The Big Brain Change – Shift #30: Master the Bing Bong

by Wendy Down on October 2, 2020

Hello again!

Here we are with Shift #30 in The Big Brain Change Program: 30 Shifts to Evolve your Brain and Transform your Life.

In this Shift, I offer a simple, condensed way to combine all the work you’ve done here into one tool, usable in any situation or moment. It’s called ‘Master the Bing Bong.’

In my mind, ‘Bing Bong’ sounds like the classic sound of a doorbell: a high note followed by a low one.

Just like this:

Today’s recording explains the relevance of this but first… some background.

As you know, our universe is held together by the interaction between positive and negative charges. These forces hold everything physical together (we’re talking about you, atoms!) and those dancing forces also express themselves in every level of our being. Learning to navigate and influence their interaction is the key to navigating life like a pro.

As you already know, on the quantum level, every possibility we can envision for ourselves exist as superpositions, equally present in the here and now. Superpositions are simultaneously existing states of being within us which can navigate by mindfully manoeuvring our inner world of thoughts and feelings through conscious focus.

With the In Deeper Process, we engage with the positive and negative ‘charges’ that distinguish one superposition from another. Our emotions are how we perceive the dissonance between a current superposition on a particular subject and a superposition we would prefer to be in.

Any emotional dissonance we experience is worth noticing because it’s how we become aware of our next most relevant and appealing superposition.

Our right brain is aware of everything we want for our future and is always highlighting the patterns of energy (beliefs and habitual emotional states) we hold that are contrary to it. That draw towards ‘the new and better’ is eternal because the universe expands as each of us. 

We are each a face of the single unified field looking towards new experiences we personally want to have. Our seemingly individual interests and desires expand the universe. As you find your next frontier, the universe goes there for the first time – as you.

So this leads us to the Bing Bong.

A Bing is a thought or idea that evokes the flavor – the feeling state – of our next available, most relevant superposition. Our next logical quantumly-scripted energetic shift, so to speak.

A Bing presents in our minds as an interesting or enticing thought. A Bing evokes a feeling of interest, enthusiasm or hope. It doesn’t matter at all the nature, scale, importance or scope of the thought. It doesn’t matter its grandness or smallness. Any particular thought, in fact, may simply be the picture that entices us to latch on to the feeling of our next superposition. The thought gives us a reason to focus there, shall we say.

A Bing could be something as everyday as, “I’d like to go get the mail now”. “I’d like a hot cup of coffee.” It could be something as grand as, “What if this work makes me rich and famous?” Or, “What if today is the day I find my ideal mate?” Any thought about the past, present or future that evokes an uplifting feeling is a Bing.

As you receive a Bing, you are in connection with the feeling state of your next available superposition.

Following on the heels of a Bing, what you can expect the forces of nature to counter with is an almost inevitable Bong.

A Bong is your left brain’s reading of the dissonance between your next accessible superposition and your current one. Just like the doorbell, the Bing rings a high note and the Bong follows with the low.

You might remember the image, below, from an earlier Shift in this program. The Bing comes from one superposition – where your right brain is focussed – and the Bong from another, where you left brain is rooted. Both are accessible to you in the moment. The emotional charge is the dissonance of the ‘wall’ between them – within you.

According to Everett’s Many World’s Theory, a version of you already exists living the reality you joined this program to experience.

The Bing Bong goes like this, (and you’ll know it well):

Bing: “Hey, maybe this thing is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

Bong: “Probably not. Remember the other times you hoped it was and your hopes were dashed?”

Because Bongs are expressions of your current superposition, they speak as convincing facts. They present real evidence from your past and from outside authorities. Bongs can get on quite a roll too, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. They define the boundaries of your current superposition, making it appear as the only possible truth. Bongs are the seeming-walls within your consciousness that make any other view or reality seem ridiculous, pollyanna or insane.

The Bing highlights the state of being you are ready to move into and the Bong highlights how it looks and feels from where you are now.

Being in the midst of a Bing Bong is not the optimal time to make a decision or come to a conclusion, despite how insistent your left brain will be on reaching one. To your left brain reasoning, if you can take a stand on the subject, you can stop feeling the emotional discord. And sneakily, you then won’t make the energetic shift being offered.

The optimal thing to do in the presence of a Bing Bong is to resolve and dissipate the dissonance. By using the In Deeper Process, for example, you’ll move your consciousness into the new superposition/state of being. From there, things will look and feel differently.

Always, always better.

Since the waves of every superposition express as thoughts, feelings and form, whenever you have the courage to defy ‘the facts’ of a Bong and lean into the feeling of the new superposition, you will find new evidence and facts that support it as the true reality.

Said another way, your left brain interprets each superposition into facts and evidence. It’s almost as though every time you shift superpositions, you acquire a new left brain.

By contrast, your right brain spans all superpositions. Superpositions exist within your right brain, in fact. So it isn’t tied to ‘facts’ and unthreatened by change. It joyfully, gleefully, eternally draws you ever forward into the unknown… so you can then make it known. Being willing to temporarily let go of existing facts and perspectives on the subject at hand is helpful, therefore, in moving quickly and easily forward in this way.

In your next new superposition, your consciousness, feelings and state of being with be different on the subject that drew you into it. You may feel calm about the situation without being able to explain why. The subject that drew you there may actually no long interest you, having served its purpose. You may suddenly find you have plenty of space and time to consider options, where you felt pressured before. You may simply know what to do.

At this point, I am aware that I’ve given more description than I’d meant to. I’ll leave it to the recording, then, to help you absorb all of this and make it your own.

To listen to this recording on your computer or to download the mp3:

Or to play on your mobile device:


You can read the TRANSCRIPT of this recording here.

And while this is the last piece of actual content, the last Shift, for this Big Brain Change Program, we aren’t actually wrapping up the program itself quite yet.

In two weeks, we will revisit the goal/intention that brought you to this program. I will offer a couple ways to reflect upon and think about what you started here with, where you are at now and what’s happened. From those options, you’ll be in a position choose the perspective that suits you best.

So on Friday, Oct 16, expect a notice from me as usual. And then after that, we will begin to wrap up this program. See you then!

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