The Big Brain Change – Shift #26: Toggle Up? Yup.

by Wendy Down on August 7, 2020

In the Big Brain Change Program, we’re at Shift #26. Let’s go!

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘awareness is power’. Consider the phenomenon of the Fitbit, the wrist-worn activity tracker that monitors one’s daily exercise level. Thanks to feedback provided by this device, it’s now possible to know the exact details of how physically active you’ve been. That knowledge can then lead you to action that influences your future results.

In my dream world, there would be an app that would similarly track the flux of our daily emotional state, graphing the rise and fall of how we feel over a day. This information would bring new awareness and power.  That’s because, just as we can choose our own exercise level, we can also consciously influence our daily emotional state. This is a learnable skill that can become as practical as putting on a pair of running shoes and heading out for a walk.

Picture this: For years, you’ve been confiding to a close friend about a problematic situation X in your life that always makes you feel bad. Suddenly, with your new emotion tracking app, you can actually see the dip of that bad feeling when you feel it. To your surprise, you would see the same dip appear when you are talking about it with your friend. (What?!) And even more surprising, the same dip appears whenever you are just thinking about situation X in the quiet of your own mind.

You would suddenly see evidence of exactly how your feelings about situation X are affecting your daily life. Newly-aware of the cumulative toll on your emotional state, you might then decide to address that emotional dip by using the In Deeper process.

Very likely, after bringing the feeling to the Deeper Process, you would notice a change both in how you feel and what you see on your graph.

After a second session, you would feel – and see – that the emotional dip no longer occurs at all.  Your inner sensing would be corroborated by the evidence on your app.  You’d feel surprised and elated by this observation.  (The app would actually show your elation!)

Later, when you are actually IN situation X, you would find that, for the first time the emotional dip doesn’t occur!  Your use of the In Deeper Process will have quantifiably altered your emotional response to situation X so that it no longer affects you like it once did. You will have discovered the ability to free yourself of the emotional impact of situation X.

Over time, you might find yourself doing this with situations Y, Z, A and B too. Over time you would start to feel and see a measurable improvement, an undeniable uptick in your daily emotional range.  You would find yourself becoming less and less thrown by events around you; less stressed and less easily bothered. You become more stable, more grounded and at peace; happier for no reason. You might even start welcoming the triggering of old emotional patterns so that you can consciously usher them of your emotional experience! You start to consider that there may be no limit to how good you can feel.

And as good as that picture may sound, it gets better!  You’ll recall that, in our quantum physics-based world, shifting our average emotional state upwards adjusts not only how we feel but also what gets mirrored back in our daily experience. (Remember Shift #8: It’s the Sand and I’m the Sound?) As we feel better, our bodies become healthier and stronger. New ideas enter our minds. People treat us better (or is it that we aren’t bothered anymore when they don’t?) New opportunities arise.  Synchronicities occur. With the ability to influence our emotions/vibrations, we find our hands adjusting the vibrating strings of reality itself.


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We don’t currently have an emotion-tracking app like I’ve described. But fortunately, our imaginations can do the same job. Here’s a little exercise to help you give this a try.

Look at the image of the soundboard, above, and imagine that each of the white toggles represents a different situation (X, Y, Z…) in your life.  The line of red squares represents an ’emotionally neutral’ state.

Thinking of each situation, set a toggle in a position that represents your emotional set-point regarding it right now. It would be helpful to draw this out on a piece of paper.  

You’ll position your toggle below the red line for any situation you feel emotionally ‘charged’ about.  For subjects were your emotional response is open and positive, your toggle will be placed above the red line. You can indicate the intensity of your feelings about each situation by the distance your toggle is placed from the red line.

As you complete this exercise, how do the key toggles in your life sit on your emotional soundboard look today?  As you scan them, is there one you’d like to slide upwards right now?

All of your toggles, regardless of their current setting, are movable. I know this from having worked with thousands of situations and people. Major situations and minor ones.  With focused, skilled use of the In Deeper Process, every toggle will move.  If you want my help adjusting a particularly sticky toggle, reach out!  Helping people learn to adjust their toggles is what I do in my private practice every day. 

In my opinion, the ability to choose our emotional state regardless of circumstances is the ultimate freedom. Learning to adjust our own emotional toggles is such a life-changing skill.

Some of your toggles may have been stuck for a long time. For others topics, you may see everyone’s set to a low toggle setting and assume that’s the only option.

But no.  In fact, you can use today’s recording to shift a toggle for yourself right now.

Before you listen, bring to mind a topic on which your emotional toggle is set below the neutral line. If you are willing to let that toggle slide upwards, then bring the emotion it generates into your awareness and to this recording.

Do this even if the situation doesn’t seem possible to experience otherwise or if no one you know has their toggle where you’d like yours to be on that subject.

Then get yourself into a quiet zone and let’s go.

Here’s the “Toggle Up? Yup.” recording to play on your computer or download as an mp3:

MP3 File

Or to play on your mobile device

Find the TRANSCRIPT of this recording here.

See you back here on Friday, August 21. (Or maybe it’s time for a private session?)

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