The Big Brain Change – Shift #24: The In Deeper Mini: Ride a Wormhole!

by Wendy Down on July 9, 2020

 Hi again, navigator of the quantum field. By this point in this program, you know we humans are equipped to perceive situations as ‘energy’ and to modify them as such.

We’ve used the In Deeper process to access this innate capacity and to navigate situations by working with them as malleable energy rather than as structured form.

Hopefully by now you’ve also witnessed some effects by applying this approach to details of your life.

Today we’ll draw upon another concept from quantum physics to enhance your understanding and practice. We’re learning this stuff because the more we bring our left brain on board with this way of operating, the more substantial the shifts we undertake can be.

Today’s concept is the wormhole.

After explaining, I’ll help you apply the concept to a situation of your choosing by using the new In Deeper Mini recording I created for you below.   Let’s go!

“A wormhole is a theoretical passage through space-time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe. Wormholes are predicted by the theory of general relativity.”  (Source here.

An artist’s rendition of a wormhole.

Size-wise, wormholes are microscopic. We don’t traverse them by changing locations in space. Rather, we traverse them by changing our state of being or ‘vibration’.  We use wormholes to traverse superpositions which, as we talked about in Shift #12 here, represent different states of being. Superpositions are equivalent to having endless different universes available within us. All superpositions exist here and now as options available in our inner world.

When we use the In Deeper Process to move from one ‘feeling state’ to another, we are riding from one superposition (universe) to another through wormholes within us.

This means we can endlessly move from where we are to where we would like to be. Put simply, we navigate universes by changing how we feel.

This enhanced image may help.

With the In Deeper Process, we consciously ride through a     wormhole to a new ‘location’ in space-time.

Let’s say the blue circle in this image represents the position in time and space you occupy now. From where you are now, imagine another possible life situation you’d like to be in. That’s the yellow circle in the image. That imagined scenario actually exists right now in another superposition within you. It is a real, present-moment ‘universe’ that exist now on the space-time grid within you.

When how you feel matches the vibration of any particular imagined scenario (superposition), you fill that position up with yourself . As you make it more and more real, you experience a full-blown sound-surround real time all consuming experience of its vibrational patterns as your 3D reality.

It’s so awesome!

In case its helpful, you might recall the drawing, below, that I shared earlier. It models physicist Stephen Hawking’s claim that imaginary time is just as real as ‘real time’ except for existing on a plane vertical to our usual horizontal time line of past-present-future. This also explains how we manoeuvre through a wormhole – through our imaginations.

We experience imaginary time any time we imagine           being in a situation other than where are now.

Today’s recording of the In Deeper Mini will help you quickly shift your attention on a subject to right brain awareness, ride a wormhole and then witness your energy shifting as you traverse to another superposition.

To use the recording, start by simply noticing this particular moment in your life which has certain details uppermost in your awareness.  The most prominent details will evoke a certain feeling in you.  That feeling is your sensing of the ‘vibrations’ that characterize this current superposition. As you experience this feeling, you may be aware of wanting some aspect of your current life experience to be different. You may want something increased, decreased or otherwise changed.  

If you can picture an imaginary situation in which that thing is different, then you can also imagine how you would feel if you were in the preferred situation.

For example, if you can imagine a certain situation being resolved for the better, you might feel relief wash over you. The difference between the stressed feeling and the feeling of relief represent the difference between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ points. The In Deeper process will help you make the shift between them.  Here’s how:

In Step 1, you invite your body to reveal the energy pattern that characterizes the energy of your current point, the blue position in the image above.

By bringing your awareness to how you feel right now, you are reading the vibrational qualities that distinguish that point in the quantum field.

In Step 2, you Decide you are willing to move from that position to one you prefer.

Deciding means declaring you are willing to let go of the inner dialogue about what’s happening right now. To give up how right it seems to perpetuate the stories and feelings that tether you to the current point. To Decide is to trust in the unknown, to trust that when you land somewhere else, you will like it.

Your left brain may lobby hard against letting that go. This is perfectly fine because you will already naturally have started with baby steps by allowing small, subtle adjustments in your emotional position. The more you do this, the more certainty you gain that this is safe to do.  Each time you decide to let go, you will discover you are held lovingly until you land safely again. And that wherever you touch down, you will be free to reassess and re-choose. You will always and forever be free and safe to leap into another unknown.

Step 3, Explore. This is how you occupy your attention as you move through the wormhole.

Your left brain may be uncomfortable in the unknown of this and may continually grasp for details. Movement through a wormhole is not comfortable for your left brain.  Doing so requires us to let go of the old. Let go of the stories, let go of the old familiar energy that characterized the situation. As we ride, we can witness the energy and sensations starting to change. If an uncomfortable feeling in our body was what we noticed, we will witness it fading from our perception. It may be be getting smaller, less intense, less dense, less compact.  We might even imagine ourself drifting away from the reality in which it existed.  If the energy is pleasant, we can intend for it to magnify and then witness it doing so. The more we do this, the more we get familiar with this landscape.

As we explore the energy of the wormhole with interested detachment, we can choose to take Step 4, Play.

We understand that the energy that creates all situations is OUR energy. On the grid point we started from, some of that energy was expressed in a certain forms of experience and feeling. In the In Deeper process – in the wormhole – we may try playfully shaping that energy in a way our imagination suggests.  We might, for example, imagine the energy moving to a different location in our body, or moving out of our body entirely. We might wonder if that energy has a color, or shape, or language to play with. There is no right or wrong to imagine or try playing with our energy.

At some point, when the energy has changed enough to our liking or we have lost interest in it, we may intuitively sense that we are ‘done’ for now.

At this point, the final option is to take Step 5: Recheck by noticing what it different.

We may recheck by thinking about the characteristics of the situation that prompted our ride through the emotional wormhole to see how it appears to us now. Likely, we will feel differently about it and will have a different perspective on it. Later, we may find the scenario itself has changed or that something pleasingly unexpected has occurred.

That’s a lot to think about though. So to make it easier, just let all that description and explanation fade to the background and instead, let me help you walk through a wormhole of your choosing with only a few words and prompts.

In the recording below (called The In Deeper Mini) you’ll use the In Deeper process to shift to a new superposition on a topic of importance to you right now.


To play on your computer or download the mp3:

To play on your mobile device:

And here is the TRANSCRIPT of this recording.

See you back here in two weeks for Shift #25.

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