The Big Brain Change – Shift #25: Let Your Intention Work With YOU

by Wendy Down on July 24, 2020

Hello friends.  We carry on today with the next piece of content in this program.  (If you missed the last Shift, find it here.)

Today’s recording offers a unconventional way to work with an intention or goal. You identified one in particular when you joined this program but this shift can be used with any intention, goal, desire, wish or dream you have today.

Normally with an audio-recording, I like to set the stage by sharing a few written words first. But with this particular one, my inner voice is quietly recommending I let the recording speak for itself.

I’ve learned to trust and follow my intuition without question, so with no further ado, I will do as suggested and let the recording below capably and joyfully convey to you Shift #25: Let your Intention Work with YOU.

When you have 25 minutes of uninterrupted time to devote your thoughts to a particular goal or intention you have today, simply bring it to mind and press play.  Then relax as, from there, the work happens for you.

To play on your computer or to download the mp3:

To play on your mobile device:

And you will find the TRANSCRIPT of this recording here.

See you back here on Friday, August 7, with Shift #26. And enjoy letting your intention work with YOU.

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