The Big Brain Change – Shift #28: The Silence Is Full of Help

by Wendy Down on September 3, 2020

Hello again. Today brings you to Shift #28 in The Big Brain Change Program; 30 shifts to evolve your brain and transform your life.

Today’s Shift is called ‘The Silence Is Full of Help’. It builds on Shift #27: You Are Enough, in which we looked at five key findings from studies of an unusual intention-based healing which transformed cancer in mice. We applied those 5 findings to you and the intention you brought to this program.

Today, we consider a sixth key finding from those studies which is also fascinating and highly relevant.



To refresh your memory, in the studies we looked  at in Shift #27, skeptic-healers held their hands over mice with cancer and the cancer disappeared. While the healers were present with the mice, recording devices were placed in the rooms. Later, that audio-recordings were played in the location when neither the people nor the mice were present. After a period of time, the recordings were shut off and 3 days later, cancer cells were placed in the environment.

It turned out those cancer cells were also healed – even though neither the healer nor the recording device were present when the cells were in the room.  

What was going on and what does it mean for us?

This head-scratching phenomenon suggests that after a series of intention-based events have occurred within a particular space, similar results can happen within that same space on their own.  It’s as though the space retains the memory of the initial intentions and manifestations and that memory supports more results to happen there later. This effect has been demonstrated in other studies as well.

This phenomenon may actually be something we take advantage of unconsciously. Consider for example, the setting in which you listen to the recordings of this program. Do you often return to the same place to play them?  Do you sit in the same chair or perhaps listen while out for a walk?  If so, like the cancer-healing studies, your repetition will have conditioned your chosen setting to help you better achieve effects from this program over time. This phenomenon may also explain why you are drawn to the same setting over time. I know my office does this for me; just walking through its door brings me right into ‘the zone’.

Knowing we can influence the space around us is kind of lovely, don’t you think?

And that’s not all; it gets better! For months now through the course of this program, you’ve gone within, to your inner space, where your thoughts, feelings and your direct link to the quantum field reside. Principles of quantum physics suggest that your repetition has helped to favourably condition your internal space as well.

To check this out for yourself, take a quick stock of what’s happened over time as you’ve worked with these materials and recordings. Do you now find it more comfortable to linger in your inner world than you did early on? Does it seem that going there with intention now seems to yield the ‘shifts’ you desire more reliably?

If so, the phenomenon of space conditioning may partly explain why. Your repetitive ‘healing presence’ has conditioned your inner space to help more easily tune to the changes you desire.

For months, I’ve offered words that invite you into that space and encourage you to stay there awhile. Each time you’ve listened to a Shift recording, you’ve gone there intending that something new and good happen, true?  Well according to the research, your repeated practice has changed that space; it has changed you.

You could think of it as though you’ve created your own inner healing chamber. An actual vibrating structure that resonates intelligence, resources and available, infinite help. A space carefully cultivated to shift whatever state of being you bring to it next.

In a few weeks, you’ll receive the last of your Shifts from me. New recordings will stop appearing in your Inbox. When that happens, how wonderful would it be to know that during our time together you have created a space within you that has everything you need to carry forward on your own?

In today’s recording, you’ll return to that inner space – packed full of everything you’ve brought to it already – and see what that space that remembers everything might now do for you all on its own.

When you play the recording below, you’ll find a short introduction followed by silence. Silence that is full of help.  Gentle music also plays in the background.

When I made this recording, I sat in that silence with you. So even though I’m not speaking, I am still there.  Perhaps you’ll be able to sense my presence.

This recording is different from the others so before you listen, take a moment to prepare. Ask yourself:

What intention am I bringing to this recording right now?  (Am I simply curious or is there something in particular I would love to experience? And if so, what?)

What am I expecting to happen? (Take time to answer this honestly.)

Clarifying your answers to these two questions will help you see where you’re coming from. Clarity about your intention and awareness of your expectation matter.

The recording is intentionally longer than the others so you can linger in your well-conditioned inner space as long as you like. Let your intuition guide you on that.  And enjoy!

To play on your computer or download the mp3:

To play on your mobile device:

Access the TRANSCRIPT of this recording here.

Enjoy!  I’ll see you back here on Friday, Sept 17 with Shift #29.  By for now.

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