The Big Brain Change – Shift #27: You Are Enough

by Wendy Down on August 21, 2020

Welcome back to the newest post in Big Brain Change Program. Today we look at a bit of the research that suggests we can tap directly into the quantum realm – like we are doing in this program – and witness tangible results.

Today you’ll learn of the findings from one particular researcher’s decades of studies which are both provocative and reassuring. (If you missed Shift #26, find that here.)

Dr. William Bengston has spent 35 years studying the effects of intention on physical healing and understanding the mechanism through which it occurs. (This short Youtube video introduces you to him).  A self-described skeptic, Dr. Bengston chose, arguably, the most challenging conditions for effecting change with consciousness alone. In his studies, mice who had a type of cancer that typically kills in 27 days were ‘treated’ by untrained skeptics acting as ‘healers’. In other words, these were random people who simply stood with their hands over the mice for specified periods of time.

In multiple studies conducted at a variety of institutions, the mice with this deadly cancer experienced a near 100% healing rate under these conditions. That’s remarkable! These findings raised many more questions about what actually caused the mice to heal.  

I’ve summarized five findings from this research that you can apply to the intention you brought to the Big Brain Change Program here. After you’ve read the five findings below, listen to the audio-recording I created that helps you apply them to yourself and your situation.  Here goes!


Dr. Bengston used untrained skeptics, people with no belief, skill or expectation that what they were doing would have any effect.  These were people who had simply agreed to hold their hands over mice knowing the study’s intention was for them to heal. This result suggests that neither skill nor belief seem to be factors in realizing intentions; that simply participating is enough.

The take away: If you’ve been thinking you have to believe in this more, understand it better or have more skill, you can give that up. Maybe just having an intention and showing up to participate in its realization is what matters.


In many of the mice in the study, it looked like nothing at all was happening for a long time. The tumours appeared to be getting no effect from the treatment. Then suddenly, as though out of the blue, the cancer would rapidly change and disappear for good. This suggests that an imperceptible effect may be accumulating invisibly before it finally bursts through in a noticeable way.

The take-away: If you’ve been participating in this program and expecting that changes should be happening incrementally, progressively, maybe that’s not the way it’s underway for you. Perhaps, like the mice, the effects of your participation are accumulating in a realm we can’t yet measure and then be revealed with a sudden breakthrough. Boom!


In Dr. Bengston’s studies, participants did not have to sense or feel anything at all for the change to be happening.

We all differ in the way and degree to which we perceive subtle energy. According to this research, our sensitivity is unrelated to its presence.  As Bengston put it, “Healing is simply in response to a need.  Whether you are aware of it consciously or not, the healing goes on anyway.”  

Take-away: If you are a person who ‘feels nothing” energy-wise, rest easy. You are receiving just as much effect as if you felt a lot. 


The cancers in Dr. Bengston’s studies were healed through a still-unknown mechanism, although he believes it to be a transmission of information. Recently, he and other researchers investigated whether that unknown element could be captured and conveyed through audio-recordings. And sure enough it was!

When the untrained skeptics held their hands over the mice in the presence of a recording device, and those recordings were later replayed, the same healing effects occurred. This suggests that whatever is responsible for the change, recordings can effectively convey it.

Take-away: As you play the recordings of this program, understand you are in direct contact with that same unknown source. 


An especially interesting finding was that, when magnetic changes associated with the healing phenomenon were measured during the studies, the changes were observed around the receiver of the healing; not around or near the healer.

Take-away: in this program, perhaps the change occurs directly between the source of change and you.

What that may mean is that when I create recordings,  I  am simply observing the information as it passes between you and that source. Perhaps I am putting it into words as it passes through my awareness like a commentator on the side lines describes the play on the field. Perhaps my words simply help you stay engaged with and participating in your own personal process as it is happening. 

If this is the case, what a relief for both of us. This would suggest that neither you nor I have to be particularly ‘good at’ the part we are playing in realizing your intentions. Perhaps, for both of us, showing up and sharing your intention is enough.  

There is plenty of food for thought in these findings. You can bring that all to the recording, below.

Assume that the source of the outcome you desire is conveyed through the recording. Assume it is irrelevant if you believe in and feel it or not.

Assume that whatever is there, being conveyed to you, is a direct response to you from that source. Assume that the words I speak are simply a translation of that exchange between you as it passed through my awareness.

Because our universe is one whole vibrating as seemingly-separate forms, whatever caused the healing of that cancer in mice is just as present with you here now. You can use the recording with the intention of being in direct contact with that.  Or for whatever reason you like.

The recording is called: Shift #27: You Are Enough.

To play on your computer or download the mp3:

MP3 File

To play on your mobile device:

Here is the TRANSCRIPT of this recording.

We’ll take this another step forward in Shift #28 which will appear here on Friday Sept 4. I’m saving another significant finding from Dr. Bengston’s studies to share with you then.  In the meantime, especially transformative things are happening quickly during my one-on-one work these days. See for yourself, if you like 🙂

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