The Big Brain Change – Shift #29: And I Am At Peace.

by Wendy Down on September 18, 2020

Hello again. Here we are with the newest content in the Big Brain Change Program: 30 Shifts to Evolve your Brain and Transform Your Life. Today’s Shift is called ‘And I Am At Peace’.

Today marks the second-to-last Shift in this program. (If you missed the last one, find it here). There’s still one more Shift – including a recording – to come. So today it seems right to encourage you to begin reflecting on the journey you’ve taken with this program. You will be different today than when you began. Shift #29 acknowledges you for the changes. And helps you to be at peace with exactly where you are right now.

Before we go there by playing the recording below, I want to show you a new scientific instrument that bodes well for the future of our work. It’s a device; a precursor for one that doesn’t exist yet but will, one day, provide measurable evidence that the inner work you’ve been doing here is real and quantifiable.

The existing device is called a Cymascope. It expresses sound and other invisible vibrations as visible images. The video below demonstrates the exquisite sounds of a much-loved piece of music – Clair de Lune – expressed visually.

I won’t explain how the device converts sound into pictures but if you’re interested, there’s an app you can download on your smartphone. For our purposes, my point is that one day a similar device will reveal that our thoughts and emotions have shape, size and structure too. When we have that technology, we will actually be able to SEE the shape of an emotion like “I’m a failure” or “Money doesn’t come easily to me”. If this sounds familiar, you may be remembering Shift #8: It’s the Sand and I’m the Sound, where we looked at the way physics turns our emotions into substance.

One day, we will be able to see our emotional patterns on a screen like the Cymascope shows us sound. We will be able to track changes in the shape, structure and presence of an emotional charge as we alter it with our focus and presence using the In Deeper Process or other techniques. Until that day, we must rely on our ability to feel those emotional patterns. So today is about acknowledging and appreciating you for doing that.

As background, normally when I’m creating the content for this program, a concept will arise in my mind and I’ll take some time to marinate in it personally. Sometimes I’ll soak in it for a few minutes, sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few days. This is the time when I personally use the Shift to work on myself. I absorb its delicious potential, hear it expressed in my mind as ideas and concepts and see evidence of its truth and impact in real life. During this time, I come to know the Shift as truth. As fact.

Then at some point, I sit down and without notes, express a few of its high points in words for you. After that, other than to do a spot check for sound, I never listen to the recording.

When I am making the recording, I am acutely aware that the words are mostly something tangible for your left brain to focus on while the rest of you absorbs the vibrations that are present. The words help you get consciously on board with to the energy or ‘state’ conveyed through the recording.

Because of quantum physics, each Shift conveys its full impact no matter when you encounter it. It’s all there for you, available to be absorbed in whatever way and to whatever degree is suits to you on any given day.

Their multi-layered complexity is also why I believe so many listeners tell me they go unconscious during the recordings; there’s more happening than the left brain can track. When that happens, your mind may go off-line while the rest of you basks in the ‘Clair de Lune’ being played to your entire being, so to speak.

The states conveyed on the recordings aren’t static either. Rather, they are intelligent and consciously interacting with you as you listen, responding to whatever you are silently requesting from their unbounded access to infinite resources. Each Shift is actually your own gift to yourself, crafted by your invisible, unbroken connection to all that exists.

So there’s a lot of YOU showing up in each Shift.

That’s why today’s Shift is a full-out celebration of you. There is so much more complexity to YOU to enjoy, bask in and honour than you know.

As I started experiencing today’s Shift, I could feel the hope, curiosity and interest that was behind your decision to join me here. I felt your willingness to take the risk to experience the unknown. I sometimes felt your brow furrow as a concept perplexed you. I felt your focus as you worked to transform from an old familiar to a new familiar. I felt your emotions rise, fall, release, renew and transform many times.

Underneath it all, I felt you, rock solid and utterly stable.

You have been steadily calling yourself forward, encouraging yourself into ever more awareness of and access to your true power. You have been showing yourself glimpses of how spectacular you are. Exquisite beyond anything your senses can measure with human perception.

I know you joined this program with specific intentions, measurable ‘goals’ you wanted to achieve. But truly, invisibly, the underlying intention has been for you to know and express more of your beautiful, stunning, very healthy and whole self.

So in profound respect for you, I sat down and made the recording below. When you listen, why not set your usual humility aside and really acknowledge yourself too. You’ve taken yourself on quite a journey over these months already and you deserve it.

When you’re ready, you can play the recording below your computer or to download as an mp3:

Or to play it on your mobile device:

And if you like, here’s the TRANSCRIPT of this recording.

See you back here in two weeks on Friday, Oct 2.

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