this way, we are not operating alone.

Your intentions and everything about your makeup is completely known and understood by infinite intelligence, which is not separate from you either. Within the realm of waveforms, we are both the receivers of shifts in frequency and witnessers of change. The left- versus right- brain perspectives within us engage different worlds with different tools, skills and understandings.

When I sat down to make today’s recording, I wasn’t sure how to suggest you find a seed to water. Fortunately I realized I didn’t need to!  Because the quantum field – infinite intelligence – already knew and had this handled. If you bring to this recording an intent to be lifted up by the quantum field, the field will meet your intention and take it from there.

As you listen, what I would most love for you to experience is the wonder of noticing changes within you as they happen for you; that you’ll sense a swell of good feeling, perhaps of appreciation, connection or love that you aren’t generating ‘on your own’. That you’ll have the experience of being helped or responded to in some mysterious way that you didn’t cause. That as you water your seed, you too are being nourished.

I’d love for you to experience the quantum field, not as a scientific idea, but rather as a supportive presence radiating its unconditional love to you all the time. And that later, you’ll have a touchstone to remember and return to.

I would love for your to understand you are so safe. Always safe. Always treasured. And never alone.

But let’s just see what happens for you!

When you are ready to play the recording, it might be helpful to use one of your Tweakers to set you up for the experience. For example, if one of your Tweakers involves being in a particular setting, like outdoors, be there when you listen.  When you’re ready, enjoy!

To play on your computer or download as an mp3:

Or to play it on your mobile device.

Find the TRANSCRIPT of this recording here.

See you back here in two weeks on Friday, July 9 with Shift #24.

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